Photo of East Kilbride and Haremyres Curling Club Centenary Trophy

The Hamilton Rose Bowl

On the formation of a "Ladies' Section within the club in season 1969-70,       
Mr and Mrs Len Hamilton presented the Club with a silver rose bowl
to be played for annually by rinks on the league principle
and to be known as the Hamilton Rose Bowl.

Winning Rinks

Date SkipThirdSecondLead
1969--70Mrs A L ScottMrs W AllisonMrs J StrangMrs L McArthur
1970--71Mrs J M TaylorMrs A BrysonMrs D M WilsonMrs L McArthur
1971--72Miss J BewsMrs J M StrangMrs R WisemanMrs Margo King
1972--73Mrs J M TaylorMrs A BrysonMrs D M WilsonMrs L McArthur
1973--74Margaret CraigMargaret PearsonMargo KingLinda Moodie
1974--75Irene TaylorNetta GibsonEllen WattBarbara Dykes
1975--76Alison AllisonJean NeilsonEtta AndersonLillias King
1976--77Alison AllisonJean NeilsonLiz ColleyBarbara Dykes
1977--78Alison AllisonM KingD RobertsonM Craig
1978--79J BewsJ NeilsonA McKendrickK Cameron
1979--80Alison AllisonJ ClellandB DykesP L Marshall
1980--81L ColleyD RobertsonJ LawsonS Drummie
1981--82I TaylorE AndersonM LeitchA Strang
1982--83I TaylorJ ClellandJ LawsonA Paterson
1983--84L ColleyM CraigP MarshallA Paterson
1984--85A AllisonM LeitchL KingS McIntyre
1985--86M CraigS DrummieA PatersonS McIntyre
1986--87A AllisonM LeitchA StrangD Gardner
1987--88A AllisonB DykesP SmillieD Gardner
1988--89S DrummieD StrangF PiggotB Steel
1989--90L ColleyM CraigJ GardinerE Anderson
1990--91L ColleyD StrangM LambieE Baird
1991--92D StrangB DykesM LambieE Anderson
1992--93Marion CraigM LeitchC RaeburnMgt Craig
1993--94L ColleyS DrummieC LindsayE Anderson
1994--95A AllisonD StrangA PatonM Colquhoun
1995--96M CraigJ GardinerA SerafiniE Taylor
1996--97A StrangC MauleS CassidyM Colquhoun
1997--98S DrummieJ WattD GardnerB Dykes
1998--99M CraigS CassidyD MorrisonM Colquhoun
1999--00C MauleL KingM McGillB Dykes
2000--01M CraigJ GardinerJ GodleyB Dykes
2001--02C MauleL KingJ LawsonD Gardiner
2002--03A PatonL KingJ NeilsonB Dykes
2003--04A PatonM RichardsonM LambieA King
2004--05A AllisonA PatersonJ CraigB Dykes
2005--06A AllisonJ GodleyM LeitchM Lambie
2006--07A StrangL KingJ Gardiner
2007--08S CassidyC MorrisonL KingM Leitch
2008--09A AllisonA PatonL KingI Miller
2009--10M CraigJ CraigM McFadyenJ McPherson

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