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East Kilbride & Haremyres Curling Club

Inter Club Competitions
Drawn Rinks...Fixture Dates
and Results
for Season 2023-2024
LIR games EK Ice unless noted otherwise

Members unable to play
in any of the matches listed
should contact
Match Secretary Margaret Richardson
as soon as possible.

Members should also, where possible,
remain for the meal
when this has been organized.
Skips should contact team members
as a reminder not less than
7 days before each match.

Congratulations to the Winning Rink
The Neilson Trophy
Season 2023-2024

2024-Neilson-Trophy Winning Rink

Avondale Heather Inter Club – Second Leg –
Monday 8th January 2024
Report by, William Cannon.

We rolled up for the second leg of our fixture
needing to turn around a 12 shot deficit.
Match Secretary Margaret Richardson looked to improve
on her first leg team selection with some strategic substitutions.
In the case of Lockhart Steele it was out with the old,
and well in with the not just quite so old in Eric.
And for Katy MacLeod and James Strang it was out with the young
and in with the even younger in Jill Strang and Jamie Boyd.
Margaret donned her protective headband and channelled
her inner Mrs Miyagi
with a view to coaching her curling cohort to victory
against the upstarts from the Heather.
And before Eric could explain Margaret’s wax on wax off technique
that gets him up and ready for action, we were onto the ice.

It was stick season on Sheet A,
with two on the Heather side and one on ours.
Willie Baird was our stick man,
with Willie Cannon, John King and Bill Gibson
up against Alan Hall.
John King complained
about being socially restricted to sheet A,
but to be fair he was too tired to socialise
after his girls weekend in London.
This was a really close game, with some great shots
throughout each rink, but in the end it was decided
by a couple of small errors on our side
and the fact Alan Hall was on fire.
And so it was a 6-3 defeat to kick off.

Sheet B was Eric Richardson,
Jill Strang, Jamie Boyd and Margaret Brown
against Don Superstar Frame’s rink.
Eric got his team off to a good start with a 2,
and followed this with a 3 in the third end
to leap into a 5-1 lead.
But from there it was the Heather that was blooming
as they reversed this scoreline
and brought the game to a conclusion as a peel.

Jim Strang was given a packed rink
of Ryan Asher, Steve Russell and John Gilmour
to help see off the Heather team skipped by Greg Allan.
After losing a 2 in the first end Jim steadied his paddle boat
and controlled 6 of the remaining 7 ends.
An 8-4 victory to boost our hopes.

Sheet D was Alex Torrance, George Strang
Marion Craig and Margaret Ferguson up against the
Heather’s wee Shuggie.
In recent weeks wee Shuggie has lost his mojo,
and along with it the Seniors qualifiers,
Farmers and Cameron Cup.
When the skip is off form there are two options, drop them
or make sure they don’t need to play difficult shots.
The Heather were really short of players so
decided Shuggie had to play,
but to make sure he was protected in the game
they installed the Heather’s best player
in at third…..enter Libby Neilson to rain on our parade.
After Alex scored 1 in the first end it rained in end 2
and chucked it down in end 3.
With the score at 7-1 after three ends it was looking bleak.
But then Alex found a rainbow
and slowly started to turn things around.
Indeed there was a shot for peel at the end,
but alas it ended up 8-7 against us.

Sheet E was Neil Fyfe, Margaret Richardson,
Fiona McGinnis and Alex Rennie up against
Farmers champion Andrew Neilson.
A big end of 4 midway through the game
was enough to put some daylight between the teams,
and this one ended up 7-4 for us.

Lastly, there were James Baird, Emma Craig, Willie King
and Stella Cassidy up against Graeme Allan’s rink.
This one saw James in firm control,
banishing his demons from playing Don in the first leg…..
that was right up until he shipped
a score of 5 in the last end to lose 8-7!
Even after having dinner Graeme still couldn’t believe
he managed to score the 5 to win.

With the stones all played
we retired to the bar to be suitably watered,
and on to the restaurant to be well fed.
Margaret Brown and Don chaired the post mortem,
and it was a small consolation that
we had won on the night by two shots.
However the difference from the first leg proved too much,
and so the Heather took the plaudits again this year.
The winning rink was Don Superstar Frame, at 6 up overall.
The skips explained their games, and stories were told –
the standard of which were some of the best for a few years.
I have a feeling next season will be our time to shine!

