East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club

Monday 1st April 2019

Monday 1st April 2019
WELCOME:- President Willie Craig opened the Meeting Intimating the deaths of Past members
Doreen Gardner, Florence Piggot, Margaret Lindsay, all had taking an active part in the ladies section.
Jim Copland Past President of the club. Jim presented the club with the Millennium Stone Trophy.
Many charities benefiting from our fun nights. All funerals were represented.
ATTENDANCE SHEET:- Twenty seven members attended as per attached sheet.
APOLOGIES:- Neil Fyfe, Elisabeth Forsyth, Archie & Marion Craig, Alison Taylor, Willie & Aileen King,
Margaret Richardson, Ryan Asher, Willie Cannon, Stewart Webster, Margaret Ferguson, Helen Drummond,
Lockhart Steele, Janet Leiper. Jim & Catherine Morrison, Alison Paton, Janey McFarlane, Fiona Argo.
MINUTES OF THE 2018 A.G.M :- Had been circulated Adopted by Caroline Morrison Seconded by Jackie Craig
TREASURER REPORT:- John King gave a report of the accounts there had been a continuing surplus of £589.00
down very slightly by £48.00 John explained the club was in a sound financial condition.
There would be no need for an increase in Membership and Archie McFarlane said he would like to see
the Singles and Dunn Medal at a more reasonable cost.
Scottish Curling subscriptions would be watched more closely in the future. This would prove quite difficult.
As it's based on 1st September till 31st August when we don't have all our money collected..
..Adopted by Colette Maul, Seconded Robert Hosie
SECRETARY'S REPORT:- The club admitted the following new members...
Neil Fyfe ,Colin Semple, Emily Lawson, Miriam Byrne, Jacqui Taylor, Junior Ian King
HAMILTON ROSEBOWL...won by Marion Craig, Helen Drummond, Jane Steel, Andrea Fox
R/up.....Jackie Craig, Audrey King, Rosalind Jamieson, Fiona Argo
CRAIG TROPHY LADIES PAIRS.....won by Marion Craig, Shiela McIntyre R/up.....Colette Maule, Linda Allan
ANNIE L SCOTT LADIES POINTS.....won by Jackie Craig 38 points
ANDERSON TROPHY PRESIDENTS BONSPIEL.....won by Willie Dykes, Catherine Morrison, Mhairi McQuillian, Jackie Craig
DUNN MEDAL....won by Craig Lambie, Audrey King, Ian King, Willie Dykes
R/up Jill Strang, Katie Brown, Fiona Argo, Agnes Strang
CENTENARY TROPHY..... won by Willie King, Helen Drummond, Stewart Webster, Catherine Morrison.
MILLENNIUM STONE.....won by Willie King, Helen Drummond, Tom Bryson, Aileen Livingstone
BOB DICKIE PAIRS....won by George Strang, Margaret Brown R/up....James Baird, Neil Fyfe
PUNCHBOWL....won by Jim Strang, Margaret Ferguson, Stella Cassidy, Craig Lambie
R/up.....William Baird, Jill Strang, Robert Hosie, Katie Brown
BOB WISEMAN TROPHY.....won by William Baird, Alison Taylor, Archie McFarlane, Katie Brown sub Colette Maule
R/Up...Robert Tait, Mhairi Baird, Bill Gibson, Laura Weir
DUNEATON SALVER POINTS.....won by William Baird 44 Points HIGHEST UP LADY.....Mhairi Strang
GOLF DAY :- Winners of King Cup.... Alison Taylor, Willie King, David Lawson.
Second place....Willie Craig, George Strang, Margaret Brown
HAMILTON THORNYHILL.....won George Strang, Ryan Asher, Jim Morrison, Janet Leiper
MEARNS CORONATION.....won by David Lawson, Willie Dykes, Willie King, Peter Henderson
SORN....won by Lockhart Steele, Jim Strang, Jackie Craig, Agnes Strang
BIGGAR...Peel..........LESMAHAGOW.....won by George Strang, Chris Rennie, Mhairi Baird, Tom Bryson
SCOTTISH CURLING SENIOR MIXED AT STRANRAER...R/up Archie Craig, Margaret Richardson, Eric Richardson, Marion Craig
LIR LADIES OPENING BONSPIEL....10am session winners skip Jackie Craig, Catherine Morrison,
12.15pm session Margaret Neilson was in the winning rink
LANARKSHIRE YOUNG FARMERS PLAYOFFS.....won by Jill Strang, James Strang, Laura Strang
LADIES SWEDISH TOUR.....Four of our Ladies played them at Hamilton
TOM DICKSON ROSEBOWL.....William Boyd and Nancy Rutherford, both had taken rinks
HENDERSON BISHOP PLAY/OFF......won by Margaret Richardson, Marion Craig, Alison Taylor, Audrey King, sub Aileen King
R/Up.....Elaine Semple, Carole Marsh, Linda Allan, Margo Smith
LIR LADIES SINGLES.....won by Marion Craig 2nd Stella Cassidy
RINK CHAMPIONSHIPS PLAY/OFF....winners William Baird, Robert Tait, Jim Strang, John King play Finals at Forfar 1/3rd March 19
NATIONAL MASTERS AT GREENACRES.....Ladies R/up Marion Craig, Helen Drummond were in the rink
Men R/up Lockhart Steele, Archie Craig were in the rink
LADIES PROVINCE BONSPIEL....won by Carole Marsh, Audrey King, Margaret Brown, Catherine Morrison
STRANRAER WEEKEND.....Semi/Finalist Willie King, Jackie Craig, Aileen King, Willie Craig
STRANRAER WEEKEND.....winners Alex Torrance, Jim Craig, Karen Torrance
EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL SENIORS....Lockhart Steel was in the winning rink.
