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High Road Winners
Skip......Willie King
Third.....Robert Halket
Second..Aileen King
Lead.....Andy Another

Willie King's High Road Winning Rink Kinross 2015

Runners-up in the High Road
Skip....Tommy Campbell
Third...Caroline Morrison
Second..James Morrison
Lead....Elaine Turnbull

Tommy Campbell and Rink Runners-up Kinross 2015

Low Road Winners
Skip....Agnes Strang
Third...George Strang
Second..Stella Cassidy
Lead....Brian Cassidy

Agnes Strang's Low Road Winning Rink Kinross 2015

Runners-up in the Low Road
Skip....Jackie Craig
Third...Willie Craig
Second..Margaret Brown
Lead....George Brown

Jackie Craig and Rink Low Road Runners-up Kinross 2015

Kinross Weekend 2015
Report by Willie King

Here are my memories of this year’s social curling weekend at Kinross;
you may have to fill in the blanks as there was quite a bit of strong drink taken.
Aileen and I weren’t able to join the lunch time revelries at the Grouse and Claret
but we were assured that a good time was had by all …
I believe the soufflé s were to die for!

Our Ladies at the Grouse and Claret Kinross 2015

Our Men at the Grouse and Claret Kinross 2015

By the time we got to the Green Hotel
we had just missed the Friday night meeting called by Agnes to room 17,
but as we joined the company to go down for dinner
it was obvious we had missed a few good stories and a drink or two.
It was on to the drinks reception
where we greeted our friends from the Beechnut’s CC then dinner was taken,
before retiring for a comfy seat and the anticipated (draw of the rinks).

Joining us this year were expectant grandparents Caroline and James Morrison;
however this still left us one short
so Steven from the ice rink had sorted us an A. N. Other.
I thought the draw was very well done and the highlight for me
was seeing the two old timers Tom and John, pulled out the hat
along with two relative youngsters Senga and Linda.
This certainly brought the average age down and helped with the sweeping.
I was right in thinking this as they shot out the blocks in their first game
to record a remarkable 21-1 victory.
They also were four down to Tommy and his rink
only for John to play a raise with his last stone and grab a peel.
Aileen and I were drawn with Robert (Martha’s man) and A.N. Other;
as we headed to the rink we were greeted by Andy
or as Tommy christened him the bearded woman, which came back to haunt him.
I can’t remember all the results,
but I can remember taking a six off of Willie Black (beechnuts)
in my first end and another six in my second game …
its along time since I have had sex twice in the one weekend!

Saturday night meeting called and stories from the company went down well as did a few halves.
Sec. Agnes had spoken to the chef who rose to the occasion
and produced a better meal than Friday night.
Dinner taken we retired not to the comfy seats but to the dance floor.
Missing a few of the regulars it was the newcomer Caroline who was strutting her stuff,
along with Linda, Senga and Elaine.
As we have become accustomed the DJ pitched the music perfectly
and the floor was full from first to last dance.
Again the company of the Beechnuts helped to make the night what it was.

On Sunday at 9.30 -V- Jackie, Willie, Margaret and George;
we managed to win putting us in the high road final.
All very tight in the other games
resulting in the high road final – Willie King v Tommy Campbell
and the low road –Jackie Craig -V- Agnes Strang.

The low road final was very close
with Willie Craig thinking the last end was worth a measure,
anyway Agnes came out victorious.

As for our game v Tommy; my team played very well
with Aileen setting up the ends
and considering Robert hadn’t been on ice since last year
his play was superb.
This was ably backed up by Andy (A.N.Other)
who at Tommy’s request even put on a skirt at the start of the game,
which didn’t seem to put him off!
Think the Sat night dancing may have caught up a bit with Caroline and James?
We kept the pressure on throughout and managed a good win
something like 9-1 conceded at the 6th end.
You may be able to tell from this report that I am quite pleased
to win a bottle of whiskey
but it was in beating wee Tommy in the final that I take most pleasure.
A big THANK YOU to all involved
good curling good friendship this is what curling is all about!

Caroline and James now have a new Grandson!” James”

For anyone who hasn’t been or would like to go
it is a social weekend with curling thrown in.
Get your name down we need new blood or it will dwindle away.

Willie King

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