Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club Millenium Stone  Trophy

The Millenium Stone Trophy

At the A.G.M. of 2001 retiring President Jim Copland presented the club       
with a new trophy to be called "The Millenium Stone".

The trophy is played for annually in early March
when twelve rinks compete in a progressive style bonspiel
across the six sheets of ice at Hamilton ice rink.
Culminating in a meal and social after the curling
the members have a very enjoyable evening together.
Every second year the event is run
as a charity fund raising bonspiel, with frog racing after the curling
all are invited to come along and take part on or off the ice.

Winning Rinks

Date SkipThirdSecondLead
2001--02Willie KingStella CassidyDavid McDowallMhari Kane
2002--03Willie KingAgnes StrangAnne PatersonMoira Dunn
2003--04John M StrangAlison TaylorJim BoydKristine Cocker
2004--05Jim DrumgoldSheena DrummieWilliam GibsonAlison Allison
2005--06George Strang jnSheena DrummieDavid LawsonMary Strang
2006--07Fiona NeilsonStuart RaeburnGraeme Callen
2007--08Tommy CampbellJim BoydWillie KingCarolyn Baird
2008--09George Strang junHelen DrummondFiona NeilsonMargaret Neilson
2009--10Willie BairdxxxxCarolyn Baird

The Millenium Charity Night

2000£2000Donated toC.H.A.S.
2002£1190.65      Donated toKilbryde Hospice
2004£750Donated toLeukaemia Research
2006£712Donated toKilbryde Hospice
2008£600Donated toHeart Foundation Scotland
2010£600Donated toMacMillan Nursing

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