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Stranraer, North West Castle, Beefeater Gin, Curling Weekend Winners 2019

Beefeater Gin weekend Stranraer 2019
Winning Rink
Alistair & Margo Smith, John & Audrey King
Willie & Mhairi Baird, Willie Cannon & Lindsay Haggart

Club member Janey McFarlane
takes to the "Water"
Coaxing, Coaching or Coxing,
we're not quite sure,
as Janey returns to
Glasgow Rowing Club
for another stint on the Clyde.
Photos by Anne Black.

Come on "You Lot" get this shell mooo....ving!!
On the Clyde with Glasgow Rowing Club and Janey McFarlane

On the Clyde with Glasgow Rowing Club and Janey McFarlane

On the Clyde with Glasgow Rowing Club and Janey McFarlane

On the Clyde with Glasgow Rowing Club and Janey McFarlane

The real rowers of course.
On the Clyde with Glasgow Rowing Club and Janey McFarlane


EK& Haremyres Curling Club President Willie Craig
had great pleasure in presenting
Diane from Maggie's Lanarkshire
with our cheque for £1160.
This was raised at our
Fun Charity Millennium Stone "Frog Race Night"
held in Hamilton Ice Rink,
enjoyed by members and friends
a big thank you to them all for their great support.
Diane thanked us for our generous donation
saying how much it means to them, and
how Maggie's doors are open at all times
for Cancer patients needing someone to talk to
and give them the support they need
at a very difficult time.
Also for their family and friends
struggling to cope with their emotions.

Here's a "Blast From The Past"

Just some Thirty Years since this picture was taken
I remember it well, as does Sheena.
1988 at Kircaldy Ice Rink.
Left to Right
Lead Sheena Drummie, Second Kimmie Brown,
Third Margaret Scott, Skip Christine Allison
Skip Christine Allison
now Christine Cannon went on to win
The Scottish Ladies Championship five times,
once with Sheen as lead
and twice with Margaret Richardson as lead.
scroll down a bit and you will find
Christine featured again on this page

Many thanks to Robert Hosie who sent me this pic,
he found it on Facebook.

Bob Cowan writes.....
"In writing about an old photograph
of women curlers on the ice at a rink
constructed on top of the ash tennis courts
on the Braid Estate in 1901-02,
I remembered the pic had been used in a new
Clydesdale Bank Ladies Championship trophy.
Here's a pic of the first winners of this new trophy in 1988!
Where is the trophy now?"
The whole article can be found here......
Bob Cowan's Curling History Blogspot.

Scottish Ladies Curling Champions 1988

Hamilton Icerink Ladies' Christmas Bonspiel 2017

Once again some of our ladies took part, theme being "50 Years".
Ladies who took part can you please send in
your photographs from the event for publication.
Hamilton Icerink Christmas Bonspiel

Hamilton Icerink Christmas Bonspiel

Hamilton Icerink Christmas Bonspiel

Manitoba Sun Dogs
Hi Alan,
thought you might like to see the sunrise
on the drive to work in Manitoba this morning.
It was -18C however with the windchill it felt like -30C.
As the sun rose
the sundogs reached higher into the sky to form an arch.
If the sun is high enough
there are times when there are 4 sundogs
one top & bottom & one on each side of the sun,
all reflections of the sun- all equidistant,
Quite beautiful!

Manitoba Sun Dogs 2017

Received above email and pic yesterday
from Mary Ritchie (Strang) in Manitoba.
Mary willl be know to some of our members,
as she is one of the late John Strang's daughters.
Mary is one of my "Distance Readers" recording articles
from the weekly Scottish Farmer,
which she sends to me attached to an email,
the resultant audio recording of
which goes out to 32 blind or partially sighted
clients from the farming community each week.
This service is free to the registered blind or partially sighted.
Should you know of any person unable to read
who would like to try a copy, pop me an email
and I'll set it up for them.

Here is a link to a good explanation on how Sun Dogs are formed.

Lanarkshire Ice Rink 50th Anniversary
A small group of our members who celebrated with LIR at The Radstone Hotel.

50 Anniversary L.I.R. 2 2017

Lanarkshire Ice Rink 50th Anniversary Opening Bonspiel
Agnes has sent in some pics from the 50th Bonspiel.
50 Bon 1 2017

50 Bon 2 2017

50 Bon 3 2017

50 Bon 4 2017

50 Bon 5 2017


Photos by Willie King

Table One EK&HCC Dinner 2017

Table Two EK&HCC Dinner 2017

Table Three EK&HCC Dinner 2017

Table Four EK&HCC Dinner 2017

Table Five EK&HCC Dinner 2017

Table Six EK&HCC Dinner 2017


Two more pics have been sent in
taken at the 2016 RCCC AGM
where a presentation took place for
both the Senior Ladies World Champs
and young Gregor for the World Juniors.

