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Duneaton Salver
Club Points Winners 2019/20

Congratulations go to
Willie Baird on 46 points
winning again the Duneaton Salver

Emma Craig was the leading lady on 39 points

In The Handicap
Bill Gibson and Willie Craig tied on 50 points
and Emma Craig had 49

East Kilbride & Haremyres C.C. Duneaton Salver Points Winners 2019/20

By Brian Cassidy

Well, with the introduction of the new handicap system,
the turn-out for the points competition was up on last year.
11 hardy souls took part with 2 others who had signed up, going AWOL.
At least they paid in advance - John King will be happy!!
The handicap was based on your position in the Punchbowl
(or as deemed appropriate by the arbitrator i.e. me!)
Skips got no extra points, with 10 for thirds, 20 for seconds and 30 for leads.
I had to arbitrate as Past President Willie found himself with an generous
extra 30 points and was getting very excited
with the prospect of beating the regular winner, Willie Baird.
PP Craig's handicap was then adjusted to a more realistic 20.
3 of the club's ladies took part which again was up on last year.
Marion (it's no fair) Craig was a bit concerned about the extent
of the handicaps but when she saw the quality of the Leads' play
she relaxed a bit. Not even an extra 30 points was going to drag
Brian Cassidy, Tom Bryson and Alex Rennie high enough to win,
although Tom finished just one point short of the top score.

So it kicked off with the Striking and the majority of contenders managed full points.
As we played up and down the ice it was clear that Willie Baird
preferred playing towards (looking into) the mirrors as he scored
10 points more than when it was his backside that was in the mirror.
Willie Craig was similar with a 6 point difference in that direction.
George Strang was consistent in both directions.
He was as bad either way with 17 points on each sheet.

There was a lot of loud laughter as you would expect
having Helen Drummond and George Strang in the same group.
Emma Craig showed her determination as she gave nothing away when asked
about how much ice to take and was it keen.
"Could be" was one of her retorts.
We even had to take a measure,
as Brian Cassidy's stone sat at the very edge of the rings.
Well a points a point and that's what he got after the measure.
At the end, in the bar, the scores were calculated with and without the handicap.
Without the handicap system it was that man Baird again,
coming out on top with a score of 46 after 8 elements.
However, it is now also a handicap competition and after adding
the additional points Bill Gibson and Willie Craig tied with 50 points.
Emma Craig was the leading lady with and without the handicap,
finishing with 39 points and 49 points after the handicap was added.
It's a big thanks to those who took part and hopefully
the handicap system will encourage more to play next year.

Competitors were, in the order they played,
W. Baird, W. King, W. Craig, M. Craig, A. Rennie, T. Bryson,
E. Craig, B, Gibson, B. Cassidy, H. Drummond and G, Strang.

Club Points Competition
     Duneaton Salver

In season 1968 club member Arthur Frame and his sister Nan Frame
presented a salver to the club for points play.
This was to be known as the "Duneaton Salver".
From the early minutes of the club it would appear
that Points play was an annual event.
The earliest extant minutes are contained in Minute Book 3
and open with Season 1898
they note that at least one medal would be given for points play
the directors to arrange the day of play.
The Points Game was played on 4th February 1899 when 18 entered
the medal was won by John Baird with 31 Points.
A new medal was arranged to be given to the highest scorer each year
up untill season 1918..20 when it is first minuted that
a medal would be given to be kept for one year.
It is reasonable to assume that points play had taken place annually
from the inauguration of the Haremyres club in 1872
and the East Kilbride Club in 1830
If outdoor ice was available.

Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club and Blantyre Curling Club Trophy Box

               The Points Game
Four stones are played to each set piece over two sheets of ice.
ie. you get two shots on the first sheet before moving on to the second
with the opportunity to score a maximum of eight points on each set piece played.

Set   1 = Striking
Set   2 = Inwicking
Set   3 = Drawing
Set   4 = Guarding
Set   5 = Chap & Lie
Set   6 = Wick & Curl In
Set   7 = Raising
Set   8 = Chipping the Winner
Set   9 = Drawing Thro' a Port   
Set 10 = Outwicking

Club members taking part will normally play up to
set piece number nine "Drawing Thro' a Port",
set number ten "Outwicking" may then be used to resolve a tied position.

