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Drawn Rinks...Fixture Dates
and Results
for Season 2019-20

Members unable to play
in any of the matches listed
should contact
Match Secretary Margaret Brown
as soon as possible.

Members should also, where possible,
remain for the meal
when this has been organized.
Skips should contact team members
as a reminder not less than
7 days before each match.

Friday 4th October 2019 at 5.45pm L.I.R.

2019-Winning Rink EK&H V Hamilton Thornyhill

Well, it was into battle a man down
as one curler allowed the milking of his beasts
to distract him from his official duties at the ice rink.
The hosts were Hamilton and Thornyhill and after the first end,
Ryan Asher and his rink of Jackie Craig, Brian Cassidy and Willie Craig were 5 shots up.
This looked like a straight forward evening in store for the “visitors”.
Unfortunately a slight wick by a stone that looked to be sailing through the head
gave Hamilton and Thornyhill a 4 at the 2nd end.
After the 3rd end it was peels. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go.
A 2 and then a 1 opened the gap once again for Ryan’s rink
before the home side got a 3. It was 8-8 after 6 ends.

Over on the neighbouring rink it was also tight.
George Strang, Margaret Ferguson and Peter Henderson had started well
but the lead changed from end to end.
After the 7th end George led 7-5. However,
they managed to squeeze in an 8th end and that match finished peels.

Back with Ryan for the last shot at the last end and H&T we’re sitting pretty.
Ryan knew he had to make his shot count and if successful
it would be game set and match to EK&H.
He withstood the pressure, played a difficult shot to perfection and scored a 4.

After some nice food and social,
the trophy was presented by Archie Kirkland to Club President Brian.
The first time in his 33 years curling that he has been presented with a trophy!

Summing up on his match,
Skip George Strang expressed his gratitude to David Lawson
for helping to strengthen his rink, by not turning up!
Just in jest of course, to finish off a fun night on a light note.

Monday 7th October 2019 at 5.45pm L.I.R.

1st Leg Match Report by Willie Cannon

The first leg saw our new Match Secretary Margaret Brown
try to outwit the Heather with some carefully considered
team selections which looked good on paper at least.
If Margaret had read some of the previous match reports beforehand
she would have known some of those selected
will only ever look good on paper!
The crowd gathered in the bar, if two can be considered a crowd.
Regular supporter Tom Nielson was joined by Alastair Smith
who apparently had a knee injury.
Looking up the inter-club curling dictionary I found
"knee injury – see dropped from team, also see Archie Craig"!
The players on the ice were treated to Alastair
doing an impression of Desperate Dan as he wolfed down
a heaped up plateful of dinner!
If what he was eating was brain food
then with that appetite Alastair must be a genius……………..
As we took to the ice we were greeted with a display of shocking purple outfits
worn by around half of the committed Heather members.
EKHCC seemed to be put off in the early stages as the Heather were on top,
but as we crept back into the game Alastair Smith
ran down from the bar with more shocking purple attire
for the ones who weren’t already wearing them to try and regain the advantage!

On Sheet A Alex Torrance with Margaret Richardson,
David Lawson and Margaret Ferguson took on Don Frame.
I say took on, but "lay down to" might be more appropriate
as the Heather promptly took a 4 shot lead after two ends.
However, something mysterious then happened, Don Frame got a phone call.
We all know that Don getting a phone call during a game is not mysterious,
well perhaps him only getting one call in a game is,
but what was mysterious was that for the next 5 ends
Alex racked up 9 shots without reply to finish with a 5 shot win.
Alex winning a game in the Heather inter-club, another mysterious occurrence!

On Sheet B Lockhart Steele lined up with
Marion Craig, James Strang and Jackie Craig against Alex Fleming.
This was a tight affair, with neither side scoring more than 1 in an end.
However, Lockhart had a few more ones than Alex and ran out a 3 shot win.

Eight up after two games, where could this go wrong,
well let's move on to Sheet C!
George Strang lined up with three Willies
(Cannon, King and "Bill" Gibson),
although at times it might have been wallies.
The opposition was Graeme Allan.
The game was peels after 5 ends but some great shots from Graeme
and not so great ones from EKHCC
resulted in losing 4 shots in the final three ends.

