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East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club President's Bonspiel Winners 2019


Tuesday night and East Kilbride and Haremyres opening bonspiel of the season.
Good to see the ice rink full with twelve teams taking part
and match secretary Margaret getting substitutes in place
for anyone who couldn’t make it.
From a personal view it was good to escape the house
and not hear the dreaded Brexit word for one night!!!!
On to the action,
a lot of old faces getting older every year, such is life,
and some new members as well.
Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves going by the lively chatter.
After the curling we had a drink and another of Stuarts fabulous buffets.
President Brian then moved onto the results where the number eight
featured in the winners and the booby prize scores.
How I hear you ask ?
Well the booby prize winners had a negative eight score
and that team was Chris Rennie, Brian Cassidy, Issy Tait and Linda Smith.
President Brian told us when you win you shout it from the roof tops
but when you lose you keep it quiet.
He preceded to present the losing team with a chocolate WISPA bar.
Now onto the winning team who this year only lost one end
and finished with a score of plus eight.
They were skipped by Margaret Richardson
with Jim Morrison, Janet Leiper and Caroline Morrison.
They received the Anderson trophy from President Brian.
P.S. An eight nearly made a third appearance in this report
but our treasurer only lost a seven in the last end to Neil Fyfes team.
This reporter couldn’t resist a bit of banter !!!!
Wishing you all a good seasons curling, Willie Craig.

Tue 17th September 2019 5-45pm

No 1 Skip James Baird - Chris Rennie
Issy Tait - Linda Smith

No 2 Skip Margaret Richardson - Jim Morrison
Janet Leiper - Alison Young

No 3 Skip William Baird - Fiona McGinnis
Mhairi McQuillan - Senga Hair

No 4 Skip Jim Strang - Stella Cassidy
Karen Torrance - Elisabeth Forsyth

No 5 Skip Willie Dykes - Peter Henderson
Katie Brown - Andrea Fox

No 6 Skip Eric Richardson - Tom Bryson
Alex Rennie - Bill Paton

No 7 Skip James Strang - John Gilmour
Jim Boyd - Emma Hair

No 8 Skip John King - Nancy Rutherford
Stewart Webster- Rosalind Jamieson

No 9 Skip Neil Fyfe - James Hair
Mhairi Strang - Robert Paterson

No 10 Skip Willie King - Margaret Brown
Catherine Morrison - Steve Russell

No 11 Skip Emma Craig - Brian Cassidy
Alison Taylor - Willie Craig

No 12 Skip Jackie Craig - Katy Richardson
Aileen King - Margaret Ferguson

RESERVES... Carolyn Baird, William Boyd,
Gail Gilmour, Emily Lawson,
Daniel Marsh, Colette Maule, Caroline Morrison,
Alison Paton, James Tait,, Jacqui Taylor, Ian King,
Alistair Torrance, Kate Torrance, Laura Weir

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