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Another very successful Kinross curling and social weekend at the Green Hotel has passed
with honours going to Tommy Campbell and his rink of
John Strang, Linda Smith and Elaine Turnbull winning the High Road.
Tommy's play in the final was superb as was that of John, Linda and Elaine,
and it was a blessing when we managed a two and escaped the dreaded "Grannie".
A big thank you to my own rink they played well in all of our four games.
Winning the first two and locking horns with "Big Willie" in the third
held his rink to an equitable peal of six all.
Finishing up equal points with Willie's rink in our section
we were fortunate to have won more ends than Willie and made the High Road.
Willie's rink of Brian, Stella and Aileen going the Low Road and taking Runner-up prize.

Alan and Willie rinks Kinross 2014

High Road Winners
Tommy Campbell, John Strang, Linda Smith and Elaine Turnbull

Tommy Campbell and Rink Kinross 2014

Alan Drummie and Rink Kinross 2014

Runners-up in the High Road were
Alan and Sheena Drummie with George and Margaret Brown.

We had a grand weekend once more at both the Ice rink and the Green Hotel
the curling was up to it's usual high standards on good ice made by Stephen as always.
Let's hope that the new curling trust in charge at Kinross Ice Rink
get the support they deserve as they go forward with their refurbishment this summer.
Where would the weekend be without our very good friends the Beechnuts
we even had a rink of Beechkilbride Nutters in the competition which was it's usual
good natured friendly but competitive self.
Saturday evening had a flavour of Rabbie Burns at the dinner
Willie and Liz Hendry of the Beechnuts and our own Agnes had it all worked out beforehand.
The massed pipes of the company skirled away
as the haggis was paraded around the dinner tables
prior to Alan giving his rendition of "Fair Fa Yer Honest Sonsie Face".
The evening progressed with songs of Burns between each course.
Willie Hendry and John Strang sprung a duet on us
then John led us all in a spirited rendition of "The Star Of Rabbie Burns".
Tommy Campbell, who else, toasted the Lassies giving us much to laugh and cheer at
and Liz Hendry replied on behalf of the Lassies.
Beechnut Willie Black had us in stitches as he regaled us with whiffs of toilet humour
and our own Willie King had a few pieces from the Bard's pen for us also.
All in a very entertaining evening at the Green Hotel.

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