East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club
Gowf at Kings Acre 2010

East Kilbride and Haremyres golfers at Kings Acre 2010

Jim Drumgold Andrew Craig Colette Maule

The club's annual golf outing took place once again at Kings Acre Golf Club
on the now traditional third Wednesday in August.
Despite a threat of rain when driving through, we were once again treated to some excellent East Coast weather.
Sadly Willie King missed his first ever EKHCC golf outing as a result of a clash of dates
with an away trip to watch his beloved Motherwell FC against Odense of Denmark in a UEFA Cup tie.
European Football can sometimes cause concern with numbers for the golf outing but,
with the Champions League not yet started, the usual quota of Rangers fans (Craig family) were out in force and,
as we were past the mid-point of August,
there was no risk of Colette suffering the same misfortune as Big Willie.
So we ended up with 17 players and the day kicked off with soup, bacon rolls
and the usual offer of drink for the organiser
as the Eaglesham boys negotiated handicaps ahead of the selection of teams.
We were delighted this year to be joined by Jimmy and Lilias King, whose relations own the facility at Kings Acre and,
to make sure fair play was observed, Lilias kindly agreed to draw the teams.
Much to George Brown's disappointment, 17 players worked out at 5 teams (3 3's and 2 4's) and,
as we had 5 lady members playing this year, his services as a drag queen were not called on
and the wig and short skirt stayed in the changing rooms (don't worry George, panto season will soon be upon us).

First out of the hat (or rather first photo in the camera) was Andrew Craig, Colette Maule & Jim Drumgold.
A strong team so long as Jim could keep the discussions off football!

Next up was Archie Craig, Margaret Richardson & Willie Baird.

East Kilbride and Haremyres golfers at Kings Acre 2010

Gasps of "fix" greeted this selection
until we remembered that it was the golf outing and not the first curling game of the season.

The final team of 3 saw President George Strang matched up with Marion Craig & Archie McFarlane.

East Kilbride and Haremyres golfers at Kings Acre 2010

A dynamic blend of experience and experience and,
so long as Archie didn't spend too much time trying to remember what he had ordered for desert,
an outside bet for the trophy (if we had a trophy).

First of the 4 balls was the eclectic mix of James Baird, Janey McFarlane, Willie Dykes and George Brown.
With Willie leading the Paisley Taxi order of merit and James in fine form as usual,
the distraction of Janey out hitting George off every tee was about the only thing which could prevent victory.

East Kilbride and Haremyres golfers at Kings Acre 2010

The final group was Eric Richardson, Margaret Brown, Ronnie (new boy) Bain and John King.
Photos don't lie however and even if this team had scored the highest number of points,
the inevitable deduction for dress code (white cardigans and jeans) would have prevented this team from winning.

East Kilbride and Haremyres golfers at Kings Acre 2010

As usual, no one paid any attention to the free bucket of balls on the range
(only proper athletes warm up) and off to the first tee, clubs, balls and free strokesaver in hand.
The format was a team score based on the best individual net score at each hole
and with a terrific score of 56 points, the worthy winners were Andrew Craig, Colette Maule and Jim Drumgold.
With no expense spared on the prizes and room for 2 teams on the podium,
missing out by only 2 points and a close second were the pre-match favourites of
James Baird, Janey McFarlane, Willie Dykes and George Brown.
Archie Craig's team were third after their score card was corrected (or something like that),
Eric's team were fourth and all the president's men brought up the rear.

Other spot prizes on the day included:
Nearest the Pin.........................Marion Craig
Gents Longest Drive.....................James Baird
Ladies Longest Drive....................Janey McFarlane
George was still behind her after 2 shots)

The day finished with post match drinks and hard luck stories in the afternoon sunshine on the patio
followed by a lovely high tea in the clubhouse
where we found Jimmy and Lilias enjoying a bite of tea with their relations
(seems they had not made it out of the bar since lunch).

Sign up now for next year!! (3rd Wednesday in August - probably)
Eric Richardson
Golf Convener








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