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Report on the weekend by Agnes Strang

Kinross Weekend came on by
Fourteen lunched at the "Grouse and Claret"
No George (Brown) not the Drunken Parrot
Of course Willie and Jackie, have to pass by it
Willie you see, is on a very strict diet.

Drinks reception at seven we went
To meet the Beechnuts, old friends weel kent
With plenty of jokes and stories to tell
The draw was made, I done it myself.

Saturday morning players took to the ice
But believe it or not, they didn't want my advice
So I decided just to coffee and view
A wee bit of shopping, with the other three too (Janey, Jean, Martha)

Lunch then sub for Sheena next game
But Alan's (Brian, Stella) luck was just the same
So Saturday's game had all been scored
Skips Jackie and John finished top of the board.

Saturday disco we had a ball
Archie was certainly the star of them all
First the jacket then the tie
I'm telling no more cause I don't want to lie.

Sunday came Tom had packed away
His cue and brush, said I had to play
So with Tommy the skip we took to the ice
Another win for High R/d Final, now that was nice.

John (Archie, Margaret, George) in the Low R/d Final too
They play the Beechnuts with Archie on cue
John with a cold kept hogging the line
His luck running out, won the bottle of wine.

Tommy v Jackie High R/d Final to be
Close as it was for all to see
Three at the last end, would see Jackie (Willie Robert George) with a win
But Willie's advice was surely a sin.
And there it was as he stepped off the ice
Willie's rule for next year, we don't play with the wife

So Tommy (Agnes, Linda, Elaine, Tom) finished too win
A bottle of Tullibardine Whisky in the tin.
When I got home Jackie text me, she had left Willie at the A&E
They had stitched up his mouth to Jackie's glee

So that was the weekend over and done
Kinross booked for next year,
We'll be back for more fun.

Great report from Sec' Agnes, pity we have no pictures so far this year,
there just might be some out there........................if you have any!!
please send to Alan at

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