Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club Ladies' Points Trophy

The A. L. Scott Ladies' Points Trophy

Ladies' Points Winners

  Date       Winning Lady     Points Scored 
1977Margaret Craig17
1978Doris Strang30
1979Doris C. Strang24
1980Alison Allison21
1981Doris Strang25
1982Alison Allison26
1983Barbara Dykes18
1984Jean Neilson17
1985Sheena Drummie38
1986Barbara Dykes32
1987Sheena Drummie29
1988Liz Colley??
1989Agnes Strang26
1990Sheena Drummie37
1991Sheena Drummie27
1992Sheena Drummie33
1993Agnes Strang28
1994Lillias King38
1995Marion Craig42
1996Sheena Drummie38
1997Marion Craig34
1998Colette Maule53
1999Marion Craig32
2000Lillias King31
2001Colette Maule40
2002Colette Maule37
2003Colette Maule30
2004Sheena Drummie28
2005Sheena Drummie29
2006Sheena Drummie29
2007Alison Allison28
2008Mhairi Baird29
2009Mhairi Baird27
2010Alison Leiper35
2011Marion Craig39
2012Jackie Craig42
2013Jackie Craig34
2014Marion Craig27
2015Marion Craig36
2016Marion Craig38
2017Jackie Craig38
2018 Alison Taylor30
2019Jackie Craig38
2020Marion Craig44
2021Not Played
2022Not Played

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