East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club

Tuesday 3rd April 2018

President Willie opened the meeting Intimating the deaths of Honorary Member John Strang
joining the club around 1959/60 served as Secretary and President of the club,
being awarded with his medal for 50 years RCCC membership in 2014.
Bill Strang also a Past President of the club joining in 1956
Both funerals were very well attended.

ATTENDANCE SHEET:- Twenty seven members attended as per attached sheet.
APOLOGIES:- Archie Craig, Marion Craig, Eric Richardson,
Margaret Richardson, Elisabeth Forsyth,
Stewart Webster, Margaret Ferguson, Linda Smith,
Chris Rennie, Alison Taylor, William Baird,
Mhairi Baird, Tom Bryson, Sheena Drummie, Janey McFarlane,
George Brown, Audrey King, Peter Henderson.
MINUTES OF THE 2017 A.G.M :- Had been circulated,
Adopted by Jim Drumgold, Seconded by Brian Cassidy
TREASURER REPORT:- John King gave a report of the accounts,
there had been a continuing surplus of £631.00
£11.00 up on the previous year John explained we were very lucky in that
the President's and Match secretary's don't ask for any expenses.
After some discussion it was decided we would give the Ladies Section
a sum to help with their 50th Anniversary Celebrations in October.
Our club of EK&Haremyres would be 90 years old in Sept 2019
again we would need money if we were planning to celebrate this event.
Adopted by Willie Cannon Seconded by Caroline Morrison.

SECRETARY'S REPORT:- The club admitted the following new members.....
Alison Young, Tom Bryson, Aileen Livingstone,
Elizabeth Munro, Stewart Webster, Rosalind Jamieson.
HAMILTON ROSEBOWL...won by Marion Macdonald, Elaine Semple,
Aileen King, Margaret MacFadgen
R/up.....Jackie Craig, Sheena Drummie, Linda Allan, Karen Dalgarno
CRAIG TROPHY LADIES PAIRS.....won by Sheena Drummie, Colette Maule
R/up.....Shiela McIntyre, Linda Allan
ANNIE L SCOTT LADIES POINTS.....won by Alison Taylor with 30 points
ANDERSON TROPHY PRESIDENTS BONSPIEL.....won by Jackie Craig, Nancy Rutherford,
Issy Tait, Tom Bryson
DUNN MEDAL....won by Jackie Craig, Bill Gibson, Elisabeth Forsyth, Mhairi Baird
R/up....James Hair, Peter Henderson, Alex Rennie, William Boyd
PUNCHBOWL....won by William Baird, Nancy Rutherford, Ross Owen, John Gilmour
R/up.....Robert Tait, Alison Paterson, Stella Cassidy, Audrey King sub for George Brown
HAREMYRES MEDAL SINGLES.....won by Eric Richardson
won by William Baird, John Gilmour, Margaret Brown, Robert Paterson
BOB DICKIE PAIRS....won by George Strang, Willie Craig.........
R/up Nancy Rutherford, Craig Lambie
MILLENNIUM STONE.....won by William Baird, James Strang, Janet Leiper, Katie Brown
BOB WISEMAN TROPHY.....won by Archie Craig, Alison Paterson, Ross Owen, Laura Weir
R/up...Jim Strang, Carole Marsh, Willie Craig, Fiona Neilson sub for Catherine Raeburn
DUNEATON SALVER POINTS.....won by Willie Craig with 40 points
HIGHEST UP LADY.....Margaret Ferguson
GOLF DAY :- Friday 11th August at Bothwell Castle Golf Course
23 had taken part It had been a very enjoyable day
with President Willie, Jackie and Aileen King joining them for the meal at night
Big thank you to Willie King for Presenting a new Trophy for the competition
which will be known as The King Cup.
Winners....Andrew Craig, Alison Taylor, David Raeburn, Jim Drumgold,
Booby....Jaffa Cakes won by Helen Drummond, Margaret Brown, Willie Baird, Tom Bryson
Nearest Pin..... Lady Catherine Raeburn....Gent Archie Craig
Longest Drive...Lady Catherine Raeburn....Gent George Strang
Helen Drummond was thanked for organising the day.
The winning team from now on will organise the next year's event
MEARNS CORONATION.....won by William Boyd, Willie Dykes, Willie Craig, Bill Fraser
STEWARTON HEATHER.....joint winners Lockhart Steel, Willie Cannon,
Elaine Semple, Mhairi Baird
Alex Torrance, Margaret Richardson, George Strang, Margaret Brown
GALSTON HAYMOUTH.....won by William Baird, Robert Tait,
Willie Craig, Caroline Morrison
COULTER...won by Jim Strang, William Boyd, John King, Willie Craig
BIGGAR...won by Jackie Craig, Willie Craig, Peter Henderson, Stewart Webster

