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East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club
Win The Rotary Golden Jubilee Trophy 2015
The Cambuslang Closing Bonspiel

Two days as match secretary and wins for EK and Hairmyres
in the Rotary Golden Jubilee trophy on Tuesday
and on Wednesday night in the Cambuslang closing bonspiel.
Is this a sign of things to come for the next 2 years?......
more like this is the high and it’s only going one way.

First Tuesday night and in the Rotary Trophy the EK and H team of
Jim Strang,
Alex Fleming-Avondale Heather (he wanted to play with a winning club!!),
John King and Willie Craig.
Played Lockhart Steele’s team,
Marion Craig subbed for Lockhart
along with Lucy Levack, Margo Steele and Helen Drummond.
After four ends the score was peels but after that Jim’s team pulled away to win.
Andrew McFarlane of Bothwell and Uddingston Rotary Club
presented the trophy and prizes of M&S vouchers.
So if we are all wearing the same t-shirts next year you will know where we got them.

Moving on to Wednesday night in Cambuslang’s closing bonspiel.
The EK & H team of Jackie Craig Willie King, Willie Craig and Janet Leiper
played alongside Lanark CC, New Monkland CC and three Cambuslang teams.
EK & H finished the most shots up and each received a bottle of wine.
This competition is not all about winning,
it is about taking part and enjoying the company of the Cambuslang members
and it brings the season to a pleasant end.

Rotary Golden Jubilee 2015

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