Season 2017

2017 Singles East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club

By Willie Craig

A cold frosty winter’s night just after Christmas
and time for EK&H singles competition.
Willie Baird in the Christmas spirit
against brother James
lost an end then played first in the next end????? .
To the semi-finals....
which turned out to be a battle of the sexes
with Tommy Campbell against Margaret Brown
and Eric Richardson (three times a week)
against Helen King (once in two years).
I am talking about how many times they curl !!!!.
The better sex won both semis
so Willie Cannon told me.

The final was Eric against Tommy.
Tommy won the toss and got a one in the first end,
then Eric took over and won in four ends.
If you want to know the score look at the picture.
Finally congratulations to Eric
on winning the Haremyres Medal 2017.

Thursday 28th December 2017

Section 1
(1) Willie King......1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2) Willie Cannon.1 v 3 @ 6.15pm
(3)Willie Dykes....2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

Win' Sect 1 and 2 play @ 8.30pm

Section 2
(1)David Lawson.....1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2)William Baird......1 v 3 @ 6.15pm
(3) James Baird.......2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

Semi Final @ 9.00pm

Section 3
(1) Jim Strang.........1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2) Eric Richardson. 1 v 3 @ 6.45pm
(3)William Boyd......2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

Win' Sect 3 and 4 play @ 8.30pm

Section 4
(1) George Brown...1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2) James Strang......1 v 3 @ 6.45pm
(3) George Strang....2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

FINAL @ 9.30pm

Section 5
(1)Tommy Campbell.1 v 2 @ 6.15pm
(2) Willie Craig..........1 v 3 @ 6.45pm
(3) John King.............2 v 3 @ 8.00pm

Semi Final @ 9.00pm Win' Sect 5 and 6

Section 6
(1) George Brown.....1 v 2 @ 6.15pm
(2) Katy Richardson.. 1 v 3 @ 6.45pm
(3) Agnes Strang......2 v 3 @ 8.00pm

RESERVES....Emma Craig, Colette Maule
Craig Lambie, Daniel Marsh,
Agnes Strang, Laura Weir

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