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A McDonald at the 1963 AGM proposed
the setting up of a constitution for the club.
This was left to the committee to discuss
and the AGM of 1964 decided to let the matter drop.

However it was brought up again in 1966 and a first draft
for a constitution was agreed and ratified at the AGM of 1966.
Amended May 1979
Amended April 1992
Amended March 2012

(1) The Club shall be designated; The East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club.

(2) The objects of the club shall be;
     to foster the game of curling and
      to bring the members together on the ice in friendly rivalry.

(3) The Rules of the Club shall be those of the R.C.C.C.
    In the case of Conflict, Club Rules of Play will take Precedence.

(4)The Committee of Management Shall Consist Of,
    The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President,
    six committee members and a representative from the Ladies Section.

(5) The President and Vice President shall hold that office for two years and
     The President shall be a Member of Committee ex officio for two years,
     following the period of office as President.
     Two members of committee shall be elected annually for three years
     and retire by rotation.

(6) Office Bearers and members of Committee
     shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
     An Auditor shall be appointed yearly at the A.G.M.

(7) The Committee shall have full power to transact all business of the club.

(8) One place on the Club Committee shall be reserved for
     a Member of Committee of the Ladies Section.
     The appointment to be made at the Ladies' Section A.G.M.
     and confirmed at the Club A.G.M. and to be on a year to year basis.

(9) Honorary Members may be elected at the A.G.M.
     but they shall have no say in the Management of the Club.

(10) The President or any two Members of Committee shall be empowered at all times
      to call a meeting of committee and four will form a quorum.

(11) The President will be bound to call a General Meeting of the Club
      within ten days after receipt of a requisition
      from twelve members of the Club to do so,
      stating the purpose of the meeting.
      Fifteen to form a quorum.

(12) The A.G.M. of the Club shall be held in March or April of each year
      for the purpose of electing Office Bearers
     and transacting any other business of the Club.
     The Secretary shall give seven days notice of the meeting by circular.

(13) Any member desirous of resigning
      shall intimate this to the Secretary previous to the A.G.M.
      Failure to do so will render him / her
      liable for his / her subscription for the ensuing year.

(14)The subscription shall be fixed at the A. G. M.

(15) The Committee of Management by a majority of their number
      shall have the power to expell any member
      whom they consider guilty of wrongful conduct.

(16) Alteration to the foregoing rules can only be made
      at the A.G.M. of the Club or at a special meeting called for that purpose
      in accordance with rule eleven and any proposed alteration must be
      intimated to the Secretary one month before meeting.
      The Committee shall have power to make bye-laws not inconsistent with the foregoing,
      from time to time, as they may see, fit.

Notes to the 1992 ammendment to the constitution of 1979

Clause 9 of the 1979 Constitution prior to being deleted.

The Ladies' Section to be allowed to admit members as necessary
to play in the ladies' competitions.
These ladies to be designated, Associate Members.
Such members would pay no entry fee, have no voting rights but
would pay full Annual Subscription.
Should these ladies wish to play in evening competitions
they will require to take their place on the waiting list for full membership.

The deletion of this clause brought all members
under the one umbrella of the main club as full members
able to take part in all club competitions on payment of the full membership fee.
Members may if they so wish,
elect to pay a reduced annual membership fee
which then designates them as non-playing members.
Non-playing members have full voting rights in the club
but are excluded from taking part in any club curling.

Rules 1--14

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