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SWRI Winners FORFAR 2015


What a day we had at Forfar.
Myself (Agnes), Caroline, Lillias and Anne P set off at 7am on
a beautiful spring morning for Forfar our first game at 11am.
Hosts Angus Federation had the coffee and shortbread waiting for us
and, Oh! yes!!! we were ready for that.

First game was against Kincardineshire on their home ice.
After a shaky start we took the lead, then a six at the last end
gave us a comfortable win with shots and ends in our favour.

Next up lunch and, Oh! boy! didn't Lillias and Anne
get plenty of old friends to chat to.......... (do we need to curl!!)

Second game against Kirkcudbrightshire,
on a three sheeter skating rink ben the hoose,
quite a heave to start with though it did keen up.
Despite both sides having a fair share of pick ups
we managed to hold our own with two wins.
Not having a clue how the others had faired we just had to
wait till they announced........................
High Rd winners Lanarkshire we had done it!!!!

Thanks to my team who played great,
just one complaint from Anne
she said,
“ah' never got asked tae strike”!!!!

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