Ladies R/up Isobel Hannen, Margaret Richardson
CHRISTMAS BONSPIEL sponsored by Mondo .....Section A won by Marion Macdonald, Alison Taylor, Carole Marsh
A R/up Agnes Strang, Stella Cassidy, Margaret Neilson, Andrea Fox
Section B won by Margaret Brown, Colette Maule, Catherine Morrison, Rosalind Jamieson,
B R/up Issy Tait Fancy Dress Pineapple Tarts won Marion Macdonald, Alison Taylor, Carole Marsh.
R/up Minions Jackie Craig, Mhairi Baird, Audrey King, Caroline Morrison
LANARKSHIRE FARMERS TROPHY.... R/up High Rd Robert Tait, Issy Tait, sub Emma Craig. R/up Low Rd John King
Ladies Prize winners....Jackie Craig, Helen Drummond, Alison Taylor, Audrey King
SWI Lanarkshire Curling ......won by Agnes Strang, Caroline Morrison, Anne Paterson
LIR PROVINCE KNOCKOUT.....Semi Finalist Robert Tait, William Boyd, John King, Laura Weir
LIR LADIES OPEN ......R/up Alison Taylor, Rosalind Jamieson played in the rink
Third place..Elaine Semple, Carole Marsh, Linda Allan, Margo Smith
Fourth Place...Marion Craig, Audrey King, Margaret Brown, Catherine Morrison
THE NATIONAL GRAND MASTERS at GREENACRES.......Ladies Margaret Neilson was in the winning rink
SCOTTISH SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP AT PERTH...Men Quarter/finalists Lockhart Steele was in the rink
STRANRAER CURLING WEEKEND....won by John King, Audrey King, Margo Smith
JOLIPESTAL.....Willie Dykes and Willie King had taken rinks
WALDIE GRIFFITH.... Willie Dykes, Willie Craig, Peter Henderson, Bill Gibson played West Lothian at The Peak
PROVINCE BONSPIEL.....Willie Craig, Brian Cassidy, Margaret Brown, Audrey King had taken rinks
RINK CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS AT FORFAR....Semi Finalists William Baird, Robert Tait, Jim Strang, John King
HENDERSON BISHOP FINALS AT STRANRAER....Semi/finalists Margaret Richardson, Marion Craig, Alison Taylor, Audrey King
LIR MIXED INVITATION WEEKEND....won by Eric Richardson, Katy Richardson, Margaret Richardson
3rd Place Archie Craig, Marion Craig, Margo Smith
SUPER LEAGUE....R/up Lockhart Steele
MAXWELL TROPHY FINALS....Lanarkshire won playing was Lockhart Steele, William Baird, George Strang,
MORTON TROPHY FINALS at Kirkcaldy....Ayr won Fiona McGinnis played
KINROSS WEEKEND....Didn't happen as they never held one this year
PROVINCE LEAGUE....2nd Jackie Craig, Willie Dykes, Bill Gibson, Willie Craig, with sub Caroline Morrison
BOYD TROPHY.....won by Jackie Craig, Willie Dykes, Bill Gibson sub for Caroline Morrison, Willie Craig
LIR LADIES POINTS..... 2nd Margaret Brown.....3rd Alison Taylor
LIR SMALL CLUB LEAGUE....Semi Finalist Andrea Fox
LIR MIXED DOUBLES LEAGUE.....4th place Jim & Catherine Morrison
LIR OVERS & UNDERS....won by Alison Taylor, Andrea Fox, Catherine Morrison, Rosalind Jamieson
4th Place..... Carole Marsh, Audrey King
PRESIDENT'S PLATE....Margaret Brown was in the winning rink
R/up....Agnes Strang, Catherine Morrison was in the rink
LADIES LANARKSHIRE LEAGUE....Marion Craig, Alison Taylor, Catherine Morrison were in the winning rink
R/up Jackie Craig, Audrey King, Margaret Brown, Caroline Morrison
LIR LADIES PAIRS.....H/Rd won by Margaret Richardson, Alison Taylor
L/ Rd won by Marion Craig, Audrey King ......Semi/Finalist Margaret Brown, Catherine Morrison
DALRYMPLE CUP STRANRAER FINAL WEEKEND....4th place Tommy Campbell, Elaine Turnbull
MENS WEST OF SCOTLAND LEAGUE......won by Lockhart Steele
LADIES WEST OF SCOTLAND....won by Marion Craig, Jackie Craig, Audrey King, Margaret Brown..
