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Drawn Rinks...Fixture Dates
and Results
for Season 2016-17

Members unable to play
in any of the matches listed
should contact
Match Secretary Willie Craig
as soon as possible.

Members should also, where possible,
remain for the meal
when this has been organized.
Skips should contact team members
as a reminder not less than
7 days before each match.


Report by Willie Craig
President Jim asked me to write a small report on this
as he didn’t want to report his own success
but if you have been following reports
you will know he hasn’t had a lot of it this season!!!!!
This competition takes place on one day
with clubs providing two rinks
who play on a bonspiel format
moving every two ends
with shot difference combined for the two rinks.
This year there were fourteen clubs taking part.
EK&H had a rink of
Willie Dykes skip ,Willie Craig third,
Peter Henderson second and George Brown lead
playing in the afternoon and finished +5.
In the evening the rink skipped by Jim Strang, John King third,
Chris Rennie second and George Ballantyne lead finished +8.
This gave a combined score of +13 and was enough for EK&H
to win the province bonspiel trophy.
The last time EK&H won this trophy was 2005/06.

Lanarkshire Province Bonspiel Winners 2017



By Vice President and Match Secretary
Willie Craig

Interclub Hamilton Thornyhill EK 2016

Friday night
and our first inter-club of the season
against Hamilton Thornyhill.
Having lost the previous two years,
I thought this year,
for skips we would have firstly,
experience in Tommy Campbell,
secondly, skill and beauty in Jackie Craig
(got to keep in with the better half),
and lastly George Strang -
no words to describe him!

First game was Tommy and his team of
Alison Taylor 3rd, Bill Gibson 2nd
and Margaret Brown at lead
against last years winning skip Allan Hall.
This EK & H team, got the ice early on
and with the whole team playing well
won by a score of 10-2.

Moving on to the second game,
George with John King at 3rd,
Emma Craig 2nd and Margaret Neilson at lead,
against an H&T team skipped by Arthur Devine.
Again on the night EK & H all played well
and ran out winners by a score of 10-2.

The last game was Jackie with myself at 3rd,
Agnes Strang 2nd and Bill Fraser at lead,
against H&T President David Hall and his team.
This game had chances
for both teams to get big ends,
but fortunately Jackie’s team
converted them on the night,
where as on another night
it might have been David’s.
The final score here being 14-3 to EK&H.
This led to an overall score of
EK&H 34, Hamilton Thornyhill 7.
Jackie and her team being highest up
were presented with the Ross Tankard
and a bottle of wine each,
kindly provided by H&T.

Highlight’s of the night:
(1) Match secretary in another winning team.
(2) Match secretary takes wife out for night
with curling provided,
good food, reasonably priced,
funny stories and good company.
Last but not least we went home
with a bottle of wine each !!!!

Three Rinks
Friday 7th October 2016
at 5.45pm L.I.R.

Tommy Campbell
Alison Taylor
Bill Gibson
Margaret Brown

George Strang
John King
Emma Craig
Margaret Neilson

Jackie Craig
Willie Craig
Agnes Strang
Bill Fraser

AVONDALE HEATHER 1st Leg---LIR, 10 October 2016

Willie Cannon

Last year the sides couldn't be separated over the two legs,
with a draw being recorded in the absence of club stalwarts
Archie Kerr and Agnes Strang.
The clubs were keen to ensure this didn't happen again,
and as well as picking the teams carefully
both Archie and Agnes were included
so as to cover any decision making duties!
Before the start Archie Kerr and Willie Craig met
to confirm their skips and mixed teams.
Willie received the unfortunate news of a late call-off
which he knew would have an impact on the result
for East Kilbride and Haremyres -
Alastair Smith had called off for the Heather
and been replaced by the much better Willie Frame!

First up was Lockhart Steele with Robert Tait,
Jackie Craig, and Agnes Strang,
taking on Jim Allan.
Lockhart managed to edge ahead, and kept the momentum
to bring home an 8-4 victory.

The second game saw Jim Strang with James Baird,
David Lawson and Peter Henderson
against Hugh Neilson's rink.
Apparently Jim Strang didn't play well,
or maybe this is just an excuse for losing 8-4.

Eric Richardson with William Boyd,
John King, and Bill Gibson
played against Ian Stobo's rink.
There were lots of stones in play most ends,
with Eric winning the balance of them
and running out 9-6 in front.