Avondale Heather Six Rinks LIR
Mon 8th January 2023@ 5.45pm (AH Ice)

Skip Willie Baird
Willie Cannon
John King
Bill Gibson

Skip Lockhart Steele
Katy MacLeod
James Strang
Margaret Brown

Skip Jim Strang
Steve Russell
Chris Rennie
John Gilmour

Skip Alex Torrance
George Strang
Marion Craig
Margaret Ferguson

Skip Neil Fyfe
Margaret Richardson
Fiona McGinnis
Alex Rennie

Skip James Baird
Jackie Craig
Willie King
Emma Craig

Avondale Heather Six Rinks LIR
Mon 16th October 2023 (EK Ice) @5.45pm

Skip Willie Baird
Willie Cannon
John King
Bill Gibson

Skip Lockhart Steele
Katy MacLeod
James Strang
Margaret Brown

Skip Jim Strang
Steve Russell
Chris Rennie
John Gilmour

Skip Alex Torrance
George Strang
Marion Craig
Margaret Ferguson

Skip Neil Fyfe
Margaret Richardson
Fiona McGinnis
Alex Rennie

Skip James Baird
Jackie Craig
Willie King
Emma Craig

Avondale Heather Inter Club
First Leg – Monday 16 th October 2023
Report by, The Big "WC"

At 5:45pm it was the calm before the storm,
who was to know which side would be sweeping up
leaves and cutting up fallen trees and who would be
sitting on their sofa watching in comfort?
We all know the answer to the sofa question
no matter which side won,
that would be Tom Allan and Alistair Smith.
To be fair Alistair Smith was unavailable
for selection but Tom skipped into the ice rink
like a teenager with a spring in his step,
excited to once again be selected to play
against the best club in Hamilton Ice Rink.
Imagine his disappointment when the teams
were read out and his name didn’t feature.
Apparently Greg Allan asked him to play, but
forgot to put him in a team!
As it happened Graham Kerr was stuck in traffic
so Greg quickly made amends by putting
super sub Tom onto the ice.

So to the games,
and some controversy before a stone was thrown.
John King realised
he had been selected to play on Sheet A,
a place where it is difficult for him
to bring his best game, which is socialising.
He made the best of it, and regaled to Bill Gibson
and myself a story of when he met the
great sportsman Messi, and how he had used
his guile and skill to turn him one way
and then the other, inside out and upside down.
When was this we asked John?
It was the night before in the Punchbowl
where the fabled “Messi fae the Mearns”
was made to look more like Chic Charnley as John
cuffed him and showed him who was King of the hill.
Willie Messi Baird picked up where he left off
the night before, with a mis-firing stick turning his
stones in, no matter the hand. But newly made
Greg Allan wasn’t able to take much advantage
and was held to scores of 1.
Time for a tactical change and Greg subbed Tom out
to replace him with the now arrived Graham Kerr.
But as the change was made
Willie took the opportunity to lace his boots
onto the correct feet
and from there the tide turned. With a couple of
great shots along the way we came out on top
of a tight game by a score of 7 to 6.

On Sheet B was full time golfer
and part time Ice Rink Manager Lockhart Steele with
Katy McLeod, James Strang and President Margaret Brown,
playing against wee Shuggie Neilson.
Lockhart had some age related injury
so confirmed he would also play with a stick,
and lead before taking the head
where he would give James Strang plenty of guidance
on directional sweeping.
One shot I did see was Katy coming back from the hack
to tell Lockhart what she thought needed played,
and then she executed it perfectly. Unfortunately
this wasn’t enough and after another tight game
it was a win for the Heather by 8 to 6.

Sheet C saw Jim Strang,
Ryan Asher, Allan Brown and John Gilmour take on
Allan Hall. Another tight one, and nine ends too,
with Jim coming out on top at 7 to 6.

Sheet D was Alex Torrance,
George Strang, Marion Craig and Margaret Ferguson
against Alex Fleming.
This one ended up 7-5 to the Heather.

At this point we are 2 shots down overall.

