Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club The Hairmyres Medal

The Hairmyres Medal

As you can see from the above photograph this medal is a very well     
executed example of the silversmith's art and a treasured part
of our club's history.
It was presented to the Haremyres club in 1876
by James Strang president of the club at that time.
The face of the medal is engraved with the legend,

James Strang President
The Hairmyres Curling Club
Annual Rink Competition
Jan 1876.

Surrounding this inscription is a garland of finely chased thistles.
The obverse has a similar garland of thistles
and is inscribed with the names of the winning rinks.
Surmounting the medal are two crossed brooms
from which is suspended an agate curling stone.
A silver ring is attached to the top of the brooms
for suspension on a chain.

From reading over the club minutes it would appear
that the medal had been known as the Consolation Medal
and played for as the runner up prize in the Punch Bowl competition
up untill 1919 although no further names
could be engraved on it after season 1911/12.

At the AGM of 1920 it was agreed that as the Consolation medal
was now completely filled with names
it should be returned to Mr Wm Strang president
who's father, "late president of the club", had donated it.
Mr Strang thanked the club and indicated
that he would donate another of the same which he did for season 1921.
At season 1950/51 dinner and prize giving the Haremyres Medal
was awarded to the rink skipped by A. Gilmour
runner up in the Punch Bowl.

In season 1951/52 due to Crossmyloof Ice Rink being unable to
provide sufficient ice allocation for all the club competitions
it was proposed that the Dunn Medal be given
as runner up prize in the Punch Bowl in lieu of the Hairmyres Medal.
The intention being then to award the Hairmyres Medal
for play in a points competition.
This arrangement lasted for two seasons then reverted
to the Dunn Medal being played separately as before
and the Hairmyres Medal going to the runner up in the Punch Bowl.
The last Punch Bowl runner up rink to receive
the 1921 Haremyres Medal
was in 1958 after which there is no mention of it.
Where is it now?

Return home
"The 1876 Hairmyres Medal"

The "1876" Hairmyres Medal having been out of possession
of the club since 1920 was returned to the club in 1981.

At the AGM of 27th April 1982 secretary Bob Hinshalwood
reported that Bruce Gibb secretary of the Newport and Tay Curling Club   
had been in touch with him on behalf of
Mrs Melvill of Balmacool, Strowan, Creiff
regarding a silver Hairmyres medal which she had come upon
in the estate of her late uncle Alastair Hogarth.
Having very generously deemed it proper to return it to us
through the good offices of the Newport and Tay club,
it was now in our hands.

When it was proposed that the club might wish to
hold an annual "Singles" curling competition
it was agreed that this competition would be
a fitting home for the "Hairmyres Medal".
The beautiful wood and crystal plinth which the Medal sits on
was commissioned by secretary George Strang
a fitting resting place for a fine trophy.

At the 23rd April 1984 A.G.M. "it was brought to the
meetings notice about the New Singles Competition in May".
It is not clear if it took place at all that year 1984
as there is no mention of a winner at the following A.G.M. 1985

At the committee meeting held at Park Farm on 22nd August 1985.
"Haremyres Medal:- the committee discussed holding a
"Singles" competition next May 1986
on L.I.R. cheap ice with this medal as the "Prize"."

At the committee meeting held in L.I.R.18th March 1986
the secretary reported that he had booked ice at L.I.R.
on 28th and 29th April for the proposed "Singles" competition.

At A.G.M. 21st April 1986 no mention

Committee meeting 27th May 86, Singles competition:-
"Good report with some thought to be put into next year."

At A.G.M. 27th April 1987.
Singles winner G. Wiseman
this was for the competition played on 28th and 29th April 1986
making Gavin the season 1986/87 winner.
Or should that be season 1985/86?
for whilst this game was played after the A.G.M. of season 85/86
it surely falls into season 1985/86 as curling continued
into the month of May
and the new season 1986/87 started in September 86.

At the committee meeting of 18th May 1987 it was noted
Singles competition
"The winner this year was Sheena Drummie with Doris Strang second.
The competition was very well supported on a lovely evening.
There was a deficit of £24 and the secretary reported
that the Icerink had charged for the supper.
The committee agreed to officially complain by letter about
the tasteless macaroni which was not up to the standard
of The Lanarkshire Ice Rink Singles supper.

Now that suggests to me that Sheena Drummie would then be
the Singles winner for season 86/87

Ice was booked to hold the Singles competition on
29th April 1988 but with the Ice Rink being unwilling
to charge the same as last year, the President and Secretary
had cancelled the booking due to the high cost of the ice.
That would then mean that the Singles were not held
in season 87/88.

