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DUNN MEDAL 2021-2022

East Kilbride & Haremyres CC 2021-Dun-Medal-Winners

The Dunn Medal 2021

Sunday the 14th Nov 2021 was the date of our Dunn Medal
(Remembrance Sunday).
I watched the laying of wreaths at the cenotaph and was close to tears,
when sent a picture of my brother George’s three grand daughters
standing heads bowed in his kitchen as they observed the 2 mins silence……very moving!

Anyway, on to the curling,
after a night in Edinburgh at a Seasick Steve concert I was quite tired,
but this didn’t make me as late as Willie Cannon,
don’t know what he had been up to on Sat night?
When playing lead it is great to get a blether,
the stuff I gleaned from some of those taking part
was of interest to me, so thought I would share.
First of all, I can report that the EKYFC ran a successful Beatle Drive last Thurs
with Anne Craigs mother picking up a prize and James Strang winning 100,
yes 100 scoops of Porrelli Ice cream at the Bingo.
As James Strang threw his first two stones he intimated that it was
lucky he was still standing after the night he had had,
at another of the Young Farmer events the West Area Mr and Miss competition
in which our very own Jill Strang was a worthy 3rd place prize winner (Well done Jill).

I know what your thinking get to the curling….
Seasick Steve sings a song with the title …”WELL WELL WELL”
and there were a few of these during our games.
In the Willie Boyd v Margaret Brown game there were two,
the first when Margaret with nowhere to go, to get shot, sent down a strike
that raised a guard into the house at just the right angle to leave her shot,
and Willie scratching his head.
The second thing of note from this game was the deathly silence
that followed an attempted strike by Willie Cannon …….no still waiting!
It was about then that I spoke to Alec Rennie who informed me he had just arrived
even later than Willie and thought the games started at 12.30pm not 12.15pm
“Well Well Well”.
After the first 2 games it was still all to play for with Andrea Fox with a slight advantage.
In her final game she faced our organiser for the day Margaret Brown,
this was to be significant. Margaret taking all four ends in her final game.
Next door was the James Hair v Janet Leiper game. James was very much still in the hunt,
winning his first three ends but was to become unstuck
with Janet playing a magnificent shot to take the last end.
This again was crucial to the final standings.

As anyone can see this report is being written blind as I was doing so much chatting
and was only given the job as the winning skip didn’t want to blow her own trumpet!!
After a great days curling and super soup and sandwiches from the restaurant
it was time for Chris Rennie to announce the winners.
But before that can I just mention the great work being done by two of our members
namely Jim & Catherine Morrison. It was great to see so many “come add try” curlers
being put through their paces by the very patient Morrison’s
a very big WELL DONE …….Great Work!!

Ok! Ok! The final results of the 2021 Dunn Medal are

1st Margaret Brown on 9 ends won
2nd James Hair             8   “        “
3rd Andrea Fox             5   “        “
4th Chris Rennie           5   “        “
5th Janet Leiper            5   “         “
6th Willie Boyd            4   “         “

As you can see it was all very close,
with the winning rink

Skip Margaret Brown
3rd Bill Paton
2nd Fiona Argo,
and the not to be forgotten lead Willie Cannon

Who would have thought it at the start of the day.
And a big THANK YOU must go to Margaret Brown
(for all her hard work in filling the rinks)

Please support this competition next year it really is good fun!

Willie King

Ps. Nice to see Craig Lambie back on the ice and with a supporter up in the bar : -}


Sunday 14th November 2021



Three four end games will be played

No 1 Skip Chris Rennie Third George Brown
Second Caroline Morrison Lead James Strang

No 2 Skip Margaret Brown Third Issy Tait
Second Fiona Argo Lead Willie Cannon

No 3 Skip Senga Hair Third Aileen King
Second Elisabeth Forsyth Lead Tommy Campbell

No 4 Skip Andrea Fox Third Bill Gibson
Second Alex Rennie Lead Fiona McGinnis

No 5 Skip Steve Russell Third Stewart Webster
Second Margaret Neilson Lead Willie King

No 6 Skip Janet Leiper Third Rosalind Jameison
Second Buck Kenyon Lead Craig Lambie

RESERVES..... William Boyd, Stella Cassidy, Emma Craig,
Emma Hair, Margaret Ferguson, Jim Morrison,
Daryl Russell, Paul Russell, Kate Torrance,

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