It looked like Vice President Margaret
had made some good team selections.
What could go wrong on the last two sheets,
considering the first of those was the winner
takes it all Neil Fyfe and Margaret herself,
ably assisted by Fiona McGinnis and Alex Rennie.
The opposition was provided by newly made Graeme Allan.
It turns out to be true, becoming a made curler
does make you a better player. This one ended
with a 4 shot difference in favour of the Heather.

Lastly on sheet F was Messi’s brother James
along with Jackie Craig, Willie King and Emma Craig,
up against Don superstar Frame.
After this one we now know Messi’s brother
isn’t as good as the real thing,
and Don is indeed a superstar,
as this one ended up 10-4 against us.

So at the halfway point the minnows
hold a 12 shot advantage over
the best club in the Ice Rink.
It can be turned around next time
and a glorious victory can be ours.

After the games we were well cared for in the bar
and enjoyed another fantastic buffet in the restaurant.
John King continued his stories
with subjects including caravans,
needing directions to get to places he knows, and handcuffs.
Sounds like John is planning a wild and exciting
mystery weekend away with Audrey!
As VP Margaret contemplated her team selection
she was consoled when she got home by finding
a very kind letter from Rangers Football Club.
The letter thanked her very much for her recent
application for the role of Manager,
and how the Board were very impressed
by her familiarity with Glasgow Airport
and the time she has spent in Europe,
which are things the club are very much
wanting to achieve again.
Unfortunately they were unsure she could
pick a winning team and so on this occasion
her application was unsuccessful.
However, the letter finished by saying
if she can lead EKHCC to overturn
the 12 shot deficit in January she should reapply,
as based on the normal duration of managers at Ibrox
there may well be another opening at that time.

2023 Walker Quaich Winning Rink

Congratulations to Stewarton Heather's
Season 2023---2024 Walker Quaich
Winning Rink
David Mundell, Penny Adam, Andy Muir and Alan Smith

Report by President Margaret Brown
On Tuesday 24th October 2023 the inter club between
EK & H and Stewarton Heather was played at Lanarkshire Ice Rink,
3 teams from each club took part.
The first game between James Baird and David Mundell
finished 9 - 4 in favour of David Mundell, it was a
closer game than the score suggests with each team winning 4 ends.

Next up was the game between Neil Fyfe and David Reid.
Neil’s team were 1 up going into the last end
but David’s team picked up a 2 in the last end to win 7 - 6.

Finally Margaret Richardson played Douglas Reid,
again Margaret ‘s team were 1 up going into the final end
but lost a 3 to Douglas, final score 7 - 5 to Douglas Reid’s team.

Stewarton Heather won the inter club with
David Mundell, Alan Smith, Andy Muir
and Penny Adam winning the Walker Quaich.
A pleasant sociable night was enjoyed
and the buffet that Stewart and his team
provided was much appreciated by all
with the visitors remarking how lucky we are
to have such good catering and bar facilities.

Stewarton Heather Three Rinks LIR
Tues 24th October 2023

Skip James Baird
Katy Macleod
Mhairi Baird
Marion Macdonald

Skip Lockhart Steele
Marion Craig
John King
Helen Drummond

Skip Neil Fyfe
Margaret Richardson
Emma Craig
Allan Brown

Mearns Coronation Two Rinks Galleon
Tues 7th November2023 at 7.30pm

Sorry for the delay in the report.
I’m not allowed sharp objects in here.

The match took place at the Galleon Centre in Kilmarnock,
where you expect great ice and be disappointed.

The going was a bit heavy. We had one strike
which stopped halfway between the hog and the house !

Willie Baird had his Mearns jacket on playing Alex Torrance.
1st end Willie caught a guard, Alex got a 3.
Second end EK&H lie 2, Willie goes for a hit and lie,
caught guard, bounced 5 feet to hit another guard
and rolled into the house for shot, 3:1.
The teams swapped singles for the next four ends
till the 7th end when Alex had an open hit for a 5,
played a nice controlled weight ( honest )
and missed it by a foot.
In the last end Willie had a draw for 3 to the four foot,
a tough shot as it was guarded
and got a 2 to draw the game 7:7.

In the other game Douglas Ratcliffe for the Mearns
gave Willie Dykes a tough game.
Willie drew for a 2 in the 2nd end,
needed a measure due to the vague rings,
lost the measure by 2 inches!
Willie Dykes had Willie Cannon playing
who had been relieved of his usual
excellent match report writing duties
to concentrate on his curling.
They lost 8:3. That went well.

