SEASON 2023-24
Skip Margaret Richardson, Third Allan Brown, Second Helen Drummond and Lead, Elisabeth Downie

Punchbowl Winners 2023

Elisabeth ---- Helen --- Allan --- Margaret

Report by Eric Richardson.

With the 2nd biggest club in Lanarkshire contesting
the final of the Cameron Cup on the same night as
the final of our recently sponsored L S Smellie Punchbowl,
a near capacity crowd was in attendance.
It was also ladies’ night
with 12 ladies and only 4 gents between the 2 games
and 3 lady skips out of 4.

Jim Strang’s team of
Jill Strang, Janet Leiper and Fiona Argo
picked up the speed of the ice quicker
than Margaret Richardson’s team of
Allan Brown, Helen Drummond
and the ever-present finalist Elisabeth Downie.
Facing 5 when she came to play her first stone,
Margaret drew beautifully round 2 stones into the 4 foot circle.
Jim’s attempt to follow was very close but
his stone narrowly clipped a guard
leaving Margaret a draw to the 4 foot for a 2.
Perhaps knowing they would need to save some
sweeping energy for the final end, Helen and Elisabeth
didn’t quite get the stone far enough
so an opening single to Margaret.
The turnaround of the first end sparked a momentum swing
as Margaret’s team took control of the game
with the whole team
seemingly having draw weight in their back pockets.
Jim’s hit against 3 in the 2nd end over-curled rolled out
leaving Margaret lying 2 for a 3-0 lead.
A single to Margaret in the 3rd end made it 4-0.
Margaret’s team again controlled the 4th end but this time
Jim’s final hit against 3 stayed in play for a score of 1.
Singles for Margaret in the 5th and 6th ends had
Jim facing a 6-1 deficit but things were to turn round
in the 7th end as Fiona, Janet and Jill all found draw weight.
Lying 4, Jim tried to drop a 5th shot at the front of the house
which would have blocked Margaret out.
His stone however slid slightly too far and Margaret followed
with what looked like a perfect freeze to kill the end.
With the experts in the bar agreeing
that Jim’s only option was a draw for a 1,
Jim showed why he was in the final
and they were in the bar
with a hit shaving just past the guard and moving
Margaret’s freeze enough for a score of 3.
6-4 and game on for the final end.
The good draw weight by Jim’s team from end 7
continued and, with 2 stones remaining,
he was lying the 2 shots he needed for the peel.
Jim’s guard had perfect weight but slightly over-curled
leaving Margaret a shot through a tight port for the win.
With the experts in the bar all calling
for the draw round the open side,
it was Margaret’s turn to show why she was in the final.
With the Heather final already finished,
all eyes from the busy bar were watching as Margaret’s shot,
assisted by some powerful directional sweeping from Helen,
squeezed past the guard to hit the shot stone
on the nose for a 1 and a well-deserved 7-4 victory
to Margaret, Allan, Helen and Elisabeth.

On Monday, December 18, 2023, 10:19 pm, Tommy Campbell wrote:

A dreich Monday night saw a good support of also ran members
and also the usual senior citizens of the club gather
to witness the Semi finals of the Punchbowl competition.
Anticipating perhaps a potential domestic arising in one contest
the crowd were disappointed to find that the ever astute
Eric Richardson had decided that he would strap up an injured leg,
ignore the pain of a just recovering shoulder
and risk going Skiing in Switzerland
rather than suffer the mental anguish
of defeat at the hands of his good lady.
The poor unsuspecting sub Steve Russell
having spent much preparation time studying
recorded footage of how curling stones behave
when played by team Mouat put this knowledge into practice
and had the temerity to take the first end
with a magnificent draw through a small port
which Margaret couldn’t follow to take the first end.
What followed was reminiscent of the Israeli response
to the Hamas attack on Israel
and hands were shaken after six ends
with the score standing at 10-1 in Margarets favour.
Eric has sent a message of congratulations
to his delighted good lady and is enjoying trying to decide
whether to come home or enjoy another weeks skiing
since at the moment he can do no wrong.
Erics dad Malcolm who witnessed the game said
Erics presence was unlikely to have made any difference
the way Margaret was playing.