The Senior Ladies Gold Medalists 2016
Jackie Lockhart---Christine Cannon
Isobel Hannen---Margaret Richardson

2016 Senior Ladies Gold Medal

And of course such a proud Mother and Grannie,
Alison Allison supported on either side
by daughter Christine and grandson Gregor.

Christine Cannon Alison Allison and Gregor Cannon

Galloway Province honors champions

Galloway Province Curlers celebrated the unique
and unprecedented achievement of two of its players
on Sunday night in winning their respective
world curling championships in the same season.

You can find Christine and Gregor at the link below
giving their acceptance speeches to their awards.
Christine cut her curling teeth around the age of ten
following in her mother and father's footsteps
along the curling path with EK&H CC.
Well done grannie Alison Allison to have
two such brilliant curlers in the family.

Christine Cannon and Gregor Cannon

Link--C.Cannon----Mona Cannon----G.Cannon

Let the sun shine on you throughout the year,
Let the wind be gentle on your back,
Let the ice be kind and forgiving,
when you can't get off the hack.
Happy Birthday!

Alison 80

Alison 80

An email has been doing the rounds
thought McGonigal should be informed of
this red card affair

Dear Stella,
Two aging curlers arrived at Brian Scott’s physio clinic
this morning with aches and pains all over.
Bill and Jim told Mr Scott that, last night,
Bill had to throw
twenty four heavy curling stones and sweep forty.
Jim also threw twenty four and swept twenty four.
Jim’s older than Bill, you see!
Due to fatigue, both played rubbish,
leaving the skip with no chance and the game was lost.
Bill was so traumatised,
he has withdrawn from the next two games
and is going on a cruise to recover.
Jim is expecting to be picked up by the perpetrator of the crime
at the John Wright Sports Centre,
7.15pm, on Tuesday 13th October and a G&T after the game.
No doubt, Archie will have one also.
The perpetrator will not be named,
I will ask Stella to pass this message on
if she knows the member concerned,
and also, the physio bill and the red card from the skip.
  Jim D.

  Hi Jim,
Unfortunately I do in fact know the perpetrator
and he will be suitably chastised.
Which I may say he may also enjoy!!
He definitely owes you all a G&T
and will be buying the drinks after the next game.
I am glad Bill has a cruise to help him recover from the trauma!
And I hope the physio has helped you both!!
I think it's a good idea for him to pick you up on the 13th at 7.15
as it will ensure he turns up for the next game.
Although that won't guarantee a win.
Perhaps drinks before the game might do the trick.


Photos by Willie King

Agnes and Trophys EK&HCC Dinner 2015

Table One EK&HCC Dinner 2015

Table Two EK&HCC Dinner 2015

Table Three EK&HCC Dinner 2015

Table Four EK&HCC Dinner 2015

What happened to the "Top Table"?


Hamilton Icerink Ladies' Christmas Bonspiel 2014


Some of our ladies took part in this season's LIR Christmas Bonspiel, theme being a day at the races.
As you can imagine (or not) some very colourful getups were gotup.
Ladies who took part can you please send in your photographs from the event for publication.
First pic in,
Four senior jockeys long overdue their ticket to pasture.

Hamilton Icerink A Day At The Races 2014-The Jocky Four One

Second pic in and winners in their class
a few good races still to come for this four.

Hamilton Icerink A Day At The Races 2014-The Jocky Four Two

Just in........"Hot Of The Press"

Four Happy Rosebowl Ladies
what a way to start your curling year
Mhairi Baird....Alison Paton....Caroline Morrison....Meg Young
Congratulations girls on your "Eight-ender" guess that made your day.

Alison Paton's eight end

Found this one revving up early on in the year.

Alison Alison

Helen King
Helen King

Ladie's Contender in the brown corner

Big Willie' s Card night
Willie King
For those who didn't get a laugh
I thought a tale to tell
On leaving the card night at the Mains
Big Willie, …….…..well he fell!

"Good night!" he cried with hearty cheer
And stepped into the dark
Filled up with whisky food and beer
Now where has Aileen parked.

With "goodbye's!" ringing all around
To John, to Tam to Willie
He turned and waved his last good night
Thinking…. mah head's gone awfu silly

The door was open, the car was ready
On his feet…he felt…he felt… quite steady
On striding round to reach the door
Keeping his feet was quite a chore

Now he found his leg was stuck
Thinking to himself, what a farce
I really feel……a silly arse

Aileen's laughing didn't help
She's lucky she didn't get a skelp
He pushed and pulled with all his might
But he was firmly in the S**te

With feet size 12 and legs like trees
Removing them… was no breeze
And so he writhed about on bum
His shoe it was the last to come

Safe out now and homeward bound
He checked his pockets for a pound
Not another word was said
Till he was safely home in bed

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