Photo of an East Kilbride and Haremyres curler on Loch Leven 1959

The Fourth Indoor Grand Match
24th October 2015

Three club rinks took part in the 4th IGM,
all three rinks winning their games,
and had a majority of thirteen shots over the three games.
Here are the three rink reports
on how we fared in the North South battle.

First report in and from the furthest travelled
is for the rink skipped by Tommy Campbell,
I'll let him tell his story.

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2015

Hi Alan
Had a great day yesterday at Forfar
Match report attached..........

Just to show the mettle of our more experienced club members,
Tommy C, Jackie C, Willie C and Caroline M
braved the long trek to distant Forfar
  to represent EK & H CC in atrocious weather conditions
at a very early and dark, 7am in the morning.
Willie our driver had taken the precaution
of programming the sat nav for Forfar
but had apparently forgotten to remove some previous 
instructions since as soon as we were all on board,
he attempted to turn into the first available dark cul-de-sac
less than half a mile into our journey.
Marvelous what memories a new car can rekindle in a man.
In the dark I could not discern any redness
in either Willie or Jackie's faces,
so I had to accept Willie's excuse
of Navigational error in misreading the Sat nav
although I suspect he was not exactly
looking forward to the trip,
which was confirmed later in the journey when 
Willie found a packet of sucking sweets in the door pocket,
  strategically placed for me to put in my mouth
when his ears got sore.
The journey passed very quickly with alternating
periods of lively banter and sucking silence.
After another trip up a wrong turning in Forfar
we eventually found the Ice rink and were
greeted most warmly with tea and a Bacon/sausage Roll 
eagerly wolfed down by our hungry Quartet
and were presented with our welcoming pack of goodies.
After changing into our curling gear
I had to give the bad news
that my health was rapidly deteriorating 
with serious pain in the Knees,
back and right hand brought on by 
having  to continually get up
and greet so many old friends and acquaintances.
Indeed this process went on all of the day
with more teams arriving and I was only able
to keep going by the continual
  administration of liquid anaesthetic.
Our adversaries were Dundee based Braeknowe CC,
comprising: Allan, Lady Pat, Sunday Post photographer,
Gordon, and Club Treasurer Les, who confirmed
his credentials immediately by being very reluctant
to produce a coin for the toss for hammer.
Scoring was incidental but EK&H got off to a great start
getting their weight and ice etc right almost immediately
which was only to be expected
since they had been up for hours and were wide awake.
At half time Brooms were stacked Rusty nails administered
and enjoyed by EK&H except for Driver Willie who had IRN Bru.
The game then became much tighter
since Braeknowe were all driving
and had avoided the Rusty Nails.
EK&H won the game finishing with a three and a sigh of relief,
without the hammer, 8 shots over 5.

We then proceeded to the apres-curl
and enjoyed an excellent lunch of Steak pie/salad
only marred by an unsavoury disagreement
between TC and WC over who was having
the last rather delicious cream meringue
  resolved by sharing.
The afternoon passed in great convivial humour,
banter and chat with much liquid painkiller absorbed by TC,
a failed attempt by JC and CM to empty the bar of Rose wine
although by this time our stoic driver Willie
being awash with Coca cola had resorted to
the comfort eating of large bars of chocolate.

The Grand Match Trophy and medals were on display,
photographs available,
although the Forfar management made it very obvious
that they were keeping a close eye on Lanarkshire teams
especially those with a history in the metal recycling industry.
Much aware of driver Willies situation,
our adventurers eventually gave in and reluctantly departed Forfar,
stopping off in Hamilton for a much needed food stop,
blighted again with all this getting up and down
to greet fellow curlers and acquaintances,
the effects of which will be all too apparent
at the Dun medal on Sunday.
An absolutely excellent day of all that Curling is about,
with great company, surroundings and great play
with congratulations to all who participated and contributed. TC.