The fourth game was Margaret Richardson with Willie Cannon,
James Strang and Emma Craig
up against the Libby Marshall rink.
After Alastair Smith's call off
Willie Frame slotted in playing second and skip,
giving a free master class in the use of a cue in the process.
The Heather team got off to a good start,
but some uncharacteristic misses
let Margaret's rink back into the game.
The Heather rink re-grouped
and edged ahead again to finish 9-7 up.
Alex Torrance was on sheet E with Marion Craig,
Tommy Campbell and Helen Drummond.
The opposition was provided by Alex Fleming's rink.
Alex Torrance was able to edge ahead,
eventually running out with an 8-4 victory.

The final game was Willie Baird with George Strang,
Willie Dykes and Willie Craig
playing against Don Frame.
Before the match there were ointments and sprays
being applied by both skips
to address their various ailments.
Willie Baird even had a practice slide
looking like a half shut knife.
As the game started the adrenaline took over.
Willie looked like he had forgotten his pain first
as he edged in front, but after a few blank ends
Don scored a big end to take a lead he didn't lose.
A 7-4 win for Don in the end.

After tallying up the half time result was announced as
East Kilbride and Haremyres 40, Avondale Heather 38.
All to play for,
and possibly something for Archie and Agnes
to debate in January!
Many of the players stayed
for another great buffet meal from the restaurant.

AVONDALE HEATHER 2nd Leg--Monday 9th January 2017

East Kilbride & Haremyres C.C.
Lockhart Steel---Robert Tait---Jackie Craig---Agnes Strang

Interclub Avondale Heather CC V EK&H 2016/17 Winning Rink-EK&H

Monday night and the second leg of our inter-club game against the Heather.
I wasn’t sure how it would go as we were only two shots up from the first leg.
Two things happened before we started that gave EK&H some hope,
firstly George Strang pulled out
(saved the phone call telling him he was dropped).
Secondly Alistair Smith was back skipping for the Heather !!!

Moving on to the games,
first we had Willie Cannon and his mixed rink of
Tommy Campbell, Alison Taylor and Helen Drummond against
Jim Allan and his mixed team.
Thankfully Willie’s team were playing well
and left him not a lot to do but in the last end
he played a superb last stone to get a one.
Final score 7-4 to Willie.

Second game, Willie Baird, Ryan Asher, Willie Dykes and Willie Craig
against a rink skipped by Hugh Neilson.
This game was very tight and after five ends the score was 3-2
but the turning point came in end six when Willie got a four.
Score going in to the last end 8-3 to Willie.
In the last end we were lying three and
Hugh played a tap up with his last stone to get a one.
So final score in this game 8-4 to Willie.

The next game was an all male game,
James Baird, David Lawson, Willie King and Peter Henderson
against an Avondale team skipped by Alan Hall.
James and his team were up against it after losing a four early on
but fought back, James had a draw for a two with his last stone
but was a touch heavy .Final score 5-8 to Allan.
I have mentioned the last end in each game but when we get to the end
you will see how crucial these ends were to the final result.
Moving on to the fourth game,
Eric Richardson, William Boyd, John King and Bill Gibson
against a very strong Heather team skipped by Don Frame.
As in the previous game Eric lost a big end early on
and was always up against it, but he and his team kept plugging away.
The final stone, Eric was lying three against
with only a draw to the button left.
Eric played an inch perfect draw which was well swept to the button.
This stone was crucial to the outcome of the match.
Final score in this game 5-9 to Don.

The fifth game saw the two presidents with mixed rinks.
Jim Strang had Margaret Richardson, James Strang and Emma Craig
against Heather president Alex Fleming and his mixed team.
This game was tied at five each going into the last end.
Jim looking across the sheets
realised another peel for the whole match was a possibility
and decided losing a five would help avoid this.
The final score in this game 5-10 to Alex.

Last game was Lockhart Steele, Robert Tait, Jackie Craig and Agnes Strang
against Alistair Smith and his mixed rink from the Heather.
Lockhart came down to the ice wearing glasses
but took them off before going onto the ice, it seemed to work.
Another tight game early on with a score of four each after six ends
Lockhart and his team got a three in the seventh end
and stole a one in the last end to win 8-4.

The score tonight was EK&H 38, Avondale Heather 39,
the score from the first leg EK&H 40, Avondale Heather 38,
so over the two legs the score was
EK&H 78, Avondale Heather 77.
EK&H win by one shot.
A buffet meal was held afterwards
then the trophy was presented to the highest up rink
over the two legs on the winning side.
This was Lockhart and his team of Robert Tait, Jackie Craig and Agnes Strang.

