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Haremyres Medal Singles
Season 2023---2024



Haremyres Medal Singles
Report by Margaret Richardson.

It’s been a busy week of curling for EKandHCC,
Punchbowl Semis and Final rounded off
by our annual Singles competition.
In a small but competitive field,
as always, the cream rises to the top
and so the semi finalists were
James Baird, Willie Cannon, Emma Craig and Neil Fyfe.

In the first semi-final, last year’s winner, James Baird
took on a Willie Cannon re-vitalised with new shoes -
he can slide all the way to the far hogline!
It was a cagey affair with a lot of hitting and blank ends -
the new shoes triumphed, 2 – 0.
James is thinking of adding new curling shoes
to Santa’s wish list.

In the second semi-final
previous winner, Emma Craig took on Neil Fyfe who came
through a strong section by the narrowest of margins.
Neil started strongly and when Emma’s raised takeout
just missed, Neil had a draw for 3.
In a short game this proved to be decisive, 5 – 1 to Neil.

And so, to the final - Willie Cannon v Neil Fyfe.
A cagey first end saw Willie making his final hit for a two 2 – 0.
In end 2 Neil was facing 3 with his last stone –
a speedy stone just pulled up in time in the back 8
to give Neil the shot – 2 - 1.
At this point it feels like Willie is on the front foot
and this continues with some good play in end 3
as he hits and sticks for 1 to increase his lead - 3 - 1.
In end 4 Neil tried to set up a multiple score
by drawing round a centre guard,
but this strategy doesn’t quite come off and he is
again facing 3 when he comes to play his last stone.
As some of you may know
there is no sweeping allowed in singles competition,
Neil employed a lot of “air sweeping” from the hog in
to encourage his stone to make the house;
eventually it crept into the 12 foot
and by the narrowest of margins it was shot! 3 – 2.

The final end was a classic.
Neil played the perfect centre guard,
Willie decides to try a tick shot
to move the guard off the centre line –
unfortunately he is too heavy
and his penguin impersonation (thigh slapping) has no effect -
the guard remains in place.
Neil then found the draw weight
that had eluded him for most of the competition
and draws perfectly round the centre guard
on to the button.
Willie elects to draw round and comes up short in the 12 foot.
More penguin impersonations.
Neil draws round again
and corner freezes Willie’s shot in the 12 foot.
Willie elects to raise the guard
and picks his own shot off the 12 foot!
Neil plays another guard and can only watch
as Willie attempts a really difficult draw,
coming up short and giving Neil the shot
for a final score of 3 – 3 with Neil winning on ends 3 – 2.
Congratulations to Neil “air-sweeping” Fyfe
and commiserations to Willie “new shoes” Cannon.
A fitting way to end a memorable week of curling.

Wishing all our members a peaceful festive season,
re-charged and ready to go
for the second half of the season in 2024.

SINGLES Season 2023-24

1-James Baird
2-Jackie Craig
3-Willie King

1-Margaret Richardson
2-Willie Cannon
3-Allan Brown

1-Emma Craig
2-Eric Richardson
3-James Strang

1-George Strang
2-Willie Baird
3-Neil Fyfe


Friday 22nd December 2023

5:45 PM
James Baird vs Jackie Craig
Margaret Richardson vs Willie Cannon
Emma Craig vs Eric Richardson

6:15 PM
Margaret Richardson vs Allan Brown
George Strang vs Willie Baird
James Baird vs Willie King

6:45 PM
George Strang vs Neil Fyfe
Eric Richardson vs James Strang
Allan Brown vs Willie Cannon

7:15 PM
Emma Craig vs James Strang
Willie King vs Jackie Craig
Neil Fyfe vs Willie Baird

7:45 PM -------- Semi Final 1
8:15 PM -------- Semi Final 2
8:45 PM -------- Final

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