Season 2021/2022


East Kilbride & Haremyres C.C. 2021-22 Singles Winner of The Haremyres Medal


Tuesday 28th December 2021

A very Covid safe (I hope) competition took place on 28th Dec at LIR.
Margaret Brown had worked hard and did well to get 12 members of the Club to take part
in a trimmed down version of the Singles Competition.
Willie Cannon came to the ice rink to get away from the wummin in his hoose
only to find himself playing against Issy Tait and Jackie Craig.
I bet he wished he stayed in the hoose as Jackie qualified from this section.
James Tait, James Hair and David Lawson competed in the next group.
There was a tight finish to this one as each player had finished with 2 points.
However, it came down to points scored and James Tait had one more shot than David
so that meant that James qualified from this group.
George Strang was up against it in his group as he took on Willie Craig and also Tommy Campbell
with their poles - not to be confused as having assistance from natives of Poland.
I think you might see George consider adding to his curling equipment next season!
Tommy qualified from this group to the semi-finals.
Brian Cassidy thought his Christmas was extended. He won a match against James Strang!!
Then, when he played James Baird, Brian's lucky run seemed to continue
as his 4 stones sat alone in the head in the 1st End.
Unfortunately James had won the toss and still had a stone to play.
James's Christmas spirit ceased to exist as he started to take things seriously
and played a beautiful draw to win this, and the next 3 ends
before hands were 'shook' and he moved onto the semis.
The competition remained tight as Jackie played James Tait, and James Baird played Tommy Campbell.
Tommy and James B ended up having to draw shots to decide who would play in the final.
At the second attempt to get a shot in the house, Tommy's was the better.
In the other semi, Jackie and James T finished at 3 shots each
but James had the benefit of winning 3 ends to Jackie's 2.
The final was the battle of the Jameses. James B had clearly been exhausted,
beating the life out of Brian Cassidy (author's privilege)
and he struggled to get his weight. James T was more clinical.
After 4 ends they shook hands
with James Tait the victor and EK&H Singles Champion 2021-22.

As usual, this competition runs more smoothly if there are people on the ice
supporting the curlers by fielding stray/wasted stones.
So it's a big thanks to all who assisted in this when they weren't playing
(and non-playing - Stella), particularly Willie Cannon,
who hung around and performed the task through the rounds,
the semi finals and the final. (I told you he was just wanting to get oot the hoose!).
Also a thank you to Brian G who prepared the ice,
Stewart for providing the sandwiches and Stephanie who served us at the bar.

All the best to all our members and I hope you have a happy and healthy 2022.
Brian C


Tuesday 28th December 2021

Section 1 (1)Willie Cannon............1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2) Neil Fyfe............1 v 3 @ 6.15pm
(3)Issy Tait.............2 v 3 @ 6.45pm

..............Winners of Sec 1 and 2 play Semi Final at 8.00pm

Section 2 (1)Jim Strang.........1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2)James Tait........1 v 3 @ 6.15pm
(3)George Brown......2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

Section 3 (1)George Strang..............1 v 2 @ 5.45pm
(2) Tommy Campbell........... 1 v 3 @ 6.45pm
(3) Willie Craig............2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

...............Winners of Sec 3 and 4 play Semi Final at 8.30pm

Section 4 (1)James Strang......... .1 v 2 @ 6.15pm
(2) James Baird..............1 v 3 @ 6.45pm
(3 )William Baird........... 2 v 3 @ 7.15pm

..........FINAL at 9.00pm

RESERVES...... Emma Craig, David Lawson, Colette Maule,
Jim Morrison, Alison Paterson, Alex Rennie,
Eric Richardson, Paul Russell, Daryl Russell,

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