Cartoon curler

Willie Baird's
Bob Macintosh Storyby Willie King

The Bob Macintosh was up for grabs
Willie left Mhairi to feed the calves
Calves all finished and in the byre
The tractor needed more air in a tyre

With plenty of odd jobs still to do
Willies head was in a stew
The compressor started with a humm
As he hooked the tyre up on the run

Running back and forth to check
The tyres still soft Oh! What the heck!
The time it passed by in a tick
Chasing his cows around with a stick

Willie thought he might be late
As he closed......the last gate
Better hurry now or I'll get it in the neck
Must give that tyre one last check

By gaud it's nearly been an hour
The air is pumping with such power
If he had only been awake
He wouldn't have made this basic mistake

The tractors leaning at an angle
He's got himself in quite a fankle
The consequences.....could have been dire
Pumping up the wrong tyre!

Willie let some pressure out (what a noise!)
Better hurry now and meet the boys
Thinking there will be a stink
If I don't make it to the rink

At Hamilton now the first game won
Against the mighty Scott Lumsden
Maybe this is his mistake
When Willie sees who lies in wait

On to the ice for the next round
Big Willie searches for a pound
His wallets missing he's in a fret
The culprit is.....that cheeky Collette

The Waddell boys? Will be a test
But Willies rink it's at its best
As this game goes safely past
Another one now, will it be the last?

The phone it rings in Willies pocket
Mhairi says "You're quite a rocket"
The cows are out, the place a state
All because you didn't.....shut the gate

The third game won Willies singing
Although very tight against Allan Winning
He phones again just to check
If all the cows are rounded....yet?

Into the final - can we put up a show?
It's Jim Allan, but he's in the know
The score 3-1 is in his favour
As he and the boys have a game to savour

A good days curling was had by all
Willie, Brian and Janet they had a ball
Led by a man who would've been late
If he had only "Shut that gate"!!!

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