On Sheet D Willie Baird
with Robert Tait, Emma Craig and Janet Leiper
took on last year's trophy winner Alan Hall.
Willie pulled things back to peels with a 3 in the seventh,
and then promptly lost a three in the final end!
So only one shot up now.

Eric Richardson, William Boyd, Neil Fyfe and Mhairi Baird took on Archie Kerr.
This one was almost as tight as Lockhart's game,
with seven ones and an end with a score of two.
Fortunately the score of two was for Eric to finish one up.

With a two shot lead we needed a loaded team on Sheet F
to bring home the first leg victory.
Who better than a team of four skips
Jim Strang, James Baird, John King and Willie Craig!
We all know what happens when you have four skips, and this was no different.
With the potential for the quality on display to be remarked upon in the match report
Willie Craig took leave of his stick holding duties
to run around the ice rink and say he would write the report.
When told that he hadn’t been selected for this duty by the President
he scuttled back with his stick between his legs
to try and improve his performance.
Something must have happened as Jim's team scored 3 shots in the last two ends
to regain respectability and only lose by 2.

So when newly anointed Professor Smith had counted the scores
he stood up to announce it was peels. So just like last year
everything will be decided in the second leg shoot out in January.
A hearty buffet was served to the players and stories told
of too much rain by the dairy farmers before we packed up for home.
Bring on January!

Monday 13th January 2020 at 5.45pm L.I.R.

Every one's a winner this year


Mr Cannon's report will follow in due course.

"THE REPORT" By Mr Cannon
East Kilbride and Haremyres vs Avondale Heather
Inter Club Match Report LIR, 13 January 2020

Back in October the two sides couldn’t be separated, so everything was to play for in the
second leg. Match Secretary Margaret Brown had looked carefully at where the teams could
be improved, and so she promoted Wille Craig from watching from the bar!
President Brian and Margaret both took to the ice to lead us to a resounding victory,
or at least that’s what we all hoped.
As a small group of curling experts gathered in the bar to oversee events the players took to
the ice and started the proceedings. As the first end came to a close and the scores went
up, there was 9 for us and only a solitary shot against, courtesy of George Strang and his
band of Willie's (Cannon, King and Gibson). 8 up after 1, we were on a roll.
In the second end things turned on their head, George Strang's rink were the only one to
score for us, with every other team losing shots. 2 shots for and 7 against, we were now
only 3 up across the board.
Ok, so the third end was time for us to rack up some shots. Eric Richardson stepped up to
the plate with a 3, Jim Strang sneaked a 1 and everyone else capitulated 7 between them.
We were back to peels across the board and once again everything to play for.
So, if the 3rd end didn’t live up to expectations then surely the 4th would be our time to
shine again. Or maybe not! A worrying trend was developing, where once again we
collectively only scored 4 shots while the Heather picked up 7. This situation wasn’t helped
by Willie Cannon throwing two silent take outs while playing last stones for George Strang as
skip. This has some people thinking Willie was only picked to play so as he would write the
report! We were now 3 down!
End 5, our time surely. Try telling Alex Torrance, and his band of merry Margarets
(Richardson, Ferguson and Brown). End 5 doesn’t mean give the opposition a 5!! Too late,
the damage was done. For the third time in a row we scored 4 and lost 7, and were now
minus 6 on the night. Something had to happen soon, or we would be have to eat humble
pie for another year.
End 6, this one had to be our time. President Brian tried his best to lead by example, and
inspired Jim Strang to a 2. However, his inspiration wasn’t infectious as no one else got a
score! 5 for the Heather, 2 for us, another 3 shots against, minus 9 overall and the fat lady
was having a gargle in preparation to sing a song.
End 7, and we had seen 5 ends in a row go the wrong way, some form of miracle was
needed. It is at this point we remember that 12 months ago Lockhart Steel had asked Santa
for good ice and the ability to play well in the Heather game. Last year Santa was too busy
to oblige on either front, but undeterred Lockhart every Santa in the Clyde Valley and asked
for the same again this year. His faith was partially repaid, the ice was good! At this point in
events Lockhart was 6-1 down in his game, but to everyone's surprise Santa breezed into the
ice rink and said that while putting the sleigh away he had found something that might help, ?
a pair of kids stabilisers. Lockhart was desperate, so he put the training wheels on, and lo
and behold he scored. No one was more surprised than Helen as her smile from up in the
bar confirmed it was a good one. A 6, and against wee shuggie Neilson of all folk. Eric,
Willie Baird and George's rinks chipped in another 6 between them, although Jim Strang
gifted Alastair Smith a 3 and Alex Torrance was still on a slippery slope and gave away a 2.
But a 7 shot swing brought us back to minus 2 on the night. We were back in contention and
could believe once again.
End 8, keep up the pressure and victory could be ours. Alan Hall was one of the first to
crumble, with a well placed last stone forcing him into an error and a score of 1 for us. Hugh
Neilson was still in shock and gave up a 2, and Alex Torrance broke the spell imposed by Alex
Fleming and also scored a 3. Willie Baird, Eric and Jim all lost singles. But hold on, with 6
scored and 3 against, that meant we were one up on the night. Victory was ours, or was
END 9! On sheet C speedy gonlockhart had been whizzing up and down the ice and making
quick decisions. We could tell that by the high scoring game sitting at 9-6 after 8 ends!
So as the bell tolled for everyone else, Lockhart and Hugh were off on their 9th end.
As nearly everyone held their breath, and Willie Craig thought this was going to delay the meal,
the shots were piled into the house. Lockhart threw his last and nestled into the four foot,
but left a possible route in to the button, albeit not an easy one. The weight of Heather
expectation was on Hugh's shoulders, but his form returned, and victory was snatched out of
our hands as he scored a 1.
Peels after 6 games, peels after 12 games, who would have predicted that!
A hearty buffet was enjoyed by the teams, as everyone reflected on what could have been.
Some stories were shared before the Presidents wished everyone home safe.
Next year could be our one to shine!

