Season 2018/2019

EK&H C.C.Haremyres Medal Singles Winner 2018

By Willie Craig
The true athletes who survived Christmas were out to play
in the annual Singles Competition tonight.
Among those posted missing was George Strang,
some story about having a cold…but we all knew
he was still out on the M74 searching for the stone he lost
in the Farmers when he was trying to play a strike.
On a more serious note, 18 people took part
with some late substitutes –
many thanks to them for filling in at the last minute.

Cutting to the chase, the semi-finals
were between Willie Cannon & Emma Craig,
and Katy Richardson & James Baird.

Willie Cannon was following in George’ footsteps,
and also ended up out searching the M74 for a few of his stones.
As a result, Emma got through to the final.

The other semi-final was also closely fought,
with Katy coming out on top.

As far as I know, we now move on to the first all-female final,
and just for the record,
the last female winner was Sheena Drummie in 1986/87.

The Records show that the first all female Singles final
took place between Doris Strang and Sheena Drummie 1986/87 season.
At the committee meeting of 18th May 1987 it was noted.
"Singles competition
The winner this year was Sheena Drummie with Doris Strang second."

On to the final,
the two girls were very evenly matched
and both played tremendously well throughout.
Going in to a nail biting last end,
Katy was one shot up, meaning Emma needed two shots to win.
Katy played some great draws round centre guards
to lie shot a number of times,
but Emma managed to follow them and chip them out.
In the end, Emma got her two shots to win 3-2 overall.

And to show EK&H Curling Club is moving with the times,
we have the first female winner
of the Singles Competition in 32 years.
The two girls were a credit to the club
in the way they played the final.
Given Presidents circumstances,
a very proud father tonight!
Oops, getting too gushy…
Your ever Positive President, Willie.

If anyone sees George Strang or Willie Cannon
on their travels down the M74,
please return them in time for the Avondale game!

Friday 28th December 2018

Section 1
(1)Agnes Strang......1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2) Alison Taylor......1 v 3 @ 6.15pm
(3)Emma Craig........2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

Win' Sect 1 and 2 play at 8.30pm

Section 2
(1) Willie Dykes.........1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2) George Brown......1 v 3 @ 6.15pm
(3) David Lawson.......2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

...........Semi Final at 9.00pm

Section 3
(1)Eric Richardson.....1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2) Jim Strang........... 1 v 3 @ 6.45pm
(3) Margaret Brown....2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

Win' Sect 3 and 4 play at 8.30pm

Section 4
(1)William Baird....... 1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2) Willie Cannon......1 v 3 @ 6.45pm
(3) Willie Craig..........2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

..........FINAL at 9.30pm

Section 5
(1) George Strang......1 v 2 @ 6.15pm
(2) James Baird..........1 v 3 @ 6.45pm
(3) James Strang........2 v 3 @ 8.00pm

.......Semi Final at 9.00pm Win' Sect 5 and 6

Section 6
(1) Jackie Craig..........1 v 2 @ 6.15pm
(2) Katy Richardson... 1 v 3 @ 6.45pm
(3) Alison Paterson......2 v 3 @ 8.00pm

RESERVES....Colette Maule, Jim Morrison,

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