DINNER & PRESENTATION OF PRIZES.... In LIR on Fri 29th 74 members attended our Guest Speaker being George Strang
Lanarkshire Province Entries for 2019-20
League....Willie Dykes
Knockout.....John King...... this will be played at 8pm
Ladies Province Bonspiel.....Mhairi Baird Agnes Strang
Province Bonspiel.... Brian Cassidy, Margaret Brown, Jackie Craig, Audrey King
West of Scotland..... Skips Marion Craig, Agnes Strang
Lanarkshire League.....Skip Margaret Brown
Kinross Curling Weekend.... Doubt if they will have another next year I'll ask and keep you informed
Club Golf Day.......Thursday 15th August back at Hamilton Willie King organising more details later
LIR Prize Giving.....Saturday 13th April 2019 6.30pm for 7pm Not just prize winners It's open to all LIR Members see Janette
LIR Sports Club AGM....Tuesday 28th May 2019
RCCC Ladies AGM...Tuesday 7th May 2019 at 2pm in Inverleith St Serf's Church Centre, Clark Rd Edinburgh EH5 3BD
RCCC AGM....Saturday 15th June 2019 at 2pm Dewers Centre, Glover St Perth PH2 0TH
I'll take your entry cards back to as soon as you like by end April..
and do try and support ice rink competitions as well as our own.....keep ticking the boxes
Thank you all again for your support and to those who helped me out by filling up competitions some of you at very late notice,
Also to Alan our web master and President Willie Craig for all their help.
RESIGNATIONS:- Elaine and Colin Semple
PRESIDENTS REPORT:- Willie Craig The following is my president’s report for the 2018-19 season.
I will start off in the good weather of August 2018 at Hamilton Golf Course where we congregated for the club's annual golf day.
This was a very enjoyable social day enjoyed by all who participated and can I encourage anyone
who is thinking about it to come along this year. Also a big thank you to Alison Taylor for organising it.
The first curling of the season was the presidents opening bonspiel.
This was memorable for me because Jackie was in the winning team.
It was also encouraging to see some new members there and as always they were made very welcome.
Another excellent buffet was provided by Stewart and the staff in the restaurant.
Moving on to this seasons interclub games. We disappointingly lost to Avondale Heather.
I tried to delay the result by collapsing but I maybe should have realised we were winning at the time.
Talking about the interclub games in general they are fun and social events
so can I encourage anyone to put your name down and give it a go.
It is not all about winning and losing it’s about taking part and having a good time.
Lockhart Steele is a prime example of this because he single handily lost us the Avondale Heather game
but then redeemed himself by single handily winning the Sorn interclub game.
During my two years as president we have won all of the interclub games at least once
and this is all I can ask for as your president.
On a sad note Jim Copland passed away in November. Jim was a past president
and also donated the Millennium Trophy and prizes for this competition every year.
He wanted the competition to raise money for charity every second year which we still do.
Can I thank Jim’s wife Nina for saying that the family would like to present prizes in the future.
Nina presented the prizes and trophy this year and we would love to welcome her back in the future to do so again.
On a brighter note the punch bowl final this year was one of the most entertaining in years
with great stones played by all 8 players. The game even went to an extra end where Jim Strang
needed to draw the button with his last shot to defeat Willie Baird's team.
This doesn’t happen often but it will not do Willie any harm! Well done again to Jim and his team.
Moving on to one of my personal highlights the singles competition.
We had the first female winner since Sheena Drummie won the competition 32 years ago.
This year Emma Craig and Katy Richardson played a fantastic final which showed the strength of the woman in our club.
In the end Emma edged a win. She is my daughter and has learned everything she knows about curling from me.
The next competition I will talk about is the Centenary bonspiel which this year was disappointingly down to only 8 rinks
but it is a sign of the times in curling that entries are getting harder to find.