Six Rinks
The rinks as drawn.
Six Rinks
Alex Torrance
Marion Craig
Tommy Campbell
Helen Drummond

Willie Baird
George Strang
Willie Dykes
Willie Craig

Jim Strang
James Baird
David Lawson
Peter Henderson

Eric Richardson
William Boyd
Willie King
Bill Gibson

Willie Cannon
Margaret Richardson
Ryan Asher
Alison Taylor

Lockhart Steele
Robert Tait
Mhairi Baird
Jackie Craig

Two Rinks
Tuesday 15th November 2016
6.30pm at Galleon

Willie King
A short interclub report
on our recent game v Mearns.

Set off for the Galleon
after picking up Bill Gibson and Jim Boyd
and enjoyed good conversation all the way,
every thing from Trump to Robotic Milking.
We arrived in plenty of time
and secured our changing area before the rush!
There was no rush,
as there were only three games scheduled for six thirty
( a sign of the times) and sad to see!
Anyway at aprox six twenty the rest of our club
as well as the Mearns players appeared….
It was hard to tell who was who.
A toss of a coin and it was agreed,
David Lawson v George Strang and
Jim Strang v Willie Baird,
do you see what I mean ??

Play commenced and around the fifth end
Jim Strang leaned over and suggested
that I would like to do a wee report on the games.
He should have been concentrating on his game
because according to the score card
its around here his game was lost.
Jim v Willie swapped singles over the first few ends
score after five ends 2 - 2,
was told later that it had been a game
with a lot of good draws…….
well it was at the fifth end!
Willie then scored two shots
with Jim coming back with a single
and Willie scoring two shots in the eighth
to make the final result Willie Baird 6 Jim Strang 3.

David v George this game started at a frantic pace,
with David's team scoring four shots in the first end
followed by a single and a double in the next two
to leave David with a healthy seven Zero lead.
George was struggling,
but managed to pull his team together
and score two shots in the fourth end.
Back came David
with a three at the fifth ……10-2 game over??
Remember it was about this time I was asked to do this report,
I don't think my play deteriorated that much
but as a team we went off the boil.
George taking the next four ends
and scoring a total of five shots.
If his sweepers
had applied a bit more effort with his last stone
he could have won the match for the Mearns!!

If you have managed to follow my report so far
you may have worked out the overall match shot score
was Mearns 13 EKHCC 13 a draw again! blame a Strang!!

We retired to the comfort of the Irish bar
up the street to figure out what to do.
After a nice purvey,
including sausage rolls/sandwiches and biscuts
George Strang spoke on behalf of the Mearns
welcoming ECHCC to the galleon for the annual interclub.
He noted that his lead Willie Steven
had played in the very first
Mearns v EKHCC game in Crossmyloof
where he had also been in a losing rink!
Jim replied on behalf of EKHCC
stating that he felt his team had played well,
only person not to be mentioned was John King,
make up your own mind!
He also said that it was quite strange
to be playing against two past EKHCC presidents
representing the opposition.
As there was no trophy and no presentation
the game was declared a DRAW ….I think.
A good time was had by all
with most of the farmers there looking forward
to travelling through to Edinburgh
for AgriScot next morning.
Willie King

Jim Strang
John King
Bill Gibson
George Brown

David Lawson
Willie King
Willie Dykes
Bill Fraser

Three Rinks
Wednesday 26th October 2016
at 5.45pm L.I.R.


Report by
Willie Craig

Last night at the ice rink
we had an early horror show for Halloween
by EK&H curlers against Stewarton Heather
in their annual inter-club match.

First up was Lockhart Steele
with George Strang at third,
Jackie Craig at second and myself at lead.
All of us struggled to see Lockhart’s brush
never mind play it,
so after four ends we were down eleven nil
to Stewarton’s David Reid and his team
who were all playing well.
At this point Lockhart said to David,
“remember it’s your father in law you are playing.
David replied, “I didn’t realise you were giving me
my Christmas present early this year”.
Even Lockhart admitted he wasn’t playing well.
Trying to find something good to say
we won the last four ends by a score of 5-1.
So the game finished 12-5 to David and his team.

Second game was Alex Torrance skip, Robert Tait third,
Emma Craig second and Caroline Morrison leading
against Stewarton’s Dougie Reid.
This game again was played on very keen ice
with Dougie’s team getting the better of it
and running out winner’s by a score of 8-1.
Our last hope lay with
Willie (sair knee) Baird skip, Ryan Asher third,
Peter Henderson second and Janet Leiper
at lead against Tom Reid.
The score was 4-4 going into the last end
Tom had last stone but Willie had one in and guarded.
Tom played his last, turned his back because it was wide,
but then it hit a long guard, rumbled stones
took Willie’s out and lay two,
to give a final score of 6-4 to Tom and his team.

