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Lanarkshire 1
Win Low Road at Lockerbie Finals

L.I.R. Henderson Bishop Low Road Winners 2010


Off to Lockerbie we did go....Report by Mhairi Baird
2 teams from EK, the young set and the pro's
Henderson Bishop in our sights
Until we saw our draw, our section gave us a fright
Marion with her tales of past trophies lost and won
Jackie, Caroline and I getting worried so we opted for 'lets have some fun'

Our first game v Stirling, 0 - 5 after 2 ends was the score
Marion was nearly 'de-selected' but wanted to play some more
She then proved why she is skip and a great player
And fought back to peels, but then lost - it wisnae fair!

Hit the nightlife in Lockerbie! off to the Kings Arms
Good food, some wine, and a few drams

In the morning faced Ayr, Olympian Mags - and she well and truly won
Hammered, Thrashed, Humped, Beaten - all the aforementioned - not a lot of fun!
Nothing to do but hit the shops before bed
Retail Therapy does wonders for a girl's head
Early start Wed, 2 games we must win
To get in the low road semi and redeem our sin

Greenacres first we edged ahead by a bit
And then got a win - this is more like it!
Aberdeen next - 4 lovely ladies we did meet
We managed to beat them - yes, we've got our seat

Wed night meal in our hotel had begun
Great entertainment and food, it was great fun
When folks say 'young ones are wild' this just is not true
From the singing and dancing that came from Lanarkshire 2!

Thurs 9.30 our semi v Stranraer would begin
Sheena, Agnes, Lilias & Anne cheered us on to a win
The final arrived v Borders Ice Rink
Very close for the first half - it made us think
We then edged ahead; lets try and keep it that way!
And yes to a win, we all had great play!
So the Cherrystone Trophy we brought home very loud
It may not be the top award but we are still very proud!Mhairi Baird

And so are all of your clubmates girls

WELL DONE.......Marion and the young set.

Everyone's looking forward to giving you all a big round of applause at the dinner
and watching you keep the club name to the fore in the years to come.

                        Lanarkshire 2
Lillias King..Anne Patterson..Sheena Drummie..Agnes Strang

L.I.R. Rink 2 at the Henderson Bishop 2010

Off to Lockerbie Henderson Bishop number sixReport by Agnes Strang
We loaded the car along with our sticks
There was Sheena, Anne, Lillias and meAgnes
Wondering if, the Trophy we'd see
Having our lunch when we arrived
In walked Marion and her three girls (Mhairi, Jackie, Caroline)
looking petrified
As motherly figures we said you'll be OK......!!
Get some soup, on the ice and just start to play

Atholl our first game got underway
Always ahead, we enjoyed, I've got to say
Looking across at the young girls board
We thought, OH! NO! they have'na scored
Then they came back with a narrow defeat
So we went home to the boys to give them a treat

Back on the Tuesday to play the Murrayfield squad
Shaking their hands to say have a good game
That's when we noticed this Skips no the same... ??
Two subs they had……had, the day before
The real team was here OH! A hope we do score
Defeat we had and thought this is no fair
We all got changed then went up the stair
The Cocktail Party was in full flow
With quiz and entertainment all on the go

Next game was Inverness two, we'll get back on track
But Lillias kept saying I don't like this hack...........!!!!!
Anne of course was getting wide ice
Ah must say myself, I was playing quite nice
Sheena kept saying I don't want to draw
When another defeat Lanarkshire two saw

One more game Kirkcaldy this time
A win we must get to keep us in line
We all looked across and would you believe
Inverness two Skip she had to leave
At the second end she felt a pain
Five months pregnant and under strain
A win we had so two on the board
Not good enough for how the rest had scored

So we just decided to socialise.......That was our compromise
Laughter and friendship we do best……………………
............that's when we said to H.......!!!!! with the rest
Well Lanarkshire Ice Rink we couldn't let you down
Your name we knew you would want spread around

After dinner now and that was swell..........
………………….and of course our favourite
………………………………………………. drink as well
OF To Bed went the rest.............So that left us to do our best
Inverness one, Atholl and Kirkcaldy too............
Sang the songs and drank the brew
Sheena I'm sorry I know it's a pity..............
……………Wine at £5 a Glass we've no money left in the kitty....!!!
Thank you Lockerbie Ice Rink you did do us well............
Ice, food and drink with lots of tales to tell

CONGRATULATIONS and well done to you all
Marion, Mhairi, Jackie and Caroline
You did do us proud............
and I promise next time we won't sing so loud...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Agnes Strang

The Runup to the Finals at Lockerbie


MAKE THE FINAL THEIR OWN Congratulations go to

L.I.R. Henderson Bishop Winners 2009

              Marion MacDonald and her winning rink,
        Mhairi Baird, Jackie Craig and Caroline Morrison.
                                "The EK&H Young Set"

who took on

L.I.R. Henderson Bishop Runner Up Rink 2009

Sheena Drummie, Agnes Strang, Lillias King and Anne Paterson.
          "The EK&H Senior Ladies"Two Hundred and Fifty +
           "The More Mature Set"

in the final of the H/B play downs at Lanarkshire Ice Rink.
This year L.I.R. has two rinks going forward to the National Finals
which means that we have a strong presence at Lockerbie
contesting the final stages of this most prestigious
Scottish Ladies' Curling Competition.
Our best wishes for a great competition go with them all.
Well done girls.....the opportunity for both Gold and Silver is in your hands.


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