Anyway my nurse says
I need to take my tablets and have some quiet time,
so I’ll go for now............Anon.

Rinks as drawn
Skip Alex Torrance
Steve Russell
Willie King
Buck Kenyon

Skip Willie Dykes
Willie Cannon
Peter Henderson
Bill Gibson

Coulter Three Rinks LIR
Thurs 30th November 2023 at 5.45pm

Report on the Match
by "The Big W.C."

The last day of November brought weather that meant
the outside of the ice rink was as cold as within.
The Coulter clan came down from the hills
for a bit of warmth in the lowlands.
They were following a well-trodden path,
at least by James Moffat
who was spending most days that week in the ice rink.
I would have been quite happy if he had
stayed at home on Thursday, but more of that later.
Both sides had a full turnout,
something made possible by George Strang
reminding Coulter about the game
a couple of days beforehand.
They had a quick gather up of players,
dusting off some of their antiques in
Bryce Smith and Bill Marshall.
At this point in the season
our Match Secretary Margaret Richardson
was hoping for a result which wasn’t a defeat.
For the keen website followers
you are probably wondering what happened
in the Mearns game, well that was another defeat.
I have it on good authority that a report
is undergoing final checks,
with Willie Baird and Alex Torrance debating whether
the phrase to describe their missed shots that night
is “banjo and barn door”, or “banjo and cow’s arse”.
I am sure the report will land before the stone involved
in Alex’s high speed miss has come to a stop!
Anyway, back in the Coulter game
we had our ace in the pack up first,
Neil Fyfe – yet to hit his finest form this season
but form is temporary as they say. His rink was
Allan Brown, Margaret Brown, and Fiona McGinnis,
and they were playing Bryce Smith’s rink.
Neil’s rink got off to a good start,
and didn’t look back, scoring 2 for every 1 of Coulter’s.
Bryce was up against it with his final shot,
but pulled of a good one
to have a final score of 8 for us to 4 for them.
Next up was
the best male curler in the whole of Mains Farm,
although George needs to look over his shoulder
as give it another few games and Craig Ferguson
will be tipping his hat into the rink for that accolade.
George was supported by John Gilmour, Alison Taylor
she was on my telly when watching the Europeans,
I tried retuning but she still kept appearing on it,
Santa might bring me one that doesn’t have her on!)
and Peter Henderson.
They were up against Bill Marshall’s side.
This was a close affair, but after halfway through
George had his nose in front, and ran out a 7-5 winner.
Last was Willie Cannon with the best female curler
at Mains Farm, Jill Strang,
Stephen Russell and Tom Bryson.
The aforementioned ice rink regular James Moffat
provided the opposition.
This was a game of inches for a while,
unfortunately mostly in the favour of Coulter.
I decided to change things up a bit
and changed the measure from inches to yards
as my draw weight got fed up and went home early.
Down to the last shot there was a chance of a big end,
but it was missed, by an inch!
The end result was an 8-2 defeat.
Adding up the scores it was a peel,
but with two wins to one
it was determined that EKHCC were
the winners on the night and would retain the trophy.
Drinks and a fine meal were had
before the Coulter clan returned to the hills,
not to be seen again until, well the very next night.
Someone needs to check if James Moffat lives in the ice rink!

Rinks as drawn prior to the match.
Skip Eric Richardson
James Strang
Margaret Brown
Fiona McGinnis

Skip George Strang
Mhairi Baird
Alison Taylor
Peter Henderson

Skip Margaret Richardson
Chris Rennie
Jill Strang
Tom Bryson

Hamilton Thornyhill Two Rinks LIR
Tue 5th December 2023 @ 5.45pm(H&T Ice)

Report on the Match
by Margaret Brown

The first game was between Alex Torrance and Iain Hawthorn.
Alex’s team were slow to start
but managed to pick up a 4 in the last end
to narrow the gap and the game finished
8-7 in favour of Iain Hawthorn’s rink.
On the other rink Jim Strang’s rink got off to a flying start
but by the 7th end the score was 6 all, however
Jim’s team won the 8th end to finish 7-6 in favour of EK&H.

