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Drawn Rinks...Fixture Dates
and Results
for Season 2017-18

Members unable to play
in any of the matches listed
should contact
Match Secretary Willie Craig
as soon as possible.

Members should also, where possible,
remain for the meal
when this has been organized.
Skips should contact team members
as a reminder not less than
7 days before each match.

Three Rinks
Friday 6th October 2017
at 5.45pm L.I.R.

By Willie Craig

Friday night and our first inter club of the season.
Those of you looking for a picture of your beloved president
will need to go to the H&T web site where you will see him
presenting the trophy to Arthur Devines team.
The following is the story of the night.

First game was David Lawson, John King,
Margaret Ferguson and Senga Hair
against a team skipped by Arthur Devine.
EK&H were struggling to start with
and fell behind by a number of shots,
played better in the second half
won four ends but overall lost 11-4.

Second game was George Strang, Alison Taylor,
Stella Cassidy and Stewart Webster
against an H&T team skipped by Allan Hall.
George and his team were best of EK&H
managing to level the score at 6-6 with two ends to go
but lost a two then a one to lose 9-6.
Last up was Tommy Campbell,
Willie Craig, Bill Gibson and Margaret Neilson
against David Halls rink with H&T president
Archie Kirkland playing third.
On the night they were just better
and won by a score of 10-4.
Afterwards we all enjoyed a meal and company
which regardless of the score
is what interclubs are all about.
So overall a score of H&T 30, EK&H 14
and the highest up rink of Arthur Devine
being presented with the trophy.

To all members holidaying in South Africa a tip


Monday 9 October 2017 Report By..........Willie Cannon

The first leg of our annual challenge,
a time to step up your game,
think positive things and take a load of shots off the Heather.
However as Tommy Campbell and Willie Cannon
got out of their cars and looked at each other,
the thoughts were that the Match Secretary
must have been short of people to pick from!
Further evidence that all might not be well
emerged in the changing room
as stories were told of a whitewash
dealt out by Hamilton and Thornyhill a few days earlier.
The Match Secretary had a few calls offs to deal with,
but the Heather must also have had some,
they surely must have as there is no other logical reason
for Alastair Smith being called up!
However Willie Craig was confident that first loss was a blip,
and his Presidential pride wouldn't slip
and crash through the ice tonight.......only time would tell.

On sheet A it was Eric Richardson
with Ryan Asher, James Strang and George Brown
against the Heather's Hugh Neilson.
First end Eric scored 1 then gave up a total of 4,
then he scored 1 and gave up a total of 3,
and then wrapped up by scoring 2 and giving up 2.
With Eric's rink clearly turning things around(!)
Hugh was saved by the bell with the score line at 10-4.

Sheet B hosted Willie Baird
with John King, Willie Craig and John Gilmour
against Alastair Smith.
It didn't start well with a 1 and 3 for the Heather.
Willie got on the board with a 2 in end three,
but gave away a 2 the next end. In end 5,
or it might have been 6, the game came to a thundering,
crashing halt with stones flying in all directions......
President Willie's pride had indeed slipped
and crashed to the ice,
followed by the rest of him!
The players gathered around anxiously, hoping for the best,
checking carefully, taking time to assess the situation.
After a minute the relief was palpable
as it was found the ice wasn't cracked!!
Turns out Willie was ok to continue as well,
although his pride may well be bruised.
Anyway, scores were swapped to the end
meaning Alastair Smith ran out the winner at 9-7.

On Sheet C Jim Strang,
William Boyd, Bill Gibson and Brian Cassidy
lined up against Alex Fleming's rink.
After 5 ends it was 5-4 to the Heather,
how it got there nobody knows
as the scorecard appears to have been completed by a blind hen
scratching backwards across the paper
after having spent a good day in the midden!
Anyway, like Theresa May after sucking a fisherman's friend,
Jim coughed into life and reeled off back to back 4's.
The scenery then collapsed around him as he gave a 2 and a 1.
the first positive overall score for EKHCC with a 12-8 win.

Sheet D hosted Lockhart Steele
with Robert Tait, Emma Craig and Jackie Craig
playing against Graeme Allan.
No problems here, six ends, a 6-1 scoreline,
all looking good.......but alas
a 2 and 1 for Graeme narrowed the victory margin to 6-4.

