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The Grouse & Claret

EK&HCC Green Hotel Kinross
The East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Contingent
gearing up for the curling at Kinross.

Kinross Report
By Brian Cassidy
Hi Alan, Hope you're well.
Here's a wee summary of the Kinross weekend for the website.

we've just experienced another successful weekend at Kinross,
where thankfully curling is incidental.
Let's get the important details out of the way first.
The rinks were skipped by
Jackie Craig, Tommy Campbell
and two big Willies, Dykes and King.
Consistency can be important,
so we maintained the standards of last year
i.e. there was no high road or low road final on the Sunday,
just the road west.
EK&HCC curling Kinross
Our Kinross Newbie, Willie Dykes, had his induction
and was feeling very proud as he'd just become a grandad.
Grandparents were topical over the weekend
as grannies were never far away either......
and I don't mean the ones playing curling!
In their 2nd match it took Tommy, Stella, Brian and Elaine
until the 6th end to get on the board.
On Sunday it was Jackie, Willie, Agnes and George's turn
to experience squeaky bum time
as they waited until the 5th end
to make their only mark on the board that day.
EK&HCC curling Kinross
In the other rinks,
Willie D was accompanied by
Margaret and George "the bunnet" Brown,
with Linda Smith leading them off.
Willie and Aileen teamed up with
Caroline Morrison and her “ringer” husband James.
EK&HCC curling Kinross
During my matches I was beginning to wonder
how I managed to lift the stones
given the number of times
I heard the shout "no handle!!!"
Then I chucked my brush at Elaine
as I tried to regain my balance
but most concerning
was seeing Tommy collapse on the ice
as he re-arranged his dodgy knee.
My grandson’s Action Man
can’t get his knee into
the positions that Tommy managed.
I was concerned as to how we'd be able to
lift him off the ice before it melted!
I'm afraid his personal coaches
in the stands, Robert and Martha
were unable to find the answer to his problems -
no guns were allowed in the ice rink.
One of the opposition teams was made up of
curlers representing the Irish Curling Association.
I think they were recruiting and got excited
when they heard that there was a Cassidy and
Quinn (Stella’s maiden name) present.
However none of our grandparents
(there’s that word again)
had drank enough Guinness so that ruled us out.
I think they were relieved that we didn’t qualify
once they watched us curling.
As part of the Friday and Saturday
pre-dinner "entertainment"
the congregation had to
suffer stories from the usual culprits
and did well to offer convincing appreciation
as well as a good bit of banter thrown in.
The opposition clubs have clearly discovered
how to prepare better than us
as they all booked into other hotels,
maybe worried about us spiking their drinks.
Then again, we were still eating at 10.00
so maybe they wanted to make sure
we didn’t get a good night’s sleep.
With no other clubs
to share the dance floor with on Saturday
we had our own little soiree – well,
it might have looked more like a care home
as we all sat in a circle falling asleep.
The years are catching up.
On Friday night we toasted absent friends
and whilst that number is growing,
as the escapees such as the
Drummies and MacFarlanes sit at home,
I think one particular member
was prominent in our private thoughts.
So, by 2.30 on Sunday,
all that was left for us to look forward to
was the Kinross Summer Sunday.
Hope we can all get together again soon.

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