Overall a score of Stewarton Heather 26, EK & H 10 .
David and Dougie both finished seven shots up
and both won five ends but David had a better total shots,
so David was presented with the trophy to hold for a year,
until we go to Greenacres next year to win it back !!!! .

Highlight of the night :-
Being in charge for the first time,
and being match secretary,
I thought I should take some responsibility
for the above horror show, and offer my resignation.
George immediately said “It’s accepted “.
I am left a broken man !!!! .

Willie Baird
Ryan Asher
Peter Henderson
Janet Leiper

Alex Torrance
Robert Tait
Emma Craig
Caroline Morrison

Lockhart Steele
George Strang
Jackie Craig
Willie Craig


Interclub Coulter CC V  East Kilbride & Haremyres CC  2016

Coulter Inter Club Match Report
By President Jim

This was the fifth time we had played Coulter in an inter club
having previously lost the first two,
then won the next two so the winner this year
would have extra bragging rights.
In the first game Willie Baird, Ryan Asher, Alison Paton and Margaret Brown
played a team skipped by James Moffat.
This was a very close game with no more than
one shot in it all the way through
but thankfully for East Kilbride and Haremyres came through winning 5-4.
The second game saw myself Jim Strang
with Willie Boyd, Emma Craig and Willie Craig
playing A team skipped by Jack Wight.
It always adds a little extra pressure
having match secretary Willie putting himself in your team
as we all know he puts himself in the team
with the best chance of winning a trophy.
It turned out to be a very high scoring game
with our team scoring three shots three times
and the other team scoring a three and a four
to leave the final score 12-8 to the EK&H presidents team.
For once I hadn't let our match secretary down
and with us up by five between the first two games
it looked good for Willie getting his hands on the trophy.
The last game was played between Robert Tait,
Tommy Campbell, James Strang and Janet Leiper
against a team skipped by Bryce Smith.
This game got off well for Roberts team
as Bryce was late and missed the first two ends
allowing Roberts team to score a one at both ends.
However the next five saw the EK&H team
losing eight shots without reply.
Robert did manage a one at the last end to leave his score
8-3 against him and the overall score 20-20.
Would you believe it, another drawn Inter club match
in president Jim's reign
and another argument about who should claim the trophy.
With no rule in place, as always,
Bryce Smith was adamant that he won as Coulter had won one more end.
After I had pointed out to him
that as it was a very friendly Inter club,
EK&H had not claimed any shots for his late arrival,
he fell amazingly silent for a man who doesn't do silence.
Vice President Ella Coubrough and myself
decided that the best solution was to call it a draw,
sharing the trophy and have a rule in place by next year.
Hard lines match secretary Willie,
your plan almost worked.

Three Rinks
Wednesday 30th November 2016
at 5.45pm L.I.R.

Robert Tait
Tommy Campbell
James Strang
Janet Leiper

Jim Strang
William Boyd
Vicky Dunlop
Carole Marsh

William Baird
Ryan Asher
Alison Paton
Margaret Brown

Four Rinks
Sunday 4th December 2016
at 4.15pm Ayr


Off to Ayr on Sunday afternoon
for our annual inter-club against Galston.
Before I start this report
I will put my excuse in for what follows
which is that half the club were at Hamilton
shooting turkeys,
I hope they were more successful than us !!!! .
First game was Jackie Craig, myself,
Janet Leiper and Margaret Neilson against Andrew Boswell.
Andrew and his team on home ice
managed to read the ice early on and were always in control.
We had a chance of a four in one end but just missed it,
so Andrew’s team won by 10-3.
Second game was Eric Richardson (winner the last two years)
Willie Dykes, Fiona Mc Ginnis and Jim Boyd against Jim Boswell.
This game had some great shots in it
according to the two skips afterwards at the meal.
Jim and his team won by a score of 8-5.
As you will gather from the first two games
things weren’t going well for EK&H.
Moving on to the third game we had a Strang skipping,
by this time I had my head in my hands
but then I realised thankfully it wasn’t George
it was president Jim with Katy Richardson at third
Jim Drumgold and Caroline Morrison
against a team skipped by Tom Neil
with President John Davers.
Also in the team, which was good to see,
was Billy Lindsay who along with Tom Neilson
donated the “TAPPIT HEN” which we play for.
This was a game of two halves
with Tom in control for the first
but Jim and his team strong in the second and winning 8-7.
Last game was Willie Cannon, Ryan Asher,
Margaret Brown and George Brown
against a team skipped by Liam Scott (the Ayr ice man ).
Willie said he was using this for practise for the farmers.
It was nice to see he got sixteen
“ POOR SHOTS “ out of his system !!!
Liam won by a score of 8-2.
So overall the score was Galston Haymouth 33,
East Kilbride & Haremyres 18.
The highest up rink on the winning team was Andrew Boswell
who was presented with the “TAPPIT HEN”.
A good meal with stories ended the night
and congratulations to Galston
who were the better team this time.
Turkeys started the report
so I will finish with REINDEERS.
Six REINDEERS came home with EK & H
(Jim Boswell made them and sells them to raise money for M S).
Lastly a big thank you to all the subs who played.