Sheet E had Alex Torrance,
Margaret Richardson, Tommy Campbell and Janet Leiper
playing against Alan Hall.
Five ends gone, 7-4 to Alex.
Just keep it tight
and another good outcome was surely within reach.
A 2 against in the sixth, that's ok,
still 1 up with the last stone, no need for panic
but then a 3 against in the seventh,
what's going on, the wheels are aff,
but still one end to go and with the last stone
again......jings, crivens, help ma boab another 2 against,
nae wheels left and no more last stone opportunities,
thankfully based on this rate of progress!
A final score of 11-7 to the Heather.

Finally it was George Strang,
Willie Cannon Fiona McGinnis and Margaret Ferguson
playing against Jim Allan.
This one settled into a rhythm early on,
lose a 1 and 3 – things are looking grim,
score a 1 and 3 – things are looking good again,
and then lose a 1 and 3 again – no comment!
Unfortunately the next scores were only a couple of singles
and the Heather held on for another win at 8-6.

The teams retired for a fantastic buffet dinner
before Willie Craig stepped up to confirm that after game 1
the Heather had been given a head start for January
with a lead of 50 shots to 42.

After the game, and taking the lead from Gordon Strachan
suggesting selected genetic breeding
was needed to improve the Scottish football team,
Willie Craig and Brian Cassidy considered this approach
for improving the EKHCC performances in the future.
Criteria including age, curling ability, own hair / any hair,
over 50% own teeth, and having two good knees were debated,
the end result being that
no one playing that night will be getting a phone call!
For those concerned about Willie pride after his fall,
please contact Jackie who has the unenviable task
of checking for bruises!
Our thoughts are with her at this difficult time!!

Six Rinks
Monday 9th October 2017
at 5.45pm L.I.R.


Six Rinks
Monday 8th January 2018
at 5.45pm L.I.R.

Report By..........Willie Cannon

The second leg of this hotly contested affair,
with the Neilson Trophy and bragging rights up for grabs.
As a reminder we were kind in Leg 1,
and gave the Heather an 8 shot head start.
Some new blood was introduced by Willie Craig
for this leg due to a few call offs.
For the Heather the ever-present stalwart Archie Kerr
was side-lined by injury, and so joined the pensioners gallery
along with Tom Neilson, Ian Leggate and Tom Allan!
Heather Vice President Alastair Smith was in buoyant mood.
Apparently the Heather are recycling presidents,
we can only wonder what colour bin
the Council gives the Heather for this.
With a deficit of 8 to recover, and more to score to win,
it was important to start well.
For those hard of hearing (Lockhart, Alex Torrance,
George Strang, Jim Strang and Ryan Asher),
The only rink who had got the message was Willie Baird,
but then I heard his good performance was because
our President was in his rink,
or so Willie Craig told me anyway!
After 3 ends we were 6 shots down on the night,
with Lockhart, George and Ryan still to score anything.
The 4th and 5th ends proved the start of the game for some.
Lockhart scored 2, Alex scored a 4
(don't get too excited, this was a high point!),
George got on the board with a 1,
and Willie Craig helped Willie Baird to another 2.
Things were however continuing to head south
on sheets E and F.
The only good news for Jim Strang was
when Alex Fleming tripped on the hack and fell to the ice.
On his way down his hankie and loose change
fell from his pocket.
With razor sharp reactions Jim Strang lept to help,
and amazingly managed to break the fall
– aye £4.32 in mixed coins
all caught before they hit the ice!
After checking he hadn’t missed any coins
Jim helped Alex to his feet, and gave him his hankie back!
Into the closing stages Lockhart went up 5-3,
but lost 2 to peel with Alan Hall.
A fair result both skips agreed,
thankful neither would be the target of any scrutiny later!
As in leg 1,

Alex Torrance turned victory into defeat / disaster.
From 5-3 up to 5-12 down, with Jim Allan the victor!
Clearly Alex is peaking too early,
something you can get tablets for, apparently!
Meanwhile George Strang was playing the long game
with Graeme Allan.
A tally of 6 shots scored in ends 7, 8 and 9
brought a level of respectability
that hadn’t appeared possible for most of the night,
but still not enough for a win.
A final score of 8-7 down.

Willie Baird saw out his game for a 7-3 victory
against Hugh Neilson.
Goodness knows what the score would have been
if Willie Craig hadn’t been in that team!
Jim Strang was too busy playing with his loose change
and crumbled to a 9-2 defeat
against recycled Vice President Smith.
Disappointing and other words of similar meaning!

After a long time with no score,
Ryan Asher made a comeback
to finish 6-4 down to Alex Fleming.
Overall the score was 13 down on the night,
and 21 down overall.
There have been better days!
Plenty of things to reflect on for next season,
for example, what if there were six Willie Craig's
then one of them could enhance every one of the rinks?