Jackie Lockhart, Christine Cannon, Isobel Hannen, Margaret Richardson.
alternate Janet Lindsay
LIR 50th Celebration Opening Bonspiel....
Session One Margaret Ferguson was in winning rink..
session three Margaret Richardson won
10am session Sheena Drummie was in winning rink,
Margaret Richardson won...12.15pm session
LIR Ladies Pairs.....High/Rd won by Alison Taylor, Carole Marsh
Low /Rd..... R/up Margaret Brown, Colette Maule
Second was Jackie Craig, Willie Craig, Agnes Strang, Janet Leiper
HENDERSON BISHOP PLAY/OFFS......won by Margaret Richardson, Marion Craig,
Alison Taylor, Audrey King
Marion Macdonald, Mhairi Baird, Jackie Craig, Caroline Morrison
LIR LADIES SINGLES.....2nd Marion Craig, 3rd Jackie Craig
TB DICK TROPHY.....R/up William Baird, Ryan Asher,
sub was Margaret Brown, Archie McFarlane,
sub for Aileen King and George Brown.
EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL....won by Margaret Richardson. Isobel Hannen
Semi/finalist...Elaine Semple
.R/up in Ladies Isobel Hannen, Margaret Richardson.
CHRISTMAS BONSPIEL sponsored by Westmains Kennels .....
Section A won by
Alison Paton, Agnes Strang, Sheena Drummie, Stella Cassidy...
R/up in section A was Margaret Neilson.
High R/d winners Robert Tait, Alison Paterson, Issy Tait
SHAREHOLDERS CHRISTMAS BONSPIEL.....Issy Tait was in the winning rink
CANBUSNETHAN CUP....R/up Robert Tait, Ryan Asher, Laura Weir
Eight of our Members played against them at Hamilton Ice Rink
LIR LADIES OPEN ......R/up rink in the May Dick Trophy
Linda Allan was in the rink
Women's Semi/Finalist
Christine Cannon, Isobel Hannen, Margaret Richardson, Janet Lindsay
...MEN'S....Eric Richardson was in the R/up rink
STRANRAER CURLING WEEKEND....John and Audrey King were in the winning rink
STRANRAER WEEKEND....R/up Low R/d Tommy Campbell and Elaine Turnbull
KINROSS OVER 40....Low/Rd won by Tommy Campbell
BOB MACKINTOSH....Margaret Ferguson was in the winning rink
STEWARTON HEATHER 175th Celebrations....Semi/finalists of High R/d were
Willie Baird, Jim Strang, John King sub day two for George Strang, Willie Craig.
JOLIPESTAL.....Willie Dykes and Agnes Strang had taken rink
WALDIE GRIFFITH.... Willie Dykes, Willie Craig,
Peter Henderson, Bill Gibson played West Lothian at The Peak
SUPER LEAGUE....R/up Lockhart Steele
KINROSS WEEKEND....Got cancelled due to the severe weather conditions.
PROVINCE LEAGUE....R/up Jackie Craig, Willie Dykes, Willie Craig, Bill Gibson.
BOYD TROPHY.....4th Place was Jackie Craig, Willie Dykes,
Willie Craig, Caroline Morrison.
2nd Jackie Craig, 3rd Margaret Brown, 4th Marion Craig
LIR LADIES POINTS..... won by Marion Craig, 2nd Alison Taylor, 3rd Margaret Brown
LADIES LANARKSHIRE LEAGUE....Marion Craig, Alison Taylor,
Carole Marsh were in the winning rink
R/up Jackie Craig, Audrey King, Margaret Brown, Caroline Morrison
Quarter Finalist's Tommy Campbell, Elaine Turnbull
LIR PRESIDENT'S PLATE........won by George Strang
won by Marion Craig, Jackie Craig, Audrey King, Margaret Brown
R/up...Alison Taylor, Carole Marsh,
LADIES PRESIDENTS DAY.....Alison Taylor was in the winning rink
LIR SINGLES COMPETITION High/Rd.... R/up Lockhart Steele
Low R/d.... R/up Emma Craig
LIR 50th Celebrations included a Dinner in the Radstone Hotel, Stonehouse.
Entertainment was by Andy Cameron this turned out to be an excellent night.
Marion Craig, Helen Drummond and Alison Taylor got a well deserved vote of thanks
for being the main organisers of the evenings success.
Almost sixty of our club members attended
getting together with past members for a group photograph.
Another very successful fund raiser and good fun night
with Maggie's Lanarkshire receiving our cheque for £1160
We have a letter from Maggie's thanking us for our generous donation
this had been matched to Les Hutchison Challenge,
explaining how much the donations means to them.
For anyone visiting the Centre enabling them to give the support
and guidance they need at a most important time.
Held in LIR on Friday 30th March 7pm for 7.30pm
seventy three members and friends attended our Guest Speaker being Willie Cannon
Lanarkshire Province Entries for 2018-19
League....Jackie Craig
Knockout.....John King
Ladies Province Bonspiel.....Mhairi Baird, Agnes Strang
Province Bonspiel.... Willie Craig, Brian Cassidy, Jackie Craig, Audrey King
West of Scotland..... Skips Marion Craig, Agnes Strang?
Lanarkshire League.....Skip Jackie Craig
INTIMATIONS LIR ladies AGM....Wednesday 4th April 2018 at 1.30pm
LIR Prize Giving.....Saturday 21st April 2018
LIR Sports Club AGM....Tuesday 29th May 2018
RCCC Ladies AGM...
Tuesday 8th May 2018 at 2pm in Newton Hotel & Conference Centre, Nairn
RCCC AGM....Saturday 16th June 2018 at 2pm Borders Ice Rink, Kelso
Kinross Curling Weekend....1st/3rd March 2019
Golf Day Out .....Will be 16th or 23rd August 2018 at Hamilton Riccarton Golf Course
I'll be circulating the details for Alison Taylor to all members.
There will be no list of addresses going out next season..
due to the GDPR New Legislation on Data Protection
we feel we should do this to keep up to date
and keep ourselves right you'll all get an email explaining
what happens with your data held by the club..
Alan Drummie is going to fill you in at A.O.C.B.
I'll take your entry cards back as soon as you like by the end of April
and remember do consider entering at least one of the
Ice Rink Competitions let's all try and help keep their numbers up.