Final score EK&H 14 shots and 7 ends,
Hamilton Thornyhill 14shots and 8 ends.
Hamilton Thornyhill won the inter club
with Iain Hawthorn, Jim Stirling,
Archie Kirkland and A.Reid retaining the Ross Tankard.

The evening was rounded off
with a lovely meal from Stewart and a few good stories.
Margaret Brown.

Rinks as drawn prior to the match.
Skip Eric Richardson
Skip Jim Strang
Jackie Craig
John Gilmour
Stewart Webster

Skip Alex Torrance
Allan Brown
Margaret Brown
Stella Cassidy

Biggar Two Rinks LIR
Tues 20th February 2024 at 2.30pm

Report on the match by
VP and Match Sec' Margaret Richardson

The first of 3 interclubs in the next 2 weeks
took place at 2.30pm on 20th February.
Having just held the Scottish Seniors championships
last weekend the ice was very slick.
First up on sheet D
(the ladies finals sheet according to Bob Smellie
who just happened to be playing on the adjacent sheet)
was Steven Russell’s team against Tom Shearer’s team.
This was a cagey affair
with shots being traded back and forth.
It was 3-2 to EK after 5 ends,
but then the Biggar wheels fell off
and a steal of 1 in the 6th
was followed by a 4 in the 7th end,
final score 8-2 to EK not a fair reflection
of the game played in good spirits.

On sheet E, Eric Richardson was looking to repeat
last year’s victory over Andrew Clark
and was quick out of the blocks with a 2
followed by a steal of 2 and then 1
to give EK a lead of 5-0 after 3 ends.
Andrew managed to shake off that feeling of déjà vu
and got on the board with a 1 in the 4th.
A 1 in the 5th extended EK’s lead to 6 – 1,
but then it was EK’s turn to falter
as Biggar piled in the shots and
Eric came up short on a draw,
Biggar scored 3 to narrow the score to 6 – 4.
In the 7th end Biggar continued to apply the pressure
as they sought to get back on level terms,
but a nice hit and stick against 2 by Eric
and a positive outcome from the measure
saw EK extend the lead to 7-4.
In the final end, it was all East Kilbride
except for a solitary Biggar stone which lay shot.
Eric came through a port that wasn’t there and lifted
the shot to lie 5 and I am sure at that point
he could see his name back on the trophy.
However, Andrew and his Biggar team had other ideas
and played a beautifully called and swept tap
to the button for the shot. Final score 7-5 to EK
and although EK won the match overall,
it would be the team skipped by Steven Russell
who would have their name on the trophy this year.
An enjoyable social followed
with the usual splendid fayre from Stewart
and stories of shots made and missed
that makes the Biggar interclub
one of the friendliest we play,

Rinks as drawn
Skip Steve Russell
Margaret Richardson
Peter Henderson
Tom Bryson

Skip Eric Richardson
Willie Dykes
Bill Gibson
Alex Rennie

2023-24 Tappit Hen Winning Rink

Galston Haymouth Three Rinks LIR
Sunday 3rd March at 5.45pm 2024

Our annual match with Galston Haymouth was this year
played at Hamilton due to unfortunate demise of Ayr Ice Rink.
A car load of Boswells and a few others made the journey
north to Hamilton on a decent early Spring day.

There was an air of familiarity on sheet A as
George Strang and James Dykes lined up against each other
for the second time in three days.
George had
Willie Cannon, Janet Leiper and Margaret Brown in his side.
George’s rink took a big 3 in the first end,
but James crept slowly back over the next 3 ends to lead,
and then the game swung to and fro until the last end
where James was 1 down with last stone.
George’s last stone did something strange,
leaving James lying a single shot,
but with the chance to hit out a stone for 2.
In another strange stone twist James was wide
all the way down and hooked his shot out of the house.
A two for George, an 8 to 5 win,
and a sore head for James as he tried to reconcile what had just happened.

On the next sheet James Baird had
Ryan Asher, Helen Drummond and Caroline Morrison
up against Andrew Boswell’s rink.
This was a tight game on the score card,
with the game peeled at end 7, and Andrew with last stone.
The Galston coloured stones began to pile up in the house,
despite the best efforts of James’ rink there was no way in,
that was until his last stone in which he conjured up
a magical tap up of a short stone -
or a wick in off a short stone –
I can’t remember which –
but the end result was one of James’ stones
sitting in among all the Galston ones.
Andrew made a raise attempt
but failed connect with the opposition shot.
A narrow 1 shot victory for James.