Thursday 24th October 2019 at 5.45pm L.I.R.

2019-Winning Rink EK&H V Galston Haymouth

East Kilbride & Haremyres v Galston Haymouth
Thursday 24th October 2019
Match Report by Anonymous

Galston could only field three teams for this fixture,
apparently all their top players
were involved in the Super League at Ayr.
I’m not sure who picked the EK teams for this match,
but one thing is for certain,
whoever chose them did George Strang a very big favour!
Free from the constraints of having to put up with
his long time inter-club third player
- good at writing reports maybe but not so good at setting up ends -
George was a new man!
With Neil Fyfe at third things were much simpler.
Neil, of course,
comes from a well known family of international curlers,
their only problem seems to be deciding which country to represent!
On sheet B George, with Helen Drummond and Willie Dykes
at lead and 2nd was up against Jim Boswell.
With his last stone, and facing two shots Jim managed to catch a guard
and raise another opposition stone into the house
leaving George a draw for four which he made comfortably.

Next door saw Willie King with
Emma Craig, Peter Henderson and Agnes Strang
take on James Dykes who, rumour had it,
had signed the best curler in Mearns Coronation
in Alan Brown just for this match.
Following two average stones from James in the first end
Willie stole two shots.

On sheet D, fresh from being nearly grannied by Archie Craig
a few nights earlier was Jim Strang,
this time with Mharie Baird, Margaret Brown and Caroline Morrison.
They faced Robert Boyd.
No sign of the granny form in the first end.
Four shots giving EK&H a 10 shot lead - excellent start.

George Strang was in top form,
even reminding some in the gallery of Anton du Beck
as he gracefully glided up to the hack to play his shots.
At the halfway point and despite his lead giving the impression
of making sure she was never asked to lead again,
George was 5 - 3 ahead. In the fifth, lying three shots
with only the last stone to come and a simple nose hit for a five or six,
George swithered! Yes you guessed it,
Chicken George passed on the chance to put the game out of sight.
Despite a superb last stone in the 7th end for two shots
Jim Boswell was always facing an uphill struggle
and five shots in the last end gave the EK&H team a 16 - 4 victory.

