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Hamilton Ice Sports Club Winners Winners L.I.R, Hamilton Ice Rink  2019

Presidents Plate 2019 Report By Brian Cassidy
Hi Alan,
Just in case you thought you were finished for the season??
A few EK&Haremyres members took part in the
Hamilton Ice Sports Club invitation competition.
Out of the 6 taking part only
George Strang and Brian Cassidy left empty handed
albeit Jim Morrison's prize included a packet of hankies
to wipe the tearful disappointment of receiving the booby prize.
His wife Catherine wasn't slow to show him
the runner-up prize that she and Agnes Strang
earned in their rink.
It didnt stop there as Margaret Brown
played her part as third, in the winning rink.
Not a bad contribution from our club then,
apart from the 2 duffers who left empty handed - eh George?

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