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East Kilbride & Haremyres C.C. MILLENNIUM STONE WINNERS 2017/18

Janet Leiper....Willie Baird Skip....James Strang....Katie Brown
with Jim Copland presenting the Trophy to Willie Baird


Thursday 22nd February 2018

After an pleasant day of opening birthday cards ( Aileen)
and a walk for the papers ( Willie),
it was time for the Kings to head down to the ice rink
for our Bi Annual Millennium Stone Charity Night!
The Olympic curling has been on the telly
and it was with this in mind Willie took to the ice!
He thought he knew the shots to play
but soon realised what with
Ibuprofen coursing round his bloodstream,
strapping on both knees and a dodgy hip
made playing them a bit more difficult
than it looked in South Korea!
After two ends he faced the presidents team
(a game of two Willies)
and before a stone is played,
Pres Willie confessed to helping daughter Emma
to a healthy start by giving her 8 shots in the first two ends.
Looking across the rinks
it appeared there was a good deal of competition,
with young and not so young giving it their all.
All monitored by some of our most knowledgeable members
from the comforts of the bar.
It was not enough for Alison Allison just to watch
she had to have names and was spotted at the end of the ice
checking score cards to get the new members names
and report her findings back to her followers in the bar,
something which amused her great grand daughter Amy.
After loosing a six to the eventual winner,
something Big Willie wasn’t trying to do
as he assured anyone who would listen.
In fact he had drawn the shot twice behind cover
only for Willie Baird
to follow him each time and tap his shots out (ouch).
Off to the bar we went
for a well deserved drink and sandwiches,
thoroughly enjoyed by all.

As for the curling result you may have worked it out.
Prizes kindly donated by Jim Copland
were presented to the winners of our Bonspeil.
With a score of +9 we had
Willie Baird, James Strang, Janet Leiper, and Katie Brown.
Jim said how pleased he was that the club had continued
with its charity fund raising
and heartened to see so many young curlers on show.
Something I’m sure we all hope
will keep the club going in the years to come.

Now for the fun part of the evening
(Frog Racing)
try describing this to the uninitiated!
its not easy!!
Just before we started Sec Agnes
presented some flowers to Helen Drummond
(for being Helen Drummond) a nice touch.
George Strang our MC and his team
had everything in place and ready to start
but was held up waiting on Pres Willie
to finish his last sausage roll,
something that would come back to bite him.
With jockeys suitably fed and watered we were off!

Race 1 - Willie Craig thinking he could sneak a win
by placing himself in an all female race
(no chance) Margaret Brown the winner.

Race 2 - Caroline Morrison who was staying off the wine
in an effort to win (No chance)
Ryan Love ( backed by his dad) Stewart
of the restaurant coasted to victory.

As the bets were being placed for the next race
I noticed Tom Nielson had employed runners to place his,
don’t know if it helped his return
as I heard one of the runners confess
to putting Tom’s bet on the wrong frog !!!

Race 3 - Carolyn Baird had youth on her side
as she made this frog racing look easy,
leaving the rest of the frogs in her wake.

Race 4 - The young one’s !
This was a Hare/ Strang race
with James Hare (heavily backed by his mother)
coming in first place.

Race 5 - This was a race for some of our
more established curlers and an all male affair.
Alex Torrance hopped home in first place
with Lockhart bringing up the rear
( something about an early start in the morning
for the seniors his excuse).

The Final Race
Before the final race an auction of jockeys took place
and to help sell themselves
we were treated to Margaret Brown with a twirl,
Ryan Love with a press-up,
my favourite Carolyn Baird with a forward roll,
James Hare half a cartwheel and last but not least
the most impressive
Alex Torrance with two ONE handed press-ups!
This auction in itself raised £340
thanks to all, you know who you are.
Their off and James Hare
bought and backed by his mother
shows his class with a fine win.
The result of everyone’s efforts and generosity
was a grand total of £800 raised for Maggie’s.
Not too bad for an hour and a half of enjoyment!

Now I hear you ask where had Aileen King been
while all this was taking place?
At her beloved Rock Choir,
returning back just in time
for a rendition of Happy Birthday to you!
plus the present of a Chocolate Cake
provided by Helen Drummond.
A big Thanks to all involved
in making this night so enjoyable for an old retiree!!
Anyone who missed it get along next time!!

Willie King

Skip Tommy Campbell
Alison Paton
Mhairi McQuillan
Gail Gilmour

Skip James Baird
James Hair
Jim Morrison
Fiona Argo

Skip Willie Dykes
Peter Henderson
Bill Gibson
Laura Strang

Skip Willie Craig
Issy Tait
Douglas Paton
Catherine Morrison

Skip Alex Torrance
Margaret Brown
Bill Paton
Mhairi Baird

Skip Jim Strang
Jill Strang
Aileen King
Robert Paterson

Skip John King
Helen Drummond
Craig Lambie
Caroline Morrison

Skip Willie King
Fiona McGinnis
Jim Boyd
Len Baker

Skip Chris Rennie
Emma Hair
Jim Drumgold
Tom Bryson

RINK No 10
Skip William Baird
Alison Taylor
Janet Leiper
Katie Brown

Agnes Strang, Emma Craig,
Jackie Craig, Daniel Marsh,
Katy Richardson, Elaine Semple,
James Strang, Mhairi Strang,
Alistair Torrance, Laura Weir
Colette Maule.

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