After scoring a deuce in the first end
Willie King continued playing a hitting game,
a game with which, it soon became obvious he was not too familiar!
Three down with 2 ends to play, things looked decidedly tricky.
Up steps Willie to the plate.
Two shots in the 7th and a steal of one in the last end
and the game finished peels.

As stated earlier, there was no sign of his granny form
when Jim Strang scored four shots in the 1st end.
Two ends later it was there for all to see and the scores were level.
Some in the gallery reckoned that with
Mharie Baird, Margaret Brown and Caroline Morrison in the team
Jim was worried about the wine bill after the game!
By the 6th end, however, Jim’s girls had put his mind at rest
by assuring him that they would be taking no more than
2 large glasses each and so, freed from this burden,
Jim forged ahead scoring two threes and a single to win 13 - 5.

Afterwards everyone agreed that the ice had been absolutely wonderful
- possibly the best ice that they had ever played on!!
Sent from my iPad

Thursday 14th November 2019 at 5.45pm L.I.R.

Hi All
First of all, can I apologise on David Lawson’s behalf
for the length of time it has taken for this report to reach the web site.
On the night he was the match commander and did his job well,
not only winning his game
but taking care of proceedings after our tea.
Had he just followed this sterling work with a report
I wouldn’t be scratching my already bald head
trying to remember something of the games to report.

Anyway, here goes, two games,
Willie Dykes with his original team
and David Lawson with a couple of changes.
With Willie Baird playing for the Mearns,
and on the back of a big punchbowl win David and Willie D
were keen to avoid being drawn against him.
Draw made it was the Two Willie's head to head!!

With no scorecards to go by
I recall Willie D got his nose in front early in the game.
With no more than one shot of a difference throughout the game
this was the case until the last end.
Willie B found himself lying two shots and Willie D having last stone.
Willie D and his team had played solid throughout
and it was no surprise that his last stone take out was good
making sure Willie B didn’t score any more than one shot
leaving the game drawn.
A really good performance from Willie Dykes and his team of
James Strang, Chris Rennie and Bill Gibson.

The second game saw our David Lawson V James Dykes
With a solid start David found himself a few shots up
when in the 4th end we lost a four.
David decided it was time for a team talk and this seemed to work
as we scored five shots straight back.
Try as he might James couldn’t manage to get back in the game
and David and his team of
Willie King, Willie Boyd and Stewart Webster triumphed.
Being part of this team its hard not to mention
how well we played
and how nice it was to beat James Dykes and his team.
Both games were played in a great spirit
and we look forward to locking horns again next year.
A good tea was had by all
with the skips giving their version of the games, lead by Mr Lawson!

Sorry no picture and a very ropy report
it's what happens when you’re asked to provide one
the morning after your 65th birthday!
Old Willie King

2019-Winning Rink EK&H V Coulter CC

Coulter Three Rinks
Wednesday 27th November 2019 at 5.45pm L.I.R.

Good evening Brother and Sister curlers and web master Alan.
Match Secretary Margaret,
Put out two very capable Ek&H teams against Coulter
and then decided to throw in the Clubs answer to political correctness
and include our ethnic minority players,
the English and Irish at skip and third choosing to show no bias
to anyone in the run up to the election.
She obviously didn't appreciate that Politics is best kept out of sport.

On rink A The Craigs messers Willie and Jackie,
Fiona and William Boyd took on a Coulter rink skipped by James Moffat
and came out fighting with a 2 in the first end.
In a keenly fought close contest young Mr. Boyd nearly got a five but missed
and gave Coulter a complimentary 1,
and at the 8th end had another last stone chance at a 5,
but only got a 3, the net result being +2 instead of a +10.
With a final score of seven/six in Coulters favour
these two ends could have made such a difference.