Report by Willie Craig

William Baird
Robert Tait
Vicky Dunlop
Janet Leiper

Eric Richardson
Fiona McGinnis
Willie King
Senga Hair

Alex Torrance
Katy Richardson
Helen Drummond
Willie Craig

Willie Cannon
Jackie Craig
Mhairi Baird
Aileen King

BIGGAR Two Rinks
Tuesday 7th February 2017
at 2.30pm L.I.R.

By Willie Craig
Today was our annual inter club game against Biggar
which was at Hamilton this year.
They say a picture tells a thousand words,
well in this case the lack of a picture tells a story too
(WE LOST) . End of report.
Seriously it was another friendly inter club
and the first game had myself as skip, Bill Gibson at third,
George Strang snr at second and Bill Fraser leading.
We were up against a Biggar team skipped by Sam Brown.
After four ends we were leading 6-3 but it went wrong thereafter
and although both teams won four ends Sam and his team won 11-8.

The second game had Willie Dykes skipping for EK&H with Peter Henderson at third,
Jackie Craig playing second and George Brown leading
against skip James Orr and his Biggar team.
In this game again both teams won four ends
but the score finished a peel at 5-5.
The final score was EK&H 13 and Biggar 16.
Sam Brown being the skip of the winning team
was presented with the inter club salver.
At the meal afterwards we noted that both clubs
had won the Salver seven times each
so it will be all to play for at Murrayfield next year.

Willie Dykes
Peter Henderson
Jim Boyd
George Brown

Willie Craig
Bill Gibson
George Strang
Bill Fraser

Three Rinks
Thursday 9th March 2017
at 5.45pm L.I.R.

Tommy Campbell and his winning "Girls"

Interclub Lesmahagow CC V  East Kilbride & Haremyres CC  2017

Report by Caroline Morrison

Fun started in the bar with President Jim
trying to match the teams!
He even questioned what sheets of ice were in play!
Excuses at the ready, Jim Strang and his team
Willie King, Willie Craig and myself, Caroline Morrison
were on end sheet A.
We managed to take a one in the first end
from skip Iain Callan and his team.
We had a to and fro game almost taking alternative ends.
We even managed two blank ends!
Alison Taylor (with a foot in each camp)
called a one at the fourth
but big Willie called for a measure!
Good job, he was right, and we secured a two.
In the final end Jim drew in, giving us a three
to clinch a 6 – 4 victory! A good tight game.

Next door on sheet B were skip Tommy Campbell
and his “girls”
Jackie Craig, Agnes Strang and Margaret Neilson.
Off to a flying start, showing no mercy,
a five in the first,
Tommy and the girls were 9 up after three ends!!
Opposition team was skipped by Billy Marshall.
Poor Billy pulled up two feet short in the fourth
resulting in a blank end.
They made their debut on the scoreboard in the fifth
with a one,and another two in the seventh!
Final score 13 – 3 to EK & H Very well done.

Our third team out to play was George Strang skip,
James Strang, Emma Craig and Aileen King.
It took George and his crew three ends
before they scored their first of three shots.
They admit to being out curled on the night.
Skip Iain McAlister and his team played very well,
placing stones where asked!
Final score, 8 -3 a win for Lesmahagow.
Final tally for the evening
East Kilbride & Haremyres 22 Lesmahagow 15.
As per usual, an excellent tea followed,
with lots of banter between the clubs.
Ask Tommy Campbell about his giraffe!
Tommy thanked his girls,
who were the top team of the night,
and were then presented with the trophy.

Photo for the webmaster was taken by Emma Craig.
As it turned out Willie Craig had a foggy lense!!
Not heard that one before!!
A great night enjoyed by all, bring on next year!

Jim Strang
Willie King
Willie Craig
Caroline Morrison

Tommy Campbell
Jackie Craig
Agnes Strang
Margaret Neilson

George Strang
James Strang
Emma Craig
Aileen King

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