That concludes my report thank you all again for your support
and to those who helped me out by filling up competitions
some of you at very late notice, also to Alan our web master
RESIGNATIONS:- Ross Owen, Vicky Dunlop
PRESIDENTS REPORT:- Willie started off his report with the passing
of John Strang our Honorary President in the summer
a member of EK&H and the RCCC for 50 years plus.
A true gentleman who was always very supportive of EK&H and its members.
Moving on to the late summer, well I think it was summer!!.
we had the Clubs Golf day which this year was at Bothwell Castle
courtesy of Helen Drummond.
I would encourage any golfers in the club to put their name down
for this year's competition as it is a good fun day.
Also there is now a trophy to play for the King Golf Trophy
and can I thank Willie and the family for donating this trophy on behalf of the club.
The first curling of the season was the ice rinks opening bonspiel
which was celebrating the ice rink being fifty years old.
EK & H was well represented here and Agnes must be thanked
for the display of pictures on the notice board.
It was good to see the pictures of some
of our more senior members in their early years,
but I should note some have aged better than others!!!
EK&H first curling of the season was the Presidents Bonspiel
and it was good to see some new members in amongst the old faces.
The new members were made very welcome and can I
encourage this to continue as it only strengthens the club.
On a personal note I received the booby prize this night
maybe a sign of my Presidential year!!!
Our two main competitions the Punchbowl and Bob Wiseman
had fifteen rinks and fourteen rinks respectively
which again shows the strength of the club.
Both competitions were very tight to qualify for the semi finals
which kept a lot of teams interested up to the last games.
The singles and Dunn Medal were well supported.
The club points from a personal view was very satisfying as I won
but from a Presidents view was disappointing as very few took part .
Can I encourage everyone to come along and give it a go.
From experience you are just trying to improve your score from year to year
and if I can do it anyone can.
One of my highlights of the Presidential year was attending
Stewarton Heather's 75th curling weekend at Greenacres.
EK&H team got to the semi final of the high road and a good weekend was had by all.
Next I would like to comment on the Inter Clubs.
I used to think it was all about winning but it is not.
It is about meeting and curling against new people and the banter.
The only exception I would say is Avondale Heather who you always want to beat.
Seriously if you haven’t ticked the inter club box give it a go.
Congratulations to Margaret Richardson Isobel Hannen and Janet Lindsay
on winning bronze medal at the World Senior Women's Championship 2017.
Club members maybe this year we haven’t won as much Nationally
but I must congratulate Elaine Semple on skipping the winning Masters team.
Moving on the weather definitely affected curling this year
none more so than the Pairs Competition
and I must thank our ice allocation man Jim Strang
who managed to rearrange it before the season ended.
I must also point out I won the pairs this year
which brought my curling season to a great end.
The charity frog racing night held after the Millennium Bonspiel
was another one of my highlights.
There were forty members curled with a high number of younger members
who were then joined in the bar by more members for the Frog Racing.
I would personally like to thank George Strang who compared as only George can.
Some people who couldn’t attend left donations.
The whole night was a fun night which in the end
raised a total of £1160 which I thought for around fifty people was magnificent.
This was presented to Maggie's Lanarkshire at the final of the Bob Wiseman.
The dinner was held on Friday night and I was glad to see a good turnout.
Speaker Willie Cannon kept us entertained and everyone seemed to be
enjoying themselves prizes or no prizes.
I would like to point out for the record I got some prizes.
Just a few things left to mention firstly ice rink competitions
are a bit short on entries so please try and support them by putting in a rink.
Secondly I would like to mention the web site
a thanks once again to Alan for being web master.
Also a big thank you to everyone who helped me out by doing a report.
I know personally a lot of people read these reports
and it also keeps our more senior members informed.
The ladies section of the club is fifty years old next season
and on behalf of the main club can I send our best wishes to them
on their anniversary year and wish them all the best for the future.
One person I would like to thank is secretary Agnes.
We don’t know how lucky we are to have her.
There is the work you know that goes on but there is also
a lot that you don’t see so thank you Agnes.
Before I finish up I calculated that the age difference
between the oldest and youngest playing member
is sixty years plus and that to me sums up EK&H Curling Club.
A club for all ages and abilities to enjoy.
Lastly can I say I approached my first year as president with a bit of trepidation
but I can say that has disappeared and I have really enjoyed it.
I now look forward to being your president for another year
and that concludes my presidents report.