Negotiations between the secretary and the Ice Rink had been ongoing
but finally we had to accept that we were not going to
be able to play the Singles on discounted ice.
After much discussion it was decided to have the competition in May,
at a cost of £4 per entry with the club subsidising.

Committee meeting 16th March 1989.
Singles competition, this proved a most successful competition
organised at short notice and costing £100 for ice and sandwiches.
The treasurer reported a loss of £1 ..David Raeburn was the winner.

Winning Rinks
Consolation Prize "The Hairmyres Medal"
runners up in Punch Bowl 1875/6 to 1919

Due to there being no ice during the period 1903/04 and 1905/06
the medal was not played for.

1875--76Mr Strang's Rink
1878--79Mr Granger's Rink
1879--80Mr Mr Strang's Rink
1880--81Mr Cowper's Rink
1882--83Mr Jas. Osborne's Rink
1884--85Mr Alex. Osborne's Rink
1885--86Mr Jas. Osborne's Rink
1886--87Mr And. Calderwood's Rink
1887--88Mr And. Calderwood's Rink
1889--90Mr Geo. Paterson's Rink
1890--91Mr John Hamilton's Rink
1891--92Mr M. Forsyth's Rink
1892--93Mr J. Hamilton's Rink
1894--95Mr And. Calderwood's Rink
1896--97Mr John Calderwood's Rink
1898--99Mr John Hamilton's Rink
1899--00Mr John Hamilton's Rink
1900--01Mr Hugh Begg's Rink
1901--02Mr John Hamilton's Rink
1902--03Mr And. Calderwood's Rink
1906--07Mr Andrew Calderwood's Rink
1909--10Mr Hugh Begg's Rink
1911--12Mr George Warnock's Rink

Presented to the club in 1921 as a consolation prize
to be awarded annually to the Punch Bowl Runner Up Rink
by Mr Wm Strang of Peel Busby as a replacement
for the 1876 Hairmyres Medal which had been returned to him.

Date SkipThirdSecondLead
1930 T. NeilsonJ. MorrisonJ. NeilsonD. McClanachan
1931 T. B. Begg
1932 A. B. Garroway
1933 Wm. Paterson
1934 R. Aitkenhead
(J. Morrison)
J. FultonC. DuguidC. Gray
1935 Arthur GilmourW. WrightCapt. KingW. Barr
1936 Gavin StruthersD. McClanachanJ. JohnstoneA. G. Gilmour
1937 Robert DickieW. LeggateJ. JohnstoneG. Struthers
1938 Robert DickieA. BellJ. MitchellJ. H. H. Cassels
1939 Robert DickieW. R. StevensonW. WrightCapt. King
1946 W. BarrJas. GracieC. DuguidC. Gray
1947 W. BarrW. R. MortonGeo. McLeaH. Begg
1948 H. BeggH. J. BlackJ. FultonD. Steel
1950 A. G. GilmourD. C. CameronJ. SpenceW. Macfarlane
1951 H. BeggH. BrownA. KingR. Williamson
1952 J. BarrA. YoungJ. ScottP. Brownlie
1953 W. McGregorA. McLeodJ. H. H. CasselsA. M. Bain
1954 H. BeggA. McLeodM. L. BarclayJ. Scott
1955 W. GracieMrs. R. YoungGeo. StrangA. Chapman
1956 A. MacdonaldG. HallJas. CraigA. M. Bain
1957 L. HamiltonR. WisemanT. CochranG. Walker
1958 R. YoungR. WisemanG. StrangA. Gillan

East Kilbride and Haremyres C.C.
Singles Competition
"The 1876 Hairmyres Medal"

DateWon by
1985--86G. Wiseman
1986--87Sheena Drummie
1987--88Competition not played
1988--89D. Raeburn
1989--90Competition not played
1990--91D. Raeburn
1991--92J. Neilson
1992--93E. Richardson
1993--94W. Dykes
1994--95E. Richardson
1995--96E. Richardson
1996--97W. Dykes
1997--98Jim Strang
1998--99J. M. Strang
1999--00W. Lambie
2000--01G. Strang
2001--02J. Baird
2002--03W. Baird
2003--04Jim Strang
2004--05A. Dalgliesh
2005--06Jim Strang
2006--07Jim Strang
2007--08Tommy Campbell
2008--09John King
2009--10Alan Drummie
2010--11Willie Baird
2011--12James Baird
2012--13Willie Baird
2013--14Lockhart Steele
2014--15Lockhart Steele
2015--16George Strang
2016--17David Lawson
2017--18Eric Richardson
2018--19Emma Craig
2019--20Willie Baird
2020--21Not Played due to Covid

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