Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club Biggar EK&H Salver

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club Biggar EK&H Salver Box

The Biggar & EK Salver

At a committee meeting in November 1947
Andrew McIlveen intimated that he was arranging
a game of four rinks with J. D. Brown of Biggar
for 10th January at 1.15pm as we had four rinks
allocated to members on that date.

At a meeting of committee held on 15th December 1947
Mr McIlveen intimated he had seen Mr Brown
and that this game was now arranged for
10th January 1948 1.15pm to 4.15pm at Crossmyloof.
It was arranged to have tea for both teams after the game.
The following rinks were chosen.

No1. R. Dickie---Skip, Jas Barr---, J Allan---, H Begg.
No.2 A. Gilmour---Skip, Wm. Barr---, A.M. Thomson---, A. McIlveen.
No.3 D. Strang---Skip, A. Chapman---, J.H.H. Cassels---, A.G. Gilmour.
No.4 Wm Gracie---Skip, I. Currie---, Geo McLea---, N.R. Lea.
Reserves--- T. Pettigrew---, R. Barr---, J. Steven---, R.Young.

At a meeting of committee on 3rd February 1948
it was reported that the Biggar game
resulted in a win for Biggar by two shots
and was enjoyed by all.
It was agreed to make this an annual fixture
and the Biggar Club suggested we visit Edinburgh Ice Rink
next season as this is their usual venue of play.
If possible a return game will be arranged by Biggar
for Crossmyloof this season.
The result was as follows

Wm. Gracie---16, C. Renwick----------10,
R. Dickie------22, D. S. Rutherford----14,
A. Gilmour------5, J. Brown-------------18,
D. Strang--------8, Jas Kerr--------------11,

Majority for Biggar two shots.
Each man paid for his own meal in the restaurant.

Our annual curling match with Biggar Curling Club
was presented with the above salver by Biggar C.C..
The match takes place at either Murrayfield ice rink
or Lanarkshire ice rink in alternate years.
The salver was first played for in season 2003....2004
although the match has been played every year since 1948

This makes January 2008 the Sixtyth Anniversary of
this very sociable and friendly curling match
perhaps a fitting occasion for some small celebration.

Winning Rinks

Date Winning ClubSkipThirdSecondLead
1999--2000EK&HWillie LambieXXXXXXXXX
2003--04EK&HGeorge StrangWillie DykesDavid LawJimmy King
2004--05EK&HWillie LambieCraig BairdBill StruthersGeorge Brown
2008--09EK&HWillie DykesGeorge StrangAlan DrummieJim Boyd
2009--10BiggarI.HendersonSam PhillipAlex

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