Photo of The Tappit Hen Trophy

The Tappit Hen Trophy
Presented by W. Lindsay and T Neilson
for competition between
Galston Haymouth
East Kilbride & Haremyres
Curling Clubs

At a committee meeting on the 24th September 1970
secretary Andrew Bryson reported that Galston C.C.
had challenged us (EK&H CC) to a four rink game
on 23rd January 1971 at 8pm at Crossmyloof
and that this had been accepted.

Rinks were drawn:-
John Strang Skip, Jas Craig, Jas Neilson, Alex Watt.
Tom Neilson Skip, Jas Gracie,Robt. Hinshalwood, Hugh Fraser.
William Allison Skip, Alan Wiseman, George Shearer, Robert Thomson.
Andrew Bryson Skip, Wm Gracie, Robert Wiseman, Arthur Gilmour.

The match took place and the results were as follows:

E K & H CC            G H CC
John Strang.....14     Willie Bone............11
Tom Neilson.....9     Robert Struthers.....18
Bill Allison......16     Jimmy Gibb.............5
Jas Craig.........13     Willie Barclay..........7
                      52                                  41

Galston came back at us the following year
winning the match 49 shots to 33
with the highest up Skip on the winning side being
T. Boswell with 20 shots

In season 75/76 we played a mixed match
against Galston at the new Ayr Ice Rink,
the result was in our favour 22, to Galstons 8.
A return mixed match at Ayr was played on 1st April 76,
no record of the result was made.

I have trawled through the minutes and managed to
bring together a table of our Galston match results.
Some of our past sec's made copious notes, some did not,
hence the odd years with no names attached.
Also I assume that where no mention of the match is made,
the winners were Galston.

1. A crested or tufted hen.
2. A pewter mug with a knobbed lid resembling a fowls tuft.

Annual Results
from 1971 to 1979

Date SkipClub
1971Bill AllisonEast Kilbride & Haremyres
1972T. BoswellGalston Haymouth
1973Jimmy GibbGalston Haymouth
1974.............East Kilbride & Haremyres
1975.............Galston Haymouth
1976.............Galston Haymouth
1977.............Galston Haymouth
1978D. McInnesGalston Haymouth
1979.............Galston Haymouth

The Tappit Hen Trophy
Winning Skips and Club

Date SkipClub
1980W. LindsayGalston Haymouth
1981W. BoneGalston Haymouth
1982R.T. WisemanEast Kilbride & Haremyres
1983D. McInnesGalston Haymouth
1984J. BuchananGalston Haymouth
1985R.T. WisemanEast Kilbride & Haremyres
1986J. StrangEast Kilbride & Haremyres
1987A. GrayGalston Haymouth
1988J.W. NeilsonEast Kilbride & Haremyres
1989J. M. StrangEast Kilbride & Haremyres
1990J. BuchananGalston Haymouth
1991J. Craig Jn.East Kilbride & Haremyres
1992J. BoswellGalston Haymouth
1993J. G. BoswellGalston Haymouth
1994J. YoungGalston Haymouth
1995J. AndersonGalston Haymouth
1996W. LambieEast Kilbride & Haremyres
1997R. AndersonGalston Haymouth
1998J. StrangGalston Haymouth
1999J. AndersonGalston Haymouth
2000J. StrangGalston Haymouth
2001T. NeillGalston Haymouth
2002E. RichardsonEast Kilbride & Haremyres
2003R. AndersonGalston Haymouth
2004J.G. BoswellGalston Haymouth
2005J.G. BoswellGalston Haymouth
2006xxxEast Kilbride & Haremyres
2007Jim Strang
East Kilbride & Haremyres

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