A great buffet was laid on,
stories shared and camaraderie enjoyed.
Alastair Smith stepped up to announce the results,
grinning like a Cheshire cat
that had just had its litter tray cleaned out.
There was a tie for the trophy
between Alastair and Jim Allan,
same shots, same ends,
but with Jim taking home the spoils
based on shots scored.
Maybe next year things will be different.......

Four Rinks
Thursday 26th October 2017
at 5.45pm L.I.R.


2017 Tappit Hen Winners

Report by Brian Cassidy

Well, as the President said in his speech,
it was good to be able to return the gubbing received
at the last match between our two cubs.
What was the difference this time?
Well the Vice President
didn't play in the previous fixture
- that's all I'm saying:-)
I don't know how to break the news to George Brown,
who has always wanted to play in the Rose Bowl,
but Brian Cassidy has now deposed Audrey King
and has broken into the Henderson Bishop champions' rink.

After a dodgy first end,
the rink, skipped by Margaret Richardson
supported by Marion Craig, Alison Taylor
and Brian Cassidy (aka Audrey),
won 10-5 against Andrew Boswell's rink.
However, the top rink award deservedly
went to Willie Baird's team with a 10-3 victory.
Willie's rink consisted of Robert Tait, Willie Craig
and the rose between these jaggy thorns....Caroline Morrison.
Jackie Craig, Willie Dykes, Stella Cassidy and Agnes Strang
celebrated an 8-5 win over Jim Boswell
in a match that saw them only lose 2 ends.
Jim Strang kept up the good run
with a 7-3 win over James Dykes,
only dropping a single end in the process.
(When I was growing up in Glasgow - yes I did grow up,
a single end
was a one roomed apartment in a tenement building,
otherwise known as a singl end!!).
This victory by the club allowed Willie Dykes
some gloating rights with a whitewash over his brother's club.
It was all in a good spirit
as the skips summarised events
with a bit of friendly banter at the post match dinner.
We were entertained with a number of very funny stories
but I think Jim Strang and President Willie
were peels on that score followed by 2 very good tales
from a couple of opposition skips (Jim Boslam and James Dykes).
This finished off a really enjoyable and friendly evening.

Two Rinks
Thursday 23rd November 2017
at 8.00pm L.I.R.

2017 East Kilbride and Haremyres V Mearns Coronation


Thursday night and our annual interclub game
against the Mearns at Hamilton.
On arrival at the changing room
I noticed a different smell in the air
could this be some new fancy deodorant.
Then the penny dropped this game is mostly farmers
and it hasn’t been a vintage year for silage !!!!

On to the games and first up was John King skip,
James Strang (the good curler from Temples ) at third,
second Peter Henderson and lead Bill Gibson
against a Mearns rink skipped by James Dykes.
This game was very tight
with a lot of stones around the button at most ends.
There was one blank end, five singles and a two.
The final score was 6-2 to John and his team.

The second game was Willie Boyd skip,
Willie Dykes at third,
Willie Craig (the good curler from Thornton!!!)
at second and Bill Fraser leading
against a Mearns team skipped by Gordon McKelvie.
This game was played at pace and we got nine ends in.
When the East Kilbride president came to play
EK were quite often lying two shots.
When I had finished playing Mearns were lying two or more.
Despite this Willie and his team managed to win 12-8.

Over all a score of EK&H 18, Mearns Coronation 10.
Both EK&H teams finished four shots up and won five ends,
but Willie had a higher total shots,
(have to get the president in the winning team).

Finally a very friendly inter club enjoyed by all
regardless of the result
and look forward to the Galleon next year.
The photo above shows all the teams on the night.
Report by, Willie Craig

COULTER Three Rinks
Wednesday 29th November 2017
at 5.45pm L.I.R.

2017 East Kilbride and Haremyres V Coulter Curling Club

by George Strang
Our annual tussle with Coulter took place
and I think I should start with my own game
against my fellow director Bryce Smith.
This game started very tight, blank end then swapping ones.
Now I don’t want to say he got lucky and sound like a bad loser,
“but I just did”, he wicked off a guard
to go on to the shot and lie 3.
Neil the vet then had numerous great draws to the button
that we couldn’t match, putting us under a lot of pressure.
We struggled back into the game,
got 3 shots in the last two ends
to end up beaten 6-4, it hurt.