Finally, Jim Strang
with James Strang, Mhairi Baird and Bill Gibson
took on Jim Boswell. Another tight affair,
with scores of 1 except for one end where a 3 was scored.
Long story short Jim was lying the one he needed for a peel,
but missed the draw for a two to win.
At least he didn’t take his own out like Dykes!
An enjoyable meal was had in the restaurant,
and George took great pleasure in being
presented with the Tappit Hen trophy by James Dykes.
Some stories were told and then happy birthday
was sung for one of the Boswells!
Another great evening of curling and good company.

Drawn Rinks

Skip George Strang
Neil Fyfe
John Gilmour
Margaret Brown

Skip James Baird
Alex Torrance
Alistair Torrance
Caroline Morrison

Skip Jim Strang
James Strang
Mhairi Baird
Senga Hair

2023-24 Lesmahagow Winning Rink

Lesmahagow Three Rinks LIR
Thurs 7th March 2024 @ 5.45pm

Match Report by William Cannon

With the season drawing to a close
our final inter club of the year was played
against Lesmahagow on Thursday 7th March.
Team selection had proven a bit tricky for this one,
with a few substitutes needed
for the original three teams.
Then we were informed the match would
only be two teams this year
and so some deselection was required.
With our Match Secretary
on the other side of the world
Jim Strang stepped in to
make the final changes needed.
But with a final twist Willie Cannon
(who was originally in but was then out)
offered to help out Allan Brown
(who was originally out but was then in).
This would be the second time this week
that Willie would help Allan
after gifting him a Wiseman victory - don’t ask!
As Willie entered the corridor for the changing rooms
John King questioned loudly,
what is Willie Cannon doing here?
The Heather’s Alex Fleming helped John
by suggesting it might be curling related.
Picking up on that hint, John followed Willie
into the changing rooms and suggested he swap places
from his position of skip to Willie’s
planned position of playing third in the other rink.
John was unaware that two days earlier Willie
had left the ice rink
considering whether to ever skip again
after his tactical disaster against Allan,
but John was persistent.
It may also have been that John would have been
skipping a team with Tommy Campbell in it,
and they would have had to compromise on how much
each other talked during the game!
So with Willie back in the skip’s saddle
he teamed up with Tommy, Janet Leiper and Stewart Webster
against Ian McAlister’s Lesmahagow side.
The ice was keen and our side
got the hang of it from the first stone.
Stewart and Janet barely put a foot wrong all night,
meaning Tommy and Willie were frequently
just securing what was already in play,
while Ian’s side were having to play
difficult shots more often than not.
After six ends the score was 9-0, and time for a
sporting outcome was running out.
However in the seventh end
Ian made a good draw to secure a shot.
After the eighth end the final score was 10-1.

Next door James Baird had new recruit
John King at third,
Willie King at second and Senga Hair at lead.
They were up against Jim Stewart’s rink.
After the first end Senga took off her jumper,
and then when sweeping a stone Willie King
took his eyes off the ice and fell over.
It is not known if the two events
are in any way connected.
Willie suggested he was ok,
and when learning that Tommy Campbell
is going to the World Seniors in disguise
as physio for the Ireland Ladies team
Willie confirmed he was definitely ok and in no way
needed Tommy to put his healing hands on him!
John King spent half the game on the phone to his son,
directing him on how to do what John would
have been doing if he was at home.
Apparently this included arguing with the dog
on who gets to lie closest to the fire.
Anyway James guided his team to singles in the
first three ends, then swapping singles to be 4-1 up.
But in the last couple of ends
the ‘Gow scored three shots to end with a peel.

Some hilarity ensued in the restaurant
with Tommy warming up for our end of season dinner,
and a few stories being told about the games
and other things.
Alan Turner presented the trophy to
born again skip Willie Cannon.
Curling is a fickle game!

Rinks as drawn

Skip Willie Cannon
Tommy Campbell
Stewart Webster
Rosalind Jamieson

Skip James Baird
Katy Macleod
Janet Leiper
Margaret Brown

Skip George Strang
Jackie Craig
John Gilmour
Caroline Morrison

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