Photo of an East Kilbride and Haremyres curler on Loch Leven 1959

With the formation of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in 1838
as governing body for the sport of curling and the introduction of
the railway system across most of Scotland opening up the country
to easier travel, curlers were able to participate in events like
the Grand Match under the auspices of the RCCC.
The first Grand Match was held on the 15th January 1847 at Penicuik.
The second was on the 25th January 1848 on Linlithgow Loch
and the third on the 11th January 1850 at Lochwinnoch.
Carsbreck was a 63 acre site between Greenloaning and Blackford Station
at 280 feet above sea level,
being conveniently close to the line of the Scottish Central Railway.
The first Grand Match at Carsbreck was held on the 18th February 1853
with over 1400 curlers. The site was used on average about once
every 3 years for the rest of the century.

The club has a long history of involvement with the Grand Match;
we know from the earliest minutes extant
that four rinks were drawn and took part in the match
on Carsebreck in season 1889-90.
The minutes again refer to the Grand Match at Carsebreck
being played on 16th January 1903.
On the 7th March 1911 at Crossmyloof ice rink,
414 rinks took part in the only indoor Grand Match
to have taken place in the last millennium.
Haremyres lost by five shots over four rinks
It must have been pretty cold in February 1912
for the Grand Match was again played at Carsebreck
when the club had a majority of sixteen shots.
29th January 1929 saw the Grand Match
again taking place on Carsebreck
when Haremyres won by 31 shots.
No further mention is made in the minutes of a Grand Match;
although we know that the last one,
to be held on Carsebreck, was in December 1935,
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Film of Grand Match Carsebreck 1935

until the match on Loch Leven 27th January 1959
when the club was represented by two rinks.
Film of Grand Match Loch Leven 1959

The last Grand Match to be played outdoors
was held on the Lake of Menteith 1979
when the club had four rinks taking part.
We have a good number of photographs
of club curlers on the Lake,
both curling and socialising;
I'll try to get a few sorted out and posted here.
Film of Grand Match Lake of Montieth 1979

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