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The Bob Dickie Pairs
Season 2023---2024

Congratulations James Strang and Helen Drummond
Winners of The Bob Dickie Trophy


James Strang and Helen Drummond


Stella Cassidy and John King

Final Report on the Robert Dickie Pairs
By President Margaret Brown

The Bob Dickie Pairs Semi Finals & Final
were played on Tuesday 23rd January
on a very stormy and wet night.

The first semi was Craig Lambie and Katy MacLeod
versus James Strang and Helen Drummond.
Craig had to move up to Skip because Margaret Richardson,
who had skipped the earlier rounds, was unavailable.
James and Helen managed to get their weight on what was
very fast ice and after 4 ends the score was 7-0
to James and Helen so they shook hands.
It was Craig’s 3rd game of the season
and James and Helen have been known
to play 3 games in a day.

The second semi was James Baird and Janet Leiper
versus John King and Stella Cassidy.
The ice was so fast that they blanked the first end
because all the stones ran through the house,
after the 3rd end it was 1 all and then John and Stella
scored 3 at the 4th and 5th ends to win 7-1.

Meanwhile the supporters in the bar
were being entertained
by Willie Cannon and David Haggart,
they had both been speaking
at a Burns Supper at The Lodge in Eaglesham.
The audience had consisted of numerous
EK and H male curlers and lots of local farmers.
Willie’s speech had been well received,
he knew a lot of the people there
which gave him lots of ammunition,
so he had a great time.
David’s experience had been very different
and his description of the audience is unprintable,
he maintains that he has been at more cultured events
in the bowling club at Newarthill !!!
Lockhart was also in the bar commenting on the games
and Helen’s performance,
he was having a Burns Supper of his own
as he tucked into a Stewart sized portion
of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties,
he did decline the offer of a portion of chips with it.

The Final was James and Helen versus John and Stella,
for the first 3 ends James and Helen
narrowly out played John to lead 3-0.
In the 4th end it looked as if James had scored 3
and they were clearing the stones away
when John came running down the ice sheet
shouting and waving his brush,
it turned out they had only played 5 stones each
and John and James had still a stone to play.
It was decided that they should replay the 4th end,
it was replayed and James scored a 3 again
to make the score 6-0 to James.
In the 5th end John played a beautiful draw shot
to the button to score 1 and in the 6th end
James scored another 1 to make the score 7-1
to James and Helen and they shook hands.

Winners of the Bob Dickie Pairs 2024,
James Strang and Helen Drummond.
Runners up, John King and Stella Cassidy.

Margaret Brown.

Bob Dickie Pairs Season 2023---2024

Friday 19th January 2024 at 5:45pm

Report on Pairs by anonymous.

Our busy start to the curling year continued
with the first and second rounds
of the Bob Dickie pairs being played on Friday.
16 teams started out,
but were quickly reduced to 8 after the first round.
In the second round Willie Baird was given
an early bath by James Strang
with handshakes being offered after 4 ends.
James, ably supported by Helen Drummond,
proceeds to the semifinals.

Willie Dykes against Margaret Richardson proved
a much closer affair with Margaret leading 3-2
going into the 5th end
but Willie having last stone.
A series of perfectly executed tap ups
by Willie and Margaret meant Willie
faced an impossible shot with his last
and so it proved to be – a win for
Margaret and teammate, Craig Lambie.

Next up James Baird v David Lawson –
another close game this time ending in a tie at 4-4
but James had 3 ends to David’s 2 and so
James and Janet Leiper progress to the semifinals.

The final game in the second round
was the battle of the Kings – Helen v John.
This game was tied at 3-3 after 4 ends.
With lots of guards on play, Helen was lying shot
as John came to play his last.
A lovely come around a wide guard
saw John draw to lie shot and force
Helen to try a difficult raised takeout,
unfortunately this was just one shot too far for Helen
who had not played since last season
and she took out her own shot leaving John
and teammate Emily Lawson lying 3 for a 6-3 win.

President Margaret remarked that the standard of play
throughout the first and second rounds was impressive
so she is looking forward to the semi finals and final
to be played this coming Tuesday,
23rd January at 5.45pm.

The line up for the semi-finals is as follows: -
5.45pm James Strang and Helen Drummond
Craig Lambie and Katy Macleod (sub)

6.45pm John King and Emily Lawson
James Baird and Janet Leiper

The final follows at 8pm.
Come along and support the teams –
there are sure to be more good shots
and close games
as the teams compete to win the Bob Dickie Trophy.

Match 1 on Sheet 1
1 Skip Tommy Campbell Lead Margaret Brown
2 Skip Emma Craig Lead Craig Lambie

Match 2 on Sheet 2
3 Skip Willie Dykes Lead Audrey King
4 Skip Katy MacLeod Lead Margaret Ferguson

Match 3 on Sheet 3
5 Skip George Strang Lead Amy McIlwain
6 Skip James Strang Lead Helen Drummond

Match 4 on Sheet 4
7 Skip Jim Strang Lead John Gilmour
8 Skip Neil Fyfe Lead Emma Hair

Friday 19th January 2024 at 6:45pm

Match 5 on Sheet 1
9 Skip James Baird Lead Janet Leiper
10 Skip Willie King Lead Aitken Hunter

Match 6 on Sheet 2
11 Skip Willie Boyd Lead Alex Rennie
12 Skip John King Lead Emily Lawson

Match 7 on Sheet 3
13 Skip Allan Brown Lead Cathrine Morrison
14 Skip David Lawson Lead Bill Gibson

Match 8 on Sheet 4
15 Skip Jill Strang Lead Craig Ferguson
16 Skip Jackie Craig Lead Rosalind Jamieson

The winning rinks going forward

Friday 19th January 2024 at 8:00pm

8:00pm W1 V W2 on Sheet 1 and W3 V W4 on Sheet 2

Friday 19th January 2024 at 9:00pm

9:00pm W5 V W6 0n Sheet 1 and W7 V W8 on Sheet 2

Tuesday 23rd January 2024

5:45pm Semi Final 1

6:45pm Semi Final 2

8:00pm Final

Reserves Season 2023---2024
Stella Cassidy, Elaine Gemmell, James Hair
Lorraine Hogg, Katie Sanderson, Karen Torrance,
Alistair Torrance, David Wilson.

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