It gets better,
next we had Alex Torrance against James Moffat and his team.
I don’t want to make excuses for this team
but Tommy has started playing with the cue,
it helps some people and they improve but not Tommy.
Alex soon realised this and went for the drawing game,
not his favourite but they held in there,
in the 5th and 6th end he lost a 2 and 3
this meant going in to the last end peels
and it quickly turned into a mess.
Alex's first stone nearly moved the barrier
out in to the carpark but that’s all it did,
so young James happed it up,
then Alex with the last stone of the game
curled a stone around everything and on to the button
to win the game stunning the Coulter team
and his own team.

Lastly we had Jim Strang against Meikle Jackson,
Jim had a good rink in front of him
needless to say our president noticed this as well
slotting himself in at lead.
Jim got away to a good start,
getting a 3 in the first and a 4 in the third end
after that they just swapped ones,
to be fair Jim was in control
and if it hadn’t been for last stone draws by Meikle
it could have been a lot worse
he finished with a 2 so Jims team won 10-4
and in doing so won the cup.
The winning rink was....
Jim Strang, Wullie Boyd, John last minute sub King,
now that looks a good team.......
"I will go in there President Wullie Craig".
The night finished with a good meal, some stories,
the usual Coulter “Head and Tails”
and you are not going to believe it,
there were two EK&H winners,
one being our own president Wullie,
drinks are on you at the farmers next week Wullie,

3 Rinks
By Mhairi Baird

The last interclub of 2017 saw Ek & Haremyres travel to Ayr
on a cold Sunday Night to compete against the mighty Sorn!
Willie Baird with his team of Margaret Richardson,
Colette Maule and our MD Willie Craig
against Sorn’s Mr President Neil Sands.
A past speaker at our club dinner and a
co- producer of this year’s EK Young Farmers Concert
Willie thought Neil may be lenient!!
A great game was to follow
with only one shot in it throughout the ends.
Feeling a bit bored by this score line
Colette thought she would liven it up a bit
by performing a pirouette in mid-air
landing in a star shape on top of the stones.
This backfired though, landing on Willies
shot in the head which had to be removed
(and we thought Neil would be lenient!).
Peels going into the last end
left Neil a chance to win the game with a dead draw
which he achieved giving Sorn a winning score of 7 – 6

Next was Eric Richardson and his team of George Strang,
Jackie Craig and Margaret Brown
against Sorns Big Gun skip of Robert Clark.
Eric who was freshly home from watching
the Olympic curling trials
better known as the ‘Roar of the rings’.
No amount of roaring however was going to help Eric
as no one could hear anything anyway
- Galston Haymouth were playing their Christmas Bonspiel
on the next sheet with their human foghorns in tow!!!
The team got off to a bad start being 8-0 down after 3 ends.
Eric then decided to try some Canadian tactics
and managed to win the 4th 6th and 8th end
unfortunately not with enough shots final score 11 – 4 to Sorn.

Last team was skipped by Jim Strang with Willie Cannon,
Mhairi Baird and Janet Leiper
against a strong team skipped by Neil Kennedy.
It was a really close game throughout until the 8th end
when deja vu from the Farmers competition the previous week struck
- Willie Cannon this time persuading the other brother Jim
to draw up against a 4 and the curse hit
- Jim was short resulting in losing a 5.
A fast paced game with Willie Cannon in a hurry
to catch an early flight in the morning
we were the only team to manage 9 ends,
scoring a 3 which just wasn’t enough to catch up.
Final score Sorn 8-7.

Sandwiches and drinks were enjoyed in the bar afterwards
and a good night was had by all
– until the re match next year at Hamilton.