Moving on to another highlight of the year was an EK&H rink representing Lanarkshire in the rink championship at Forfar.
The team consisted of Willie Baird, Robert Tait, Jim Strang and John king. They managed to get to the semi-finals.
A terrific achievement because I can’t remember the last time an EK&H team got so far so congratulations to them all.
Now on to the second biggest club competition the Bob Wiseman.
This year the winning rink was Willie Baird, Alison Taylor, Archie MacFarlane and Colette Maule.
It was good to see one of our younger members … sorry oldest playing member Archie MacFarlane get another win under his belt.
It just shows that you can do well in curling at any age.
The one disappointing competition during my two years as president has been the club points.
I know most clubs are struggling with this one but anyone please feel free to come to the committee
with any suggestions to help to improve the turnout.
Getting near to finishing I will now move on to the dinner.
A great turnout of members enjoyed a fabulous meal and a great speaker in Mr George Strang.
From where I was sitting at the top table the chatter was constant which is always the sign of a good night.
Thank you again to Agnes for taking the time to put a table plan together which I think definitely helped on the night.
One of the highlights of the dinner for me was presenting our honorary president Mr Tom Neilson with his medal
for 50 years membership of the RCCC. Can I just say personally that Tom has been a great credit to the club at all times.
Just another two matters to address before I finish. Firstly my own personal curling highlight of this year
which was winning the Boyd Seniors Trophy which is generously sponsored by Boyd and Company.
There are always great prizes, that’s why I entered it 6 years ago.
So to finally win it this year I have achieved one of my goals.
Moving on to my superwoman secretary Agnes.
I don’t think the club have any idea of the amount of work Agnes puts in and has done for the past 20 years.
I do, so on your behalf I am going to give her another gift today. One that she will always treasure.
On the clubs behalf here are some flowers Agnes…..
Also a big thank you to the committee who have served alongside me during my two years as your president.
A big thank you to Jim Strang who does the ice allocation. This is a very time consuming
and also a very important job to keep the club curling.
Another person to thank is vice president Brian for all his support during my two years as president.
Before I finish can I just say it has been an honour to be your president for the past 2 years and hope I haven’t let you down.
When I first took the role on I was nervous about what was in front of me.
But I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute and would encourage anyone if given the chance to give it a go
because if I can do it anyone can.
On behalf of myself, Jackie and the girls I’d like to say thank you to everyone for all of your good wishes and support throughout the season.
That ladies and gentleman concludes my presidents report.
ANNUAL CLUB SUBSCRIPTIONS:- £25.00 ...... Scottish Curling Fees will remain the same next season £20 for ordinary.. £7 for juniors
A. O.C.B. Agnes Strang Proposed all subs on the reserve list should pay per game with Match Secretary keeping a note
the reserve receiving a bill at end of Punchbowl Final. Seconded by Alison Allison. After a vote to make it £3 or £5 per game £5 won
Team Members and juniors would be exempt from paying. The same rule would apply to Bob Wiseman Competition
Jim Strang Proposed doing away with the alternate play in Bob Wiseman Trophy
as it was getting more difficult to get a balance of male female players
this was seconded by Margaret Brown and carried
with Rule 7 Substitutes would be of similar or lower rank with sub Skips able to come in and skip the rink.
Duneaton Salver Points William Baird proposed as George Strang had last year we should be trying a Handicap system
to try and encourage more players. there would be a prize for the Duneaton Salver winner and a prize for the handicap winner.
Handicap would be based on the position you play in the Punchbowl.
Peter Henderson, Chris Rennie, Margaret Brown and Jim Strang as Past President
Hon President - Tom Neilson
Hon Vice Presidents - Bobby Clark, Archie McFarlane, George Strang snr, Alan Drummie
Hon Member - Alan Drummie
Immediate Past - Willie Craig
President - Brian Cassidy Proposed by Willie Craig Seconded Agnes Strang
Vice President - Margaret Brown Proposed by Brian Cassidy Seconded by Sheena Drummie
Secretary - Agnes Strang
Treasurer - John King
Examiner - Archie McFarlane
Trophy Convener - Willie Craig
Match Secretary - Margaret Brown
Ice Allocation - Jim Strang
Web Master - Alan Drummie
2020.... Margaret Ferguson, Tommy Campbell
2021.....Willie King
2022....Emma Craig Proposed by Stella Cassidy Seconded by Jackie Craig
Tom Bryson Proposed by Jim Strang Seconded by Alison Allison
Ryan Asher Proposed by Agnes Strang Seconded by Stella Cassidy
Ladies Representative.....Jackie Craig

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