Photo of an East Kilbride and Haremyres curler on Loch Leven 1959

The Second Indoor Grand Match
24th January 2005

The club took part in this the second indoor held match of the
new millennium in which the "North" plays the "South".
This notional divide, into which, Curling Scotland is split,
has a degree of flexibility about it, in that the border
has the fluidity to absorb the flux in numbers wishing to take part.
Thereby ensuring that an even number of rinks will fall on both sides.     

The largest outdoor Grand Match ever, took place in 1935 at Carsebreck
with a total of 644 rinks taking part.

The 1911 indoor Grand Match at Crossmyloof involved 414 rinks.

The millennium indoor Grand Match saw 606 rinks
play 303 games in twenty eight ice rinks.
The South won by the small margin of 51 shots
out of an aggregate of 5099.

January 2005 had 640 rinks, 2560 curlers in 24 ice rinks on the ice.
Again the winning margin was a tiny fraction of the shots won;
out of a total 5115 shots
The South----2639 shots
The North----2476 shots
Margin to the South----163 shots up.

The club was represented by four rinks
and had a majority of 18 shots over the four games.     

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2005

John Strang, George Strang, Agnes Strang and Doris Strang
made the long trip up to Brora and the Royal Marine Hotel
where they were made very welcome and had a very pleasant         
weekend playing the local team Royal Marine.
They had a very enjoyable game winning 5 shots to 4.

Alan and Sheena Drummie with Lillias and Jimmy King
were just an hour and a half away from home
at Pitlochry and Atholl ice rink,
where they went down to Aberdeen Petroleum by 7 shots to 6.
Robbie Scott and his wife, with Jean Stark of Heart of the Highlands,     
made us all very welcome at Atholl,
it's just a pity that so few stayed on for the ceilidh.

President Eric Richardson took his wife Margaret
along with Archie and Marion Craig
to Greenacres in the Renfrewshire uplands.
Playing on his local ice, Eric's rink made 11 shots to Cupar's 7.

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2005

Stay at home rink number four played at Hamilton,
they were scheduled to go to Forest Hills before it closed.
However Willie and Aileen King
with Margaret McGill and Willie Baird
were able to use their home ice to advantage
winning against Raith and Abbotshall
a resounding 16 shots to 2 shots.

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