The other semi final was an entirely different contest.
Club champion hurdler best known for
falling at the last hurdle again, in the farmers last Friday
was obviously still reeling and lost a 4 in the first end
to a hot out of the traps Ryan Asher led side.
However thanks to having a Strang
in the team who was on superb form,
Jim managed to claw a 4 straight back
and desperate to regain the Strang family supremacy
in the 3rd end played a superb hit and roll
to bury behind the guards.
Ryan then forgot he wasn’t watching Monday nights Only Connect
and made the connection with the front guards and lost a one.
Miffed with this momentary lapse of concentration
Ryan retaliated in the 4th but got a bit over exuberant
with his last stone and only managed a 3 against a potential 5.
Now Ryan 7-5.
Jim’s lovely draw round the outside, at the fifth end gave him a 2
Now 7 all.
7th end The good Strang player in the rink,
watched by her coach Agnes behind the glass
and wondering perhaps why skills sometimes
tend to miss a generation ,
played a couple of crackers
leaving Jim just to block things up
and leave Ryan once again to play Only Connect with the Guards.
Jim now 10-7 up after seven Ends.
Riveting 8th end for the Audience
with 4 consecutive shots all going
through a narrow port to take out the shot on the pot lid,
Alas Jim Strangs last shot couldnt
and it was his turn at Only Connect with the Guards.
Ryan made a lovely weighted draw
to pick up a Three and now its Peels after 8
The extra end.
Ryan couldn’t get any cover or hide
and with his last stone he valiantly tried a hit and roll
behind the guards but rolled too far and perhaps
fortunately Jim didn’t have to play his last stone.
A great game well worthy of a final never mind a semi final,
and enjoyable to watch.
Heres looking forward to the finals later in the week,
well worth a visit if only for the comments behind the glass.

East Kilbride & Haremyres C.C. 2023/4 Punchbowl Table

PUNCHBOWL TROPHY Season 2023---2024


1) Skip Willie Baird Third Carolyn Baird
Second Peter Henderson Lead Alex Rennie

2) Skip George Strang Third Margaret Ferguson
Second Emma Hair Lead David Wilson

3) Skip John King Third John Gilmour
Second Stewart Webster Lead Lorraine Hogg

4) Skip Neil Fyfe Third Emma Craig
Second Jamie Boyd Lead Mhairi Strang

5) Skip Willie Dykes Third Nancy Rutherford
Second Laura Strang Lead Brian Gemmell

6) Skip Jim Strang Third Jill Strang
Second Janet Leiper Lead Fiona Argo

7) Skip Eric Richardson Third Fiona McGinnis
Second Buck Kenyon Lead Tom Bryson

SECTION TWO Season 2023---2024

8) Skip Ryan Asher Third Margaret Brown
Second Audrey King Lead John Forsyth

9) Skip Alex Torrance Third Jackie Craig
Second Bill Gibson Lead Aitken Hunter

10) Skip Willie Cannon Third Mhairi Baird
Second Anne Craig Lead Stephen Russell

11) Skip Willie King Third Marion Craig
Second Aileen King Lead Craig Ferguson

12) Skip Katy Macleod Third Alison Taylor
Second Senga Hair Lead Robert Patterson

13) Skip Margaret Richardson Third Allan Brown
Second Helen Drummond Lead Elisabeth Downie

14) Skip James Strang Third Chris Rennie
Second Stella Cassidy Lead Rosalind Jamieson

RESERVES...... Season 2023---2024

Karen Cromar, Elaine Gemmell,
Isobel Hannan, Brian King, David Lawson,
Emily Lawson, Caroline Morrison, Amy McIlwain,
Alison Patterson, Alison Paton, Bill Paton,
Daryl Russell, Paul Russell, Jacqui Taylor,
Karen Torrance, Kate Torrance, Alistair Torrance.

PUNCH BOWL Season 2023-24


MONDAY 9th----------5:45PM---2 V 3-----6 V 7
WEDNESDAY 11th---8:00PM---4 V 5-----9 V 10
SUNDAY  15th---------5:45PM---1 V 3-----13 V 14
TUESDAY 17th--------8:00PM---11 V 12---2 V 6
THURSDAY  19th-----8:00PM---4 V 7------8 V 10
WEDNESDAY  25th--5:45PM---1 V 5------9 V 13
THURSDAY  26th-----8:00PM---11 V 14---3 V 6


WEDNESDAY 1st----8:00PM---2 V 5----10 V 12
THURSDAY  2nd-----5:45PM---8 V 13---1 V 7
MONDAY 6th---------5:45PM---3 V 4-----9 V 11
WEDNESDAY  8th---8:00PM---10 V 14--5 V 6
WEDNESDAY 15th--8:00PM---8 V 12---10 V 13
THURSDAY  16th----8:00PM---1 V 2-----3 V 5
TUESDAY  21st-------5:45PM---8 V 14---9 V 12--11 V 13
THURSDAY  23rd----5:45PM---5 V 7----1 V 4
MONDAY  27th-------5:45PM---2 V 7----12 V 14


FRIDAY 1st-----------8:00PM---1 V 6---8 V 9---10 V 11
MONDAY  4th--------8:00PM---2 V 4---3 V 7
WEDNESDAY 6th---8:00PM---9 V 14--12 V 13
MONDAY 11th-------8:00PM---4 V 6---8 V 11


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