Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club Centenary Trophy

The Centenary Trophy

On the occasion of the Haremyres Club's centenary,       
the club was presented with this fine trophy
by Tom and Jean Neilson
in memory of Tom's father Hugh M Neilson.

The trophy is played for annually
normally in the first week in January
when twelve rinks compete
in a progressive style bonspiel
across the six sheets of ice at Hamilton ice rink.
Culminating in a social and meal after the curling
the members have a very enjoyable evening together.

Season 2014-2015 would see the trophy and base fully populated       
with winners names so it was deemed appropriate
to have a new extension base made.
I had the pleasure of being able to make this new base
which has space to last about fifty further seasons.
The photograph below shows the cup, base and new box
made out of Monterey pine

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club Centenary Trophy and box

Winning Rinks

Date SkipThirdSecondLead
1972--73James GraciePeter ClemsonJanet BrysonJean Neilson
1973--74William AllisonPeter ClemsonRobert T WisemanJean Neilson
1974--75John M StrangMargaret CraigAlex WattAlan Drummie
1975--76William P StrangLauchlan McArthurChris McMillanMargaret McArthur
1976--77Robert K HinshalwoodDoris StrangJean WisemanAnn Hinshalwood
1977--78James T GracieIrene TaylorJames W NeilsonGeorge W King
1978--79John M StrangGavin WisemanJanet BrysonMrs KB Marshall
1979--80James GracieRobert ThomsonJean WisemanMiss Margaret Craig
1980--81Robert R WisemanJames DykesMinnie WilsonMiss Margaret Craig
1981--82Robert R WisemanMargaret PearsonJanet ClelandAnne Paterson
1982--83George L KingAlan DrummieWilliam LambieFlorance Piggot
1983--84Alan WisemanEsler AndersonJim Craig JnJessie Bews
1984--85Miss Christine AllisonMiss Doris C StrangArchie McFarlaneAnne Paterson
1985--86William KingDavid RaeburnDoris C RobertsonJaney McFarlane
1986--87Robert T WisemanJames KingJane HinshalwoodGilly Watt
1987--88John StrangTom NeilsonJames Callaghan
1988--89William KingJames GracieJaney McFarlaneMargaret McGill
1989--90David RobertsonLiz ColleyMargaret McGillMargaret Neilson
1990--91David RaeburnSheena DrummieJohn GardinerRobert Hosie
1991--92Alan DrummieLeslie RobertsonDelphine RobertsonJeanie Lawson
1992--93William LambieRobert R WisemanMargaret McGillElizabeth Baird
1993--94David RobertsonWillam PatonLen BakerPat Marshall
1994--95David RobertsonSheena DrummieDoris StrangLen Baker
1995--96Jim CraigRobert WisemanAlison PatonAileen King
1996--97Jim AllanEsler AndersonLen BakerFiona Neilson
1997--98Jim CoplandMargaret RichardsonArchie CraigEdna Taylor
1998--99Jim DrumgoldArchie CraigBarbara DykesMeg Young
1999--00John M StrangDavid MurdochDoris StrangDouglas Paton
2000--01George StrangAlison PatonJean NeilsonFiona Dalgleish
2001--02James BairdAlan DrummieShiela McIntyreAileen King
2002--03Colette MauleAgnes StrangMargaret McGill
2003--04William DykesAgnes StrangGeorge BrownRobert Clark
2004--05Alan DrummieCraig BairdEdna TaylorJackie Craig
2005--06Willie Cannon
Jim Craig
Lillias King
Sheena Drummie
George Brown
David Lawson
Archie McFarlane
Mary Strang
2006--07Jim StrangMargaret BrownEdna TaylorJeanie Lawson
2007--08Jim DrumgoldJohn StrangMargaret FergusonChris Rennie
2008--09David RaeburnGeorge StrangAnne PatersonHelen Drummond
2009--10George StrangHelen DrummondJim BoydCarolyn Baird
2010--11John StrangHelen DrumondLisbeth MurdochCaroline Morrison
2011--12Brian KingSarah WoodSenga HairDavid Raeburn
2012--13William BairdJim BoydLen bakerKaty Baird
2013--14Helen KingWillie CraigMargaret BrownJim Strang
2014--15Jim StrangChris RennieMargaret BrownAlison Paton
2015--16Willie BairdJames HairRoss OwenAgnes Strang
2016--17Jim StrangAgnes StrangAlex RennieBrian Adams

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