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East Kilbride & Haremyres Curling Club

Bob Wiseman Trophy Season 2023-24
Rinks Fixtures and Results

Wiseman League Table



1) Skip George Strang Third Emma Craig
Second Robert Paterson Lead Elizabeth Downie

2) Skip Jackie Craig Third Alison Paton
Second Emma Hair Lead Bill Paton

3) Skip Steve Russell Third Marion Craig
Second Stephen Russell Lead Bill Downie

4) Skip John King Third Alison Taylor
Second Karen Torrance Lead Jim Boyd

5) Skip James Strang Third Margaret Brown
Second Bill Gibson Lead David Wilson

6) Skip Tommy Campbell Third Helen Drummond
Second Tom Bryson Lead Caroline Morrison

7) Skip Ryan Asher Third John Gilmour
Second Aileen King Lead Aitken Hunter

Section Two Season 2023-24

8) Skip Willie Baird Third Mhairi Baird
Second Issy Tait Lead Fiona Argo

9) Skip Alex Torrance
Third Alistair Torrance / Amy MacIlwain
Second Stella Cassidy Lead Alex Rennie

10) Skip Willie King Third Margaret Ferguson
Second Stewart Webster Lead Catherine Morrison

11) Skip Willie Cannon Third Jill Strang
Second Buck Kenyon Lead Mairi Macdonald

12) Skip Neil Fyfe Third Willie Dykes
Second Peter Henderson Lead John Forsyth

13) Skip Allan Brown Third Janet Leiper
Second Robert Hosie Lead Lorraine Hogg

14) Skip Jim Strang Third Jamie Boyd
Second Senga Hair Lead Elaine Gemmell

Reserves Season 2023-24

Carolyn Baird, Brian Cassidy, James Hair,
Daryl Russell, Paul Russell, Rosalind Jamieson,
Brian King, David Lawson, Emily Lawson,
Fiona McGinnis, Alison Paterson,
Katie Sanderson, Jacqui Taylor,
Kate Torrance.


WEDNESDAY 3rd----5:45PM----8 V 9---10 V 11---5 V 6
WEDNESDAY 10th---8:00PM----1 V 2---3 V 4
SUNDAY  14th---------5:45PM----12 V 13---6 V 7---8 V 14
MONDAY  15th--------8:00PM----2 V 5---9 V 10
WEDNESDAY  17th---8:00PM----1 V 4---11 V 12---3 V 6
MONDAY 22nd--------8:00PM----9 V 14---5 V 7
THURSDAY 25th------8:00PM----10 V 13---1 V 3
TUESDAY 30th---------8:00PM----2 V 4---8 V 11
WEDNESDAY 31st----5:45PM----1 V 6---9 V 12---13 V 14

TUESDAY 6th----------8:00PM----8 V 10---2 V 7
THURSDAY 8th--------8:00PM----3 V 5---11 V 14
TUESDAY 13th---------5:45PM----4 V 7---2 V 6---8 V 12
MONDAY 19th----------8:00PM----9 V 13---1 V 5---3 V 7
THURSDAY 22nd------8:00PM----10 V 12---4 V 6
MONDAY 26th----------8:00PM----1 V 7---9 V 11
WEDNESDAY 28th----8:00PM----8 V 13---10 V 14

MARCH 2024
MONDAY 4th----------5:45PM----4 V 5---2 V 3
TUESDAY 5th----------5:45PM----12 V 14---11 V 13

MARCH 2024
MONDAY 11th-------5:45PM----SEMI-FINAL ONE
MONDAY 11th-------5:45PM----SEMI-FINAL TWO
THURSDAY 14th----5:45PM----FINAL

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