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East Kilbride & Haremyres Curling Club

President's Trophy
Season 2023---2024
Tue 3rd Oct 2023 at 5.45pm

Congratulations to
The Winning Rink
James Strang, Jill Strang, Fiona McGinnis and Lesley Skinner

2023 Presidents Trophy Winning Rink

President’s Bonspiel Report – Tuesday 3 October 2023
By "The Big WC"

An enthusiastic bunch of old and new curlers
took to the ice on Tuesday evening to compete in our
opening bonspiel for the President’s trophy.
It was great to see all 12 rinks had a full contingent,
helped by the Match Secretary’s efforts,
and to see some new faces in the Club.
While the ice was good some of the skips
were adopting a cautious approach to manage expectations.
Willie Dykes gave his reason that the ice
was not like the Galleon.
To be fair he gave it at the start while
Willie Baird saved it for the post mortem on his scores.
There was a good few “I will try” comments
but best of all was John King.
With the opportunity of a 3
if he hit an opposition stone and rolled into the house,
he managed third Nancy Rutherford’s expectations
by saying “if I was a good skip I would try that shot,
but I am not so I will draw the open house instead for 2”.
A minute later John had made his way up to other end,
composed himself in the hack, and delivered his stone.
A short while after it entered the house
and had Nancy jumping at the outcome,
which was jumping out of the way
as it flew past all of the painted area
and into the barrier!
John is of course a good skip,
but the extra couple of shots wouldn’t have been enough
to move him from third overall to the top spot.
That was reserved for…well two rinks who had
exactly the same shots for and against, and the same ends,
this being Neil Fyfe and James Strang’s rinks.
The Secretary was scratching his head
on how to separate the teams.
He had determined an outcome based on a rigorous assessment
which included whether picking James as the winner
would give him leverage when negotiating
the next milking schedule.
After consulting several people
President Margaret proposed a golfing assessment
where the best second half of the game
would decide the winner.
This indeed confirmed James Strang
as the strongest finisher and hence winner,
ably assisted by Jill Strang, Fiona McGinnis and Lesley Skinner.
A great buffet was enjoyed in the restaurant
before President Margaret presented the trophy and
some bottles of wine to the winners.
On leaving the restaurant Jill Strang dropped her bottle,
narrowly avoiding a breakage,
and embarrassment to the elders of Mains Farm
who pride themselves on holding their drink!

President Bonspiel Season 2023-24

No1 Skip James Baird Nancy Rutherford
Senga Hair Amy McIlwain

No2 Skip Jim Strang Helen Drummond
Stella Cassidy Bill Downie

No3 Skip Willie Baird Mhairi Baird
John Forsyth Fiona Argo

No4 Skip Willie King Chris Rennie
Aileen King Karen Cromar

No5 Skip Neil Fyfe Carolyn Baird
Emma Hair Elizabeth Downie

No6 Skip Steve Russell Jim Morrison
Rosalind Jamieson David Wilson

No7 Skip James Strang Jill Strang
Fiona McGinnis Elaine Gemmell

No8 Skip Katy Macleod John Gilmour
Cathrine Morrison Jacqui Taylor

No9 Skip Margaret Richardson Janet Leiper
Robert Paterson Aitken Hunter

No10 Skip Ryan Asher Margaret Brown
Alex Rennie Jim Boyd

No11 Skip Willie Dykes Alison Taylor
Bill Gibson Issy Tait

No12 Skip Eric Richardson Jackie Craig
Mhairi McQuillan Lorraine Hogg

Reserves- David Lawson, Emily Lawson,
Caroline Morrison,Alison Paton, Bill Paton
Jacqui Taylor, Alistair Torrance,
Kate Torrance, Karen Torrance

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