2018 East Kilbride and Haremyres V Stewarton Heather Curling Club


Three Rinks
5th February 2018

Three teams headed to Greenacres with trepidation
having lost to a very strong Stewarton Heather Club
the last few years.
Lockhart’s team were playing son-in-law David Reid,
the same fixture that went poorly for him last year.
So on Sunday he thought he would try a new tactic
of taking David and Fiona out for lunch before the game
to soften him up.
After losing a 4 in the third end to go 5-2 down
he must have been wishing
he had taken them to somewhere better than McDonalds.
Willie Baird was drawn to play David Mundell
for the 3rd time in 4 years
and after losing a 3 in the first end
the result was also looking familiar.
The third game saw Alex Torrance
playing a team skipped by Alex Wilson
a Dalry curler they recruited looking for a better standard.
If only the one we got from Wishaw known as TC
was of the same standard.
EK also started poorly in this game being 6-3 down after 5 ends.
Before the 7th ends started President Willie called a time out,
gathering his players around he was his usual man of few words –
“get a grip you lot” was all he could come up with
but you could now see the fear in the Stewarton players eyes.
The results were remarkable,
David Reid was short drawing against 3 with his last stone,
David Mundell had a complete miss
which is unheard of with his last stone.
Indeed EK scored 7 shots all without last stone
to put us 5 shots up overall.
Surely we couldn’t blow it in the 8th.
W Baird’s team tried hard however losing a 3
but luckily the other two teams scored another single
to seal the overall victory.
Three results of 8-6,
two of them for and one against Willie Baird.
After two years of draws and ties during my presidency,
this was the moment I had been waiting for –
President Willie was squirming in his chair
trying to decide who wins the trophy, Lockhart or Alex.
In the end he followed my lead and called it a tie
and they will have to share. Overall a great night for EK.

Teams –
Lockhart Steele, Willie Canon, Elaine Semple, Mhairi Baird
Willie Baird, Jim Strang, Katie Richardson, Willie Craig
Alex Torrance, Mag Richardson, George Strang, Mag Brown

2018 East Kilbride and Haremyres V Biggar Curling Club

"THE Salver"

Two Rinks
Tuesday 13th February 2018
2.30pm at LIR

By Willie Craig

Today was our annual inter club game
against Biggar at LIR Hamilton.
The first game had an EK&H team of Willie Dykes skip,
Bill Gibson third, Bill Fraser second and lead George Strang.
Which George I hear you ask?
Well three clues
number one the better curler,
number two has more hair and number three the older.
They were up against Sam Brown and his team who won last year.
EK&H were four up after three ends but then lost a four
and a two but rallied and scored three singles to win 7-6.
The second game had Jackie Craig at skip with Willie Craig
(he who knows best) at third,
Peter Henderson at second and Stewart Webster at lead
against the Biggar team skipped by their president James Orr.
Stewart and Peter played really well and set up most ends
that not even the third couldn’t mess up.
Jackie managed to keep the three men under control
and EK&H ended up winning 13-3.
So overall the score was EK&H 20, Biggar 9.
Biggar president James presented the salver to Jackie
being skip of the highest up rink.
We look forward to hosting Biggar next year.


Three Rinks
Thursday 8th March 2018
at 5.45pm L.I.R.

by Margaret Ferguson

Thursday night was our annual inter club against Lesmahagow,
all roads were clear of snow so no reason to call off!
For a while it was very doable for East Kilbride & Haremyres,
most of the rinks were pretty close
but in the end Lesmahagow won by 7 shots!
Marion Craig along with Mhairi Baird, James Strang and Stewart Webster
were up against Jim Stewart’s team,
L’gow made a good start with David Haggart running late
and missing 1st two ends which Lesmahagow won,
Marion won the third end and it looked hopeful
with a full rink Lesmahagow weren’t going to do so well,
it remained close and with the score 4 to 2 against Marion
she pulled it back in 5th end with a 3 and added to our scoreline,
Marion managed to stay ahead and win 7 – 6, well done Marion.

Willie King was up against Iain McAlister’s rink,
taking orders from Willie were
Fiona McGinnis, Mr President and Janet Leiper.
It was all very close for a few ends
but Iain’s rink were ahead 4 to 1 going into 5th end,
Willie & Co had a good result winning 3 in the 5th end,
possibly inspired by Marion in her 5th end (or vice versa!)
Iain won last 2 ends and had a convincing win of 7 to 4.
Willie’s weekend wasn’t to get any better
with Hamilton beating Motherwell 2 nil in Lanarkshire Derby!

In the third rink Tommy Campbell was up against Billy Marshall’s rink.
Setting a good example of curling for Tommy
were Emma Craig, Margaret Ferguson and Agnes Strang,
Billy’s rink had the edge after 3 ends,
but after a good end Tommy’s rink came back
to win a 4 in the fifth end
(to be fair Tommy didn’t need to do much it was all set up for him),
unfortunately Billy came back to win a 5 (to be fair he was a bit jammy!)
This did produce a bit of a smile on Billy’s face.
Although Tommy’s team were playing well
they failed to inspire him to follow their example
and in the end lost 11 – 8.

After an excellent meal and good company, the winning rink for Lesmahagow
were Ian McAlister, Iain Callan, Rona McAlister and Seonaid Wilson.
PS It was noted the first lady wasn’t present,
whether this had any bearing on result.....

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