Cartoon curler

Thursday 21st February 2019 5-45pm

was originally presented to the club
by our ex-President, the late Jim Copland.
It was great to welcome his wife Nina
to present the prizes that she had kindly donated.

Halfway through the event, there was a loud roar.
This was George Strang laughing at William Boyd
after Peter Henderson revealed that a loose stone
that hadn't been removed
after it had gone over the back line,
stopped one of George's from going out,
making his the only stone in the house at the time.
Ach well, it was all in fun, wasn't it?

For a variety of good reasons,
there were a number of call-offs
and John King had the only rink
of originally selected players
(Margaret Brown, Janet Leiper and Emily Lawson)
able to take part.
They helped John finish a respectable 3rd on +4.
The bottom spots were occupied by
James Baird (-7) and Ryan Asher (-10).
One last minute sub would have been pleased
that she had accepted the call-up.
This was Aileen Livingston,
who was introduced into "the big time" at the club
and along with
Tom Bryson, Helen Drummond and Willie King
ran away with the show scoring +13.
Their nearest rival was Willie Dykes, Neil Fyfe,
Fiona Argo and George Brown who with a score of +8
accepted the runners' up prizes.
President Willie Craig conducted proceedings
and concluded with a vote of thanks.


No 1 Skip Willie King--Helen Drummond
Tom Bryson--Andrea Fox

No 2 Skip Elaine Semple--Peter Henderson
Craig Lambie--Katie Brown

No 3 Skip Chris Rennie--Jim Morrison
Robert Paterson--Agnes Strang

No 4 Skip James Baird--Issy Tait
Jim Drumgold--Caroline Morrison

No 5 Skip Alex Torrance--Emma Craig
Colin Semple--Karen Torrance

No 6 Skip Alison Paterson--Bill Gibson
John Gilmour--Mary Strang

No 7 Skip Tommy Campbell--Jill Strang
Mhairi McQuillan--Bill Paton

No 8 Skip Willie Dykes--Fiona McGinnis
Fiona Argo--Elisabeth Forsyth

No 9 Skip John King--Margaret Brown
Janet Leiper--Emily Lawson

No 10 Skip Willie Craig--Alison Taylor
Jim Boyd--Catherine Morrison

Stella Cassidy, Jackie Craig, Gail Gilmour,
Emma Hair, Rosiland Jameison, Daniel Marsh,
Colette Maule, Margaret Neilson, Alison Paton,
Nancy Rutherford, Katy Richardson,
Alistair Torrance, Kate Torrance, Elaine Turnbull

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