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2015

Next up we have the Lockerbie report
by "Wally/Willie"

8am Sat 24th Oct four EK&HCC stalwarts gathered
to start their journey to Lockerbie Ice Rink
for their match against an Irish Curling Association rink
in the 2015 Indoor Grand Match.
Willie King, Willie Dykes, Helen Drummond and Aileen King.
Willie Dykes the designated driver sat patiently (meter running)
awaiting last to arrive Helen,
who was in great spirits at the prospect of playing for
such a prominent skip as Big Willie!
Off we set Willie charging his way through puddles and spray
all the way to Lockerbie.
On arrival we were greeted by the local committee
and directed to the appropriate South changing rooms,
where we proceeded to get changed into our Fancy dress costumes,
something Willie D hadn't anticipated when signing up.
Bacon rolls eaten and rules read out
it was time to line up and follow the piper to Rink A,
where we exchanged badges with our opposition the Irish
(beats me how they qualify to play for the north in this).
At this point it was plain to see Rink A was the most colourful
of the morning session our opposition being clad in emerald green.

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2015

10am Let play commence!
We caught the opposition cold (not surprising in an ice rink)
and played a good end earning us 3 shots,
followed by a 1 at the next.
Ah! they were heating up and came back with a 2 in the third,
the fourth end before the stacking of the brooms was an important end
with Big Willie drawing up against the Irish shot stone
to steal another shot, 5 - 2 after four ends.
We didn't so much stack the brooms
as arrange them around the head, then off for a quick half!

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2015

Back to work,
it may have been the drink but the Irish perked up
and scored a 2 in the next end.
This just fired our team up
and we came back with a 1 in the sixth and a 2 in the seventh ends
involving Helen Hitting a Double!!!
and Willie D playing his usual canny strike weight to tidy things up.
Eighth end 8-4 up what to do?
this is where the team dynamics come in,
and I was quickly told to hit,
and hit we did leaving Bill Gray the Irish skip
to draw for a single shot
and an 8-5 win for the mighty EKHCC rink.
(not the score reported on the RCCC site??)

Handshakes all round, costumes off, bar, in that order.
Prosecco for the ladies pints for the men
(orange juice for the drivers) thanks again Willie.

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2015

Couple of drinks then down to have our meal,
all going well until I was asked.... “would the ladies be requiring any more Prosecco”?
they had drunk the ice rink stock dry!!
Well they were very controlled at this stage and
managed to find something else to their taste.

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2015

Wait, what's this?!
a presentation for the best fancy dress
yes we won that as well,
a Big box of wine gums
which kept the ladies levels up on the way home.
It also meant a quieter journey for the front of the car
to Hamilton Ice Rink, where Willie parked up and waived the fare.

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2015

Celebrations continued at Hamilton where a good night was had by all!

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2015

Helen described it as the perfect day and my curling performance as Awesome!
admittedly this was late in the evening!!
Oh yes the fancy dress was.....” Where’s Wally“
or in our case Willie !!
Willie King

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres curlers Grand Match 2015

East Kilbride & Hairmyres C Team
made up of Jim Strang, John King, Audrey King and Janet Leiper
took part in the 2015 indoor Grand Match at Murrayfield Ice Rink.
We arrived to find our opposition Stirling Virtual
polishing off their first bottle of red wine to calm their nerves.
The nerveless Kings decided coffee and cakes would do us.
After being piped on to the ice the curling got underway.
The game was pretty one sided with EK & H playing well.
But for the Stirling skip playing some very good draws
with his last stone the score could have been a big one.
During the break after 5 ends
where the Stirling team managed another bottle of red wine
they revealed that their club was made of beginners
who had only been curling a year and a half.
Final score 10 – 3 to EK.
During the afters we had a great chat over dinner
(boy could they shift the wine).
We were also lucky enough to be at the ice rink
where the trophy was presented to winning South Captain Billy Howat.
Another bonus for me was seeing my cousin Liz Hutchison,
sister of the more famous
ex Scottish Champion Carolyn
who was also playing for the South.

Ps. Our opposition did have a “fifth” man to drive.

Jim Strang.

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