Scottish Curling Fees will go up next season to £20 for ordinary.. £7 for juniors
ICE ALLOCATION:- Jim would book ice for a re-match with Sorn next season.
A.O.C.B. Alan Drummie went through his Fair Processing GDPR he had drawn up
and proposed to circulate to all our members explaining what happens to their data we hold.
It was agreed only members names and telephone numbers go in the syllabus next season
no address sheets or e-mails would go out. Proposed by Jim Strang seconded by Agnes Strang
It was decided we should be appointing a CPO (Child Protection Officer)
for the club as this was going to be enforced by Scottish Curling
and also Protected Adult would be getting enforced next.
As Catherine Morrison had all the qualifications needed through her coaching programme.
Catherine kindly agreed to be appointed as the clubs CPO
George Strang proposed we should play the points next season on a handicap basis
to see if it would encourage more members to come along and take part
still having a main winner for the Duneaton Salver
and a second prize for the handicap winner Helen Drummond seconded this proposal.
Scottish Curling were proposing to change free guard zone rule
to the first five stones in a game. If this goes through we will also play to the new rule.
ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS:- Committee Retiring Helen Drummond
Hon President - Tom Neilson
Hon Vice Presidents - Bobby Clark, Archie McFarlane,
George Strang snr, Alan Drummie
Hon Member - Alan Drummie
Immediate Past - Jim Strang
President - Willie Craig
Vice President - Brian Cassidy
Secretary - Agnes Strang
Treasurer - John King
Examiner - Archie McFarlane
Trophy Convener - Willie Craig
Match Secretary - Brian Cassidy
Ice Allocation - Jim Strang
Web Master - Alan Drummie
COMMITTEE:- 2019..... Peter Henderson, Margaret Brown, Chris Rennie,
2020.... Margaret Ferguson, Tommy Campbell
2021.....Willie King Proposed by Jim Strang Seconded by Alison Allison
Ladies Representative.....Jackie Craig

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