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Final report By Margaret Brown

Tonight’s final of the Punchbowl
was between George Strang’s rink and Willie Baird’s rink.
On paper George’s rink was the favourite
having won all their games up till now. George’s rink was complete
but Alison Paterson was playing lead to Willie Baird
because James Tait was unable to play.
Before the game had even started John Gilmour had some excitement
when his car broke down and he was slightly late for the game.
For the first four ends the game was very close with the score four all,
at the fifth end Willie managed to nudge one of his stones in to steal a one.
The turning point came at the sixth and seventh ends
with Willie picking up a two at each end to make the score 9-4.
In the tenth end George’s team was lying two when George came to play
and in desperation he played a heavy stone to try to increase his score
but left Willie lying one,so the game ended 10-4 in favour of Willie Baird’s team.

Congratulations to Willie Baird, John Gilmour, Bill Gibson & Alison Paterson.

East Kilbride & Haremyres C.C. 2019 Punchbowl Table

Punchbowl winners
John Gilmour, Bill Gibson, Alison Paterson sub for James Tait Willie Baird,

R/up George Strang, Neil Fyfe, Peter Henderson, Brian Cassidy
Commiserations to George Strang, Neil Fyfe, Peter Henderson & Brian Cassidy.

Semi-Final report By Margaret Brown

Good evening Alan,
I have just returned from the ice rink
where the semi finals were being played.
On sheet D Willie Baird’s rink was playing Eric Richardson’s rink.
Willie and Eric were unable to play
because they are both involved with the play downs
for the Scottish Seniors Competitions and were playing away at other ice rinks.
Marion Macdonald skipped Eric’s rink and James Tait skipped Willie’s rink.
This was a close game which could have gone either way
and in the end Willie Baird’s rink won , the score was 9 - 7 ,
so Willie Baird’s rink will play next week in the final.
Meanwhile on sheet F George Strang’s rink was playing Ryan Asher's rink
this was not as close a game ,and they shook hands after 6 ends
with George Strang’s rink winning , the score was 8 - 2 to George.

The final is next week on Thursday 19th December at 5.45pm ,
when Willie Baird’s rink will play George Strang’s rink,
I hope lots of members come along to see it ,
it should be an exciting game. Margaret

East Kilbride & Haremyres C.C. 2019 Punchbowl Table


1) Skip Mag't Richardson Third Mag't Ferguson
Second Katie Brown Lead Renee Murray

2) Skip Willie King Third Isobel Hannen
Second Robert Hosie Lead Catherine Raeburn

3) Skip Alex Torrance Third William Boyd
Second Agnes Strang Lead Fiona Argo

4) Skip George Strang Third Neil Fyfe
Second Peter Henderson Lead Brian Cassidy

5) Skip Robert Tait Third John King
Second George Ballantyne Lead Issy Tait

6) Skip Jim Craig Third Emma Craig
Second Alex Rennie Lead Katy Richardson

7) Skip Marion Craig Third Fiona McGinnis
Second Janet Leiper Lead Alison Young

8) Skip Eric Richardson Third Nancy Rutherford
Second Laura Strang Lead Archie McFarlane


9) Skip David Lawson Third Mhairi Baird
Second Stella Cassidy Lead Emily Lawson

10) Skip Jim Strang Third Chris Rennie
Second Carolyn Baird Lead George Brown

11) Skip Archie Craig Third Alison Taylor
Second Aileen King Lead Steve Russell

12) Skip Willie Dykes Third Helen Drummond
Second Stewart Webster Lead Tom Bryson

13) Skip Ryan Asher Third Jill Strang
Second Robert Paterson Lead Miriam Byrne

14) Skip Jackie Craig Third James Strang
Second Margaret Brown Lead Willie Craig

15) Skip William Baird Third John Gilmour
Second Bill Gibson Lead James Tait

RESERVES..... Jim Boyd, William Boyd,
Andrea Fox, Gail Gilmour, Emma Hair,
Senga Hair, Rachael Hannen, Rosalind Jamieson,
Brian King, Craig Lambie, Daniel Marsh,
Colette Maule, Caroline Morrison, Jim Morrison,
Alison Paterson, Alison Paton, Lockhart Steel,
Alistair Torrance, Kate Torrance, Karen Torrance.


Wed 25/09/19..8.00pm......1 v 2.....3 v 4......9 v 10

Wed 02/10/19..8.00pm......11 v 12.....7 v 8.....5 v 6

Wed 9/10/19..8.00pm.....13 v 14.....1 v 5.....10 v 15

Tue 15/10/19.. 5.45pm......5 v 7......2 v 4.....9 v 11

Wed 16/10/19..8.00pm..... 6 v 8......1 v 3.....14 v 15

Tue 22/10/19.. 5.45pm....10 v 11.....2 v 3

Wed 23/10/19..5.45pm....1 v 8.....9 v 12

Mon 28/10/19..8.00pm....11 v 13.....6 v 7.....4 v 5

Thur 31/10/19..5.45pm....9 v 14......3 v 8.....12 v 15

Wed 06/11/19..8.00pm....4 v 8.....3 v 7.....10 v 14

Tue 12/11/19..8.00pm....13 v 15.....2 v 6.....1 v 7

Wed 13/11/19..5.45pm....5 v 8.....10 v 12

Wed 20/11/19..8.00pm....11 v 14.....1 v 6.....3 v 5

Thur 21/11/19..8.00pm.... 4 v 7.....2 v 8.....10 v 13

Tue 26/11/19..8.00pm....9 v 15.....4 v 6

Thur 28/11/19..5.45pm....2 v 5.....12 v 13

Mon 02/12/19..8.00pm....3 v 6.....11 v 15.....1 v 4

Mon 9/12/19..5.45pm....9 v 13.....2 v 7.....12 v 14

Semi Finals - Thursday 12th December 2019 at 5.45pm

Final - Thursday 19th December 2019 at 5.45pm

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