On rink B was Margarets attempt at a distracting decoy team of
the Anglo Irish Tommy C and Neil Fyffe
supported by Chris Rennie and Margaret Ferguson.
Perhaps the thought was that the Coulter teams on either side
would be so busy watching John Warnock piling up shots
they would lose interest in their own games
and EK&H would sneakily score more shots without their noticing.
With Coulter going 5 shots ahead after 3 ends without response from TC and Neil,
some of her plan was working
but the bit about getting more shots back didn't quite materialise.
The Irish stones played by Neil, kept coming up short,
probably due to Irish stones having the handles on the bottom,
and the delicate fine English China stones by TC
were terrified of becoming smashed by heavy impact
and they carefully avoided hitting any opposition stones all night.
This game came to a closure with a final score of eight/two in Coulter's favour.

The third game on Rink C was between the youthfully exuberant Jim’s, Baird and Craig,
Stella and Stewart Webster and the extremely experienced
Bryce Smith and Billy Marshall for Coulter.
The experience showing even before the two teams took to the ice
by the fact that they brought along two ladies
Lilias and Catherine to do all the heavy sweeping.
Now in this game the Match sec’s plan had been read by the two Jims
and they leapt to a 6 to 1 lead after 3 ends.
Mid game they were probably too busy wondering why William Boyd
had not read the match Sec’s script
since the Tri nation team were still doing their decoy job
but they kept their cool and after 7 ends were still 5 shots up.
Alas they did not have last stone advantage and despite a valiant effort
lost a two at the 8th to finish EK&H 9 over Coulters 6.

Net score on the night EK & H 17 Coulter 21.
A Coulter win which made two Auld B's very happy, Smith and Marshall.
Our match Sec, with wonderful foresight disappeared from the viewing gallery early,
probably to avoid any guilt laying, or maybe just because she felt out of place
sitting beside the senior citizens advisory committee
led by Tom Neilson who seemed to think they were watching the LIR Christmas Panto.
A great social evening for all, played in great spirit by two great clubs.
The way it should be.

BIGGAR Two Rinks
Tuesday 18th February 2020 at 2.30pm Murrayfield

Winning rink were too shy to send in a pic
but we always enjoy seeing curlers having a good time.

2019-20-EK&H Rink at Murryfield Feb 2020

Biggar inter-club match Report
By Brian Cassidy

Two rinks travelled through to Murrayfield ice rink to take on Biggar.
Willie King, Stewart Webster, Alex Rennie and Tom Bryson
and Steve Russell, Bill Gibson, Brian Cassidy and Brian Gemmell
After 3 ends with Willie 2-4 down and Steve 2-5 down. Not looking hopeful.
However, you can’t keep good men down and the fightback was on.
Steve won the next 5 ends and Willie won 3 out of the last 4 ends.
Final score - Willie’s rink winning 7-6 and Steve’s rink winning 11-5.
EK&H CC retained the trophy with Steve and the 3 Bs’ names going to the engraver.

WEDNESDAY 12th February 2020 at 5.45pm L.I.R.

Lesmahagow inter club match
Report by Brian Cassidy
George Strang wanted his bed before the match having just played in the Maxwell
and after 3 ends in this inter-club fixture, he hadn’t scored a point.
He was a tad unfortunate right enough when Lesmahagow got a tap in at the 3rd end
and prevented George, Chris Rennie, Mhairi Baird and Margaret Brown getting a 3.
At the same end Margaret Richardson
with Tommy Campbell, Bill Gibson and Stewart Webster were going 4-1 up.
However, just as things looked to be getting even better,
Margaret, sitting with a 4 in the head ended up losing a shot.
As I looked across at Ryan Asher’s rink
(Stella Cassidy, Brian Gemmell and Elaine Gemmell)
I reckoned that Ryan had been taking brave pills. He disagreed with Stella
(he should have consulted with me about that – it’s seldom a good idea).
She was shouting “sweep” and he shouted “up”.
Oh how fortunate he was as he jammily clipped the guard to get a 3.
Saved from the wrath of S.

After 5 ends, George was 1-9 down!!
However, Bill Marshall had now upset the big man and the fightback was on.
All too late though as he could only finish up 8-9.
Having been 7-2 up, Margaret lost a 4 at the 7th followed by a 1 at the 8th end. Result – a 7-7 peel.
Ryan too was now on the slippery slope and lost the last 3 ends to finish the game 5-6 down.
So, Lesmahagow were the victors but there’s always next year.

Friday 28th February 2020 6-30pm at Greenacres

2019-20-EK&H V Stewarton winning Rink Feb 2020

Stewarton Heather winning Rink Lockhart Steel Willie Craig Emma Craig Jim Strang

East Kilbride and Haremyres vs Stewarton Heather Inter Club Match Report
Greenacres, 28 February 2020
Report by Willie Cannon
The last outing of our inter-club season took us to Greenacres to face the Reid's.
The Reid name is synonymous with Stewarton Heather Curling Club,
like the Strang's are to EKHCC, just that the Reid's are also formidable curlers!!
Greenacres is a rare place to visit for some of our contingent,
and as we gathered in the bar the rumours of dour ice
and newly ground stones giving a huge curl was doing nothing
to settle the nerves of the visitors.
Robert Tait mentioned he hadn’t been to Greenacres since his under-21 days,
which only served to point out that Robert isn’t a youngster any more,
and neither are the rest of us!
Robert was first out of the blocks on Sheet A,
skipping a team of Willie Cannon, Stella Cassidy and Brian Cassidy
against Reid team 1 skipped by David Reid.
The rumours of dour ice were no longer a rumour,
as Brian and Stella heaved their stones with all their might
just to get them over the hog line.
Noting the conditions Willie stepped up to show them how it was done,
and quickly sent one whizzing past the skips
and embedding itself in the barrier!
Drawing behind guards was proving to be a challenge
as stones frequently finished so much
that they came out the other side….by feet not inches.
However, striking open stones wasn’t easy either, said Willie,
as he single handedly removed Brian and Stella's stones
to help David's team to a 6-2 lead after 4 ends.
Robert was trying to stem the tide, helped slightly by David,
who wasn’t living up to the Reid name as he struggled with the conditions.
By end 5 the tide began to turn, as the team all started to master the conditions
and play shots that were requested, or at least closely resembled what was requested!
A 2, 1 and another 1 meant it was peels down the last.
Unfortunately David's team got a couple of stones buried,
and despite the swinging conditions offering a chance to get around the guards,
it was the same swinging conditions which meant Robert wrecked out front!
Still 8-6 wasn’t a terrible result.

On Sheet B an experienced Greenacres curler Eric Richardson
was in charge of Helen Drummond (well as much as anyone could be in charge of her!),
Neil Fyfe and Ryan Asher, taking on Reid team 2 skipped by Craig Reid.
The dour conditions meant Eric had to bring a seldom used shot out of his tool box…..strike weight!
Which with frantic sweeping from his front end was front of house draw weight in ends 1 and 2.
After 5 ends in this game Eric had let Craig and Dougie Reid get in front of him,
which meant Eric couldn’t see!
But more importantly he was 2 down.
However, as some may have observed in the past
Eric seems to play best when he can’t see the brush,
and using this skill to great effect he bagged 5 shots without reply to finish 3 up.
Sheet C saw the silver fox of our squad Lockhart Steel
line up with the best Craig in the Club (Willie….his words!!),
Emma Craig (everyone knows she is better), and Jim Strang (a poor curler's Reid),
taking on Reid team 3 skipped by Tom Reid.
Noting that the outcome of the match was now in Lockhart's hands
President Brian got himself ready to hand the trophy over to the Reid's!
But wait, the silver fox didn’t get to be this old without experiencing
(and sometimes making) dour and / or swingy ice,
so he was in his element.
His rink romped to a 5 shot lead after 2 ends, before a slight wobble
( I think it was a flat tyre on his stabilisers) to give up a 2.
But then it was one way traffic as old foxy won every end thereafter
to rack up more shots than the Greenacres score board could carry.
A 13 – 2 victory made identifying the winning side,
and winning rink an easy task for the officials.
A hearty meal was enjoyed by the participants, and some (desperate) jokes told,
before the trophy was handed over to Lockhart for safe keeping until next year!

It is fair to say the conditions were as unusual for the home side
as they were for the visitors, and the magnitude of the win couldn’t have been predicted.
We can expect the Reid's and Co. to have regrouped and be ready
for the challenge again when we meet next season at Hamilton.
Must go, Agnes is phoning me for some reason!!!!

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