Agnes Strang Seventy Years Young

Kinross Report by Agnes Strang
piccys by Willie King and others.

Off to Kinross for our annual Weekend
Twenty one going, members and friends
Nineteen lunched at the Grouse & Claret
Cheese Souffle to die for, most of us had it.

A glass of wine....or was that two,
all I remember we did have a few!
OK I'll not keep you guessing.....
YES Willie Craig was there,
Joined the men... had a few beers.

Room four at half past six,
we'll congregate,
bring along your stories,
now don't be late
Hotel Reception starts at seven
Free drinks for us sounds like heaven.

OH No!! big Willie King takes oot a book
It's John Hamilton's poems,
We all give him a Look
Willie the last thing we need.....
Is an....Avondale Alex Fleming read.

We sat down to dinner, twenty three in all
One big table, we were nearly in the hall
Our two subs Alistair & Barbara
from Aberdeen Petroleum joined us
and we all really got to know them

We retired to the lounge to do our draw
None of us believed what we saw
All names in the hat,
and they got a good shake
That's when members shouted......
for goodness sake!
The same draw as last year,
that's a chance in a million

Saturday morning we arrived on the ice
I must say Steven had it looking real nice
New clubs and curlers we were about to play
And that turned out to be a really nice day

George introduced me to a skip,
nice man from Duns,
our first game to play
I said no we're EK&H 2
with Brian Stella.....
we need to come this way.

It was Aberdeen Petroleum's
Canadian skip at least 6ft 4
wearing a big mustard jacket.....
a looked for the door
I know am no big but a felt really wee,
and after all that we lost 5-3.

Other teams up with the lark....
were Tommy, James, Caroline,
with Elaine right on track
Winning their two games,
Tommy sang all the way back.

With skip John leading whilst playing the cue,
third Senga, Linda, and Robert too
Turned out just wasn't their day....
finishing up losing their two.

Big Willie, Barbara, Alistair and Aileen
playing Banchory 3
The more that they tried.....
it just wasn't to be

Would Jackie, Willie, Margaret,and George
manage a steal.
at the end of the day....they could only peel.

All back to the Green Hotel we did go
With dinner and dancing we won the show
Bearsden, Duns, Banchory, Aberdeen P,
head early for the door.
Just us, the only ones left on the floor.

Sunday morning last hope of the day
For a chance of a prize to come our way
Tommy looked good one more win would do it
But low and behold, did Tommy no blow it!
Keeping it close all the way....
last end....only one more
What does he do!!!.........
He loses a Four.
Goodbye High Rd final,
finishing just one end short.

Agnes's hopes are running high,
Low Rd final we're in with a chance,
A win with five ends,
her team goes for a glance
But Oh No! we've done it again......
it can't be true
We've gone and finished.....
an end short too

Kinross friends you did do me swell
A nice surprise you gave to me
Flowers ,card , balloons and cake as well
I Thank you all so very much,
the photos you can see.

The Grouse and Claret Kinross 1
The Grouse & Claret " Ladies Section "

The Grouse and Claret Kinross 2
The Grouse & Claret " Men Only "

The Green Hotel Kinross
Centre Table Kinross

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