Points Play Winners
up to 1929/30 all play had been on outside ice
at Hairmyres Pond
there after the club took indoor ice at Crossmyloof.
No mention of Points Play appears in the minutes after 1927
when the usual conditions were to apply.
In 1968 the club were let down by Crossmyloof
with regard to playing points at a cheaper rate.
Points were played on 22nd April 1968 at Hamilton.
I would take it from this that Points Play was
a viable proposition on the club's own outdoor Hairmyres ice
but when curling moved indoors at Crossmyloof
it was deemed to be too expensive for the members to play.

Glasgow Province arranged a Points game April 1959
for the Province and also in order that the clubs could
have a competition at the same time.
AGM 1961 noted that ice was available at Crossmyloof
for Points play later in the season, members were notified.
Committee meeting 1965 some members desired to play points
so two rinks were kept aside for this purpose on 27th March 1965
27 members turned out for this game and had a most enjoyable night.
The winners being Jas. Craig and Andrew Bryson on equal points.

April 1977 a new trophy was presented to the club by Annie L. Scott
this trophy was to be awarded to the Lady gaining the highest points score
at the Points competition and be competed for annually.
At the request of the Ladies Committee
it was agreed that the original Annie Scott spoon for points
be given back to the original winner and that a similar spoon
be presented to last years winner. From now on a teaspoon would be
the prize along with the Annie Scott Biscuit Barrel.

From 1979 the Ladies Section have held their own points competition.
Lady members of the club may still take part
in the Duneaton Salver competition and do so.

1899 Feb 6th John Baird....Dairyman EK   31 points
1900 Feb 10th  John Hamilton....Mains EK   17 points
1902 Feb 1stGeorge Warnock....Wallace Place EK   23 points
1903 to ice   
1907Christopher Strang....Duncanrigg EK   18 points
1908 to 1913winner not recorded   
1914..1915no play due to War   
1916John Craig....Sunneyside EK   20 points
1917 to 1964no points played   
1965James Craig and Andrew Bryson   Equal points   
1968James T Gracie   32 points
1969John Strang   31 Points
1970William Allison   27 Points
1971William Allison   33 Points
1972Lachlan McArthur   33 Points
1973John Strang   36 Points
1974James T Gracie   38 points
Top LadyIrene Taylor   36 points
1975James Dykes   33 points
Top LadyAlison Allison   27 points
1976John Strang   26 points
Top LadyLiz Colley   13 points
1977Gavin Wiseman   28 points
Top LadyMargaret Craig   17 points
1978Doris Strang   30 points
Top LadyDoris Strang   30 points
1979Not recorded    points
1980John Strang   27 points
1981Not recorded     points
1982George Strang    39 points
1983Sheena Drummie    42 points
Top LadySheena Drummie    42 points
1984Archie Craig     points
1985Archie Craig    44 points
1986Gavin Wiseman    45 points
1987Jim Neilson    47 points
1988xxx   xx points
1989xxx   xx points
1990Archie Craig   47 points
1991Jim Neilson   51 points
1992Archie Craig   xx points
1993John Strang   43 points
1994John Strang   38 points
1995George Strang Jun   47 points
1996William Baird    45 points
1997John Strang   43 points
1998Eric Richardson   50 points
1999Eric Richardson   37 points
2000James Baird   53 points
2001Willie Baird   44 points
2002Willie Baird   44 points
2003George Strang Jun   43 points
2004William Baird   45 points
2005James Baird   51 points
2006Eric Richardson   43 points
2007James Baird   37 points
2008Willie Baird   39 points
2009Jim Strang   42 points
2010Tommy Campbell   46 points
Top LadyCarolyn Baird   28 points
2011George Strang   46 points
Top LadyMarion Craig and Mhairi Baird equal   41 points
2012Tommy Campbell   43 points
Top LadyJackie Craig   35 points
Top JuniorEmma Hair   27 points
2013William Baird   41 points
Top LadyCarolyn Baird   40 points
Top JuniorCarolyn Baird   40 points
2014Emma Hair   40 points
Top LadyEmma Hair   40 points
Top JuniorJames Strang   34 points
2015William Baird   50 points
Top LadyHelen Drummond   32 points
Top JuniorJames Strang   34 points
2016Tommy Campbell   56 points
Top LadyAlison Paton   XXXX points
2017Willie Baird   46 points
Top LadyMargaret Ferguson   30 points
2018Willie Craig   40 points
Top LadyMargaret Ferguson   
2019Willie Baird   44 points
Top LadyMhairi Strang   

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