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Report by Willie Craig
President Jim asked me to write a small report on this
as he didn’t want to report his own success
but if you have been following reports
you will know he hasn’t had a lot of it this season!!!!!
This competition takes place on one day
with clubs providing two rinks
who play on a bonspiel format
moving every two ends
with shot difference combined for the two rinks.
This year there were fourteen clubs taking part.
EK&H had a rink of
Willie Dykes skip ,Willie Craig third,
Peter Henderson second and George Brown lead
playing in the afternoon and finished +5.
In the evening the rink skipped by Jim Strang, John King third,
Chris Rennie second and George Ballantyne lead finished +8.
This gave a combined score of +13 and was enough for EK&H
to win the province bonspiel trophy.
The last time EK&H won this trophy was 2005/06.

Lanarkshire